Monday, December 23, 2013

Run 1642 Christmas Princes Street North Hare: Num & Dumb

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all our Hashing family. The night was fresh and dry just like the Christmas Pudding ...

There was a prayer to commence the run in honour of our leader JeSOS. The crowd was silent and respectful as the words were spoken...

JeSOS reponded with his usual expression "ok you *unts, lets get goin" and gesture, of hand to groin, scatch and a sniff!

The Hashers ran to the Eastern Station Hotel; this brought back memories of strippers and excitment for some of the old boys. Nummy made a "Lady" friend who knew her from another life!

Next we went to the Frieght hotel, a little up market but a good venue. Next was JD's Sports Bar but they closed the doors before we got there. Off down the road to Irish Murphy's and then to the back of Spartacus's shop for a beer and fininshed at the Battlers.

We sang Christmas corals all the way, which is always good fun. Road Runner was caught on camera at the Eureka flag. Hope he keeps his job.

GILF and Teflon have become engaged and GILF had the diamonds sparkling on her finger. The wedding date is set but the venue is still up in the air.

Squizzy was back, much to Mounties distain. She wanted him to set next weeks run.

Phuck wit Phil showed us his bum as did FOP... no, he proberly showed us a bit more. FOP enjoyed his Christmas spa and dressed in the possum coat to warm up.

A vote was taken to change Monday nights run to Tuesday, New Years eve. There are a number of poor soles not invited to the A listers New Years eve Bash, so changing Hash allowes them to be with friends, at Heavy's place, 1 Hunt Street on Tuesday the 31st. No hash on Monday 30th of December.

God bless you all see you on New Years Eve Nummy

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Run 1641 Durham Street Hare: Spencer Hocking

This was the pre Australia day run and we were all decked out in our patriotic gear. The run was long and hot, and we were gagging for the drink stop which took for ever to reach.

The Grand Master again chose a want to be committee stand in Normal, who accused Rowdy of preventing RMIT from attending. But we all know she just did not want to see that poor old gay guy again!

We had a number of welcome backs for Pebbles, Warrick, Errol, Fluid Movement and Rats Arse. We also had a new runner Mother Fuckers Brother.

The down downs acknowledged Puss Buckets birthday and his love for Mountie.

Pus Bucket also reminded Sili unt, Rear Entry and Bad Hair Day that if it was 1788 and the current Prime minister was in charge they may not have made it to the lucky shores of Australia!

Road Runner has made 700 runs and recounted the number of runs per wife!

There were a few jokes told by Tommy Half a Bar, Fascinator and  Mountie, which were funny.

The FOP O Metre looked weary but came up on command and gave a very high score...

There was a scull of between Warrick, Sorry, jack, JeSOS and Flo Jo... JeSOS won with Sorry a close second... The years have had their mark on Warrick!

The spit roast was delicious and a good night was had by all. God bless see you next week for the Christmas run at 6 princes Street North. Bring some beer for the Pub crawl.

Run 1640 Nugetty Dam Hare: Little Evil

Well I did not attend this event but the feedback suggests the weather was fine, no rain, the BBQ was delicious and the fire warm, if not illegal.

Please note this run was in the BUSH!

See you next week at Spencer Hockings and Rats Arse in Durham street
God Bless Nummy

Run 1639 Titanic Bandstand Sturt Street Hare: Normal

This was the hottest Monday night in Ballarat for a very long time and many of the Hashers were feeling the heat. The run was therefore a challenge, up a number of hills, on the hot pathment and 2 drink stops, one with lollies and musket (Bad choice on hot night), and one with ice cold Crownies.

The FOP O Metre flopped around a bit and came to rest at a very low point for the two old boys Masterbate and Normal.

The down downs had a focus on the old Billy Goat who has ran a significant number of trails in his day. He got the Prick of the week and could not empty his balls, mmmh he is getting on in years.

Mrs Dickhead was charged for her Farting efforts and Mountie for her blind enthusiasm on the push bike. Criss Cross was counting the number of sexual encounters which may have happened on the weekend and Spartagus for hoping he may have encountered one by the dam. By the way we think GILF and Heavy were in the numbers, not together!

Ttidy tiling is tring to become Tidy Greens Televison, Rear Entry has refused the take over.

Little Evil was the sergeant again, and did a fair job but there was a fair amount of frivology during the Down, downs which was difficult to controll.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Run 1638 Schoolies Run Yatch Club Hare: Candida

Schoools out for summa,
Schools out for EVER,
yeah we tried to pretend we had just finished school.... only RMIT could pull it off, or at least all the old Hashers were hoping she would.

Rowdy frocked up with suspender stockings, FOP, Mrs D, Donuts, Lois Lane, Mountie and maybe some others dressed in their school gear and looked a treat.

The run was good short and hard like Bahh/Bar Liqueur/Licker likes her men...

There were activities back on the shore. Kayaking races, drinking racers and pass the life saver which Boot Rooter has not recovered from cos he passed his life saver to RMIT. Speaking of attractive young woman there was another... cannot remember her name, (a work mate of Road Runner), who attempted to take her cloths off... or did Boot Rooter imagined this!

The Down, downs included Happy Birthday to Nummy, the three musketeers, JeSOS and many, many more...

Little Evil was the Sergeant, he did not put on the Blue Coat.... but proved he has the quick whit of his Father and Uncle.

The pasta meal was filling (not gourmet) and Little Evil cut his finger...

The night and venue were great, thanks Candida

Se you next week, in town, no BBQ

God Bless you all love Nummy

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Run 1636 Queens Head Hotel Hare: JeSOS

This run was set in the fabulous East and you know how much the Hasher's love this area, fields of our childhood! The night was cold and the rain was drizzling as we set off through the back lanes and over the raailway line to the drink stop at JeSOS's house. We all admired the tiling...

The FOP O Metre could not compete with the young virility of JeSOS, so did not reach any great hights.

Back at the pub we had the Down downs. Dumber ordered 7 jugs so we sang quiet a few times, give us an aaaA.

There were some significant runs, Rowdy assumed the position of Sergeant again even though he is not on the committee. Normal was vying for a committee job but did nothing but drool over RMIT.

RMIT got a few Down downs. Masturbater thought she was competing at South Street because her make up was so perfect... she is studying beauty therapy. I (Nummy) was happy cos the Hasher's thought RMIT and I were twins!

Tommy told a joke about Sternums and scrotum's, he was a bit confused... poor sheep at crutching time.

Bad Hair day told a funny joke.

The illegally named "Juicy'' was back.

The meal was OK and the wine was expensive, but as usual we had a good night.

See the photos and videos on the members site. Many thanks to Mrs Dickhead who is the new "Hash Flash".

Next weeks run is out in the bush, yeah, at Donuts place. The run is through the state forest so should be great. god bless you all Nummy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Run 1635 Melbourne Cup East point Cricket Club Rooms Hare: Glider

The annual Melbourne cup run hosted by Glider was held at the Golden Point Cricket clubs rooms. This was a new venue for the event and although smaller it was a adequate.

The run was well set and this is to be expected co's Glider has set many runs for the Hash house harriers. The FOP O Metre was out and Glider was a firm favourite to reach the high point of the year.

Lois Lane had her merkin fluffed up for a couple of Christenings. First up was Sherry who is now Baah Liqueur and Matt is now Fascinator.

The most racers for the night was won by JeSOS, and the betting by Tommy Half a Bar.

Lois won fashion on the fields but FOP came a close second.

See you next week at the Queens Head Hotel and the Hare is JeSOS.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

28th October Black Tie Night

Wow this was a great night, we had lots of fun. Every one looked fabulous, well the girls did.

Andie was back and played some great music.

Mountie had her crutch on display, what was that rolled up thing in her panties?

The rabbit pie nearly chocked me but Lois Lane saved me by giving me a big tongue kiss.

Mrs D had her air bags out and up, she looked great.

The bus trip home was stimulating for most of us and we arrived home in one piece.

Thanks to the committee for putting on such a fun evening.

Next week is the Melbourne Cup at the golden point cricket club.

God bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Run 1633 Chisholm Street Reserve Hare: Mrs Dickhead

The weather was agaist us Hashers for our 3rd daylight saving run.There was a constant pelting of rain all day, but as usual JeSOS smiled upon us and the run, although cold, was completed in a fine mist.

The run was good and took in some familiar tracks, a gold prospecter and a bit of mud.

Mrs D's fire was smokin and we all had to rotate around to avoid the thick smoke, but the fire was warm.

Cherry brought along a potential lover she was nurturing for Tommy Half a Bar, bhaa

RMIT was back and did a good job as the virgin Choir Master. Give us an AAAAh

The FOP O Metre was out and having difficulty making the correct erection for Mrs D!

Spencer was the stand in Sergeant and kept Sorry drinking Down, Downs but she had to apologise and refuse cos she was the designated driver.

The Big event for the night was Dumb and Dumber made his 900th run, yeah, congratulations you old bugger. With the family genes he has, he will probably make another 900 runs.

Sadly, we say goodbye to our Hash Flash, Squizzy... apparently he has abdicated his position in the Ballarat Hash and will not be attending again... Bored with it all.
Fancy it was his turn to set a run in two weeks. Anyway thanks for your contribution and we will miss your jokes, tumbles and falls.

We all had lots of pizza and stayed around the smoking fire for a while, nearly 10pm!

Next weeks run is the Black Tie night so come in your finest gear and be at the City Oval Hotel by 6pm. god bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Run 1632 Western Hotel Hare: Masturbate/Normal

The Masturbater set the run and it was obvious he has not participated in the athletic side of Hash for a while, cos he set a run that went for kilometers!

We ran and ran and short cuttered and still did 7 kilometres plus..

Oh and its Daylight saving... We should be in the Bush!

Anyway, the venue was very nice and recently renovated.

We had return runners from many years past, Wendy and Dildo also a new runner Juicy.

The FOP O Metre was out but again, I can never remember the scoring but I think the old masturbater was disappointed as he didn't get the rise he had hoped for!

Because we had ran so long and the down, downs went on a bit, the meals arrived before the Hashers were ready. This is always a concern as many just leave the circle to eat their meals...

Many of the Hasher's enjoyed the bus trip down to the Balls Up last Saturday night. It was a fun night and thanks to Fuck Whit Phil for doing the driving.

Next weeks run is at the Chisholm Street Reserve and is a BBQ. So bring your own drinks and enjoy the outdoors.

God bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Run 1631 Daylight Saving at Rowdy's

This was the first day light saving run for this season and it was in the bush and it was a beautiful balmy evening.

Rowdy set a good run with lots of up hill stretches and a drink stop with a variety of imported beers, nice!

Mrs Dick head tested her air bags on one of the down hills and only sustained a minor wrist abrasion. Dumber was struck on the back of the leg by a one fanged viper, staggered but did not fall. The blood however attracted a swam of large hungry mosquitoes at the drink stop.

The FOP O Metre was out, again forgotten the score but OMG, FOP looked a treat in his tog's... tiny teanny bikini. FOP apologised to Sorry who got the full Monty his ample buttocks!

There was a request from the crowd for Hymen to put on the bikini, but this request was unfortunately denied!

Apparently last week there was a request for no more foul language.... again this was denied...

Down downs had welcome back's for Donuts, Flo Jo, GILF, Road Runner and Candida.

There was a Mutther Fucker from Sydney who was enjoying a vacation in the lovely city of Ballarat.

Squizzy told a joke... while several funny jokes told by others had to be explained to Tommy Half a Bar, but thank the JeSOS he didn't tell one...

Sill unt cooked the BBQ, and we stood around the fire and enjoyed our meal.

Kathy was happy as no Hashers disturbed her Slumber.
Next weeks run is at the Western Hotel and the run will be set by the two old Hasher's, Masturbate and Normal, so see you there.

Don't forget the Balls up on the weekend, bus is leaving from Reptile Gulch Motors around 1500hrs... Theme is Western Suburbs style.

God bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Run 1630 Pleasant Street Hare: BP

Due to unforeseen circumstances (Boot camp injury), I did not attend the run however I have been told it was a TIGHT, TIGHT run.

I went to the on after at the Top of Eureka and the company and food was good. Brett was wondering why JeSOS did not attend...

That's it unless anyone else would like to add more.

Next weeks run is at Rowdys. This is the first run for daylight savings so you may not need to bring your torch, but do bring your beer, lets hope Dumber remembers the Down down beer and bring your toggs for a swim...

God bless you all Nummy.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Run 1629 Millers Arms Hotel Hare: Sili unt

This is a great setting for a Hash run, the traditional pub! as you walk through the door you get the stale cigarette aroma and the lonely soles sitting quietly at the bar.

The run was well set and there was a good amount of on backs for those who like to run. The drink stop was well stocked and the venue was Little Evils new home.

The FOP O Metre took a bit of a battering from last week and is looking a little worst for wear. Sili unt was offering himself as a stand in model!

There were the usual welcomes back: Fuck wit Phil, Exit, Pebbles and RMIT.

It was Bownlow night, come in your footy clours and Precious realised only old men support Melbourne football club: Masturbater, Boot Rooter, Dumber, SS and Tommy.

Hymen got the prick of the week and did himself proud by emptying that sucker in a flash. The prick of the week related to an incident of theft and a sign from Rear Entry's shop...

Hymen was also in trouble for taking the doctors nurse!

Lois Lane was a little worse for ware following the PMT Hash run on Sunday.

mmmh will have to think about what else happened....

We had a BBQ, that was good and next weeks run is BP's at her place and the on after at the Top of Eureka. God bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Run 1628 10 Park Street Hare: FOP

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear FOPPPY, Happy birthday to you, Hip hip hooray... Forty fun filled years.

The run was mostly washed away so we had a live Hare. The run was good with two drink stops with lots of lollies, fairy bread and honey snatches!

Her Vagesty screwed the run and it was a long slow affair... just as FOP likes it. The two dogs however displayed that they enjoy quick, hard and fast screws which they displayed repeatedly over the night.

Rowdy stood in as the Sergeant, not as good to look at but did a great job.

The Down downer of the night was of course FOP. Lucky he was supplying the beer from his home brew.

We had visitors from the Western Suburbs, Scrubber and Lester the Molester. They were there to flog the Balls up on the 12th of October.

There were jokes from Puss Bucket, Lester, Lois and Tommy Half a Bar which all went well.

Sili unt grew an enormous  ... have you seen the photo?

How much hair does Boot Rooter have on his chest?

The meal was a spit roast and it was great. Good competition for Spencer Hocking!

The night became more and more disorderly and yes, body parts were exposed....

Was a fun night thanks FOPPY god bless you all Nummy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Run 1627 111 Rubicon Street Sebastopol Hare: Shafted

Slowly the Hashers crossed the line from Ballarat to Sebastopol... yes we crossed The Rubicon line...

Terror struck as we entered the house of the Squatters, up past the smashed glass, over the broken boards to the back yard. And I thought last weeks venue was a little neglected!

A fire was blazing to keep the others away...

There was one who made it through the lines.. not sure of his name but he loved his Jack Daniels.

The run stsrted down drain pipes, the Hashers ran like rats,
Criss Cross and Squizzy kept popping up from the drains trying to find the running pack which kept the walkers amused. 

On and on the run went.

Over the hills to the sewerage farm, down and back to the fabulous East, on and on the pack ran. The onbacks were long and many Hashers were gaging for a drink... Finally we made it to a vacant paddock and enjoyed a cold beer.

The Bill and JeSoS got lost in the sewerage farm but managed to shake off the shit and drive to the drink stop.

Only one walker appeared at the drink stop, the old Masturbater.

Soup was served as JeSoS reclined on the bed of Fleas... requesting attention from Mountie...

The down downs included welcomes back to Vicky, commiserations to the football teams who lost on the weekend, Pus Bucket told a joke, so did Tommy, mmh maybe he was just talking.
The Sergeant as always was beautiful in his Blue coat.

Shafted was hoping for an Italian fire ... ?
Not sure if shafted will win the Shit hot Run this year... ha no it was a great night.

We had fried food for our meal which was yummy and good value.

See you next week at FOPs 40th Birthday party, watch out for the dog shit...
god bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Run 1626 Harriers Club Rooms: Hare: Mountie

This was a great venue for Hash, but is a little neglected...

The aroma of the cooking was thought provoking!

..something... sniff sniff ....Parmesan cheese?

The weather was amazing , warm and balmy, who would have thought 2 weeks ago we were freezing in the sleet and wind.

The run was good and took a different route to the run from last week, considering they are in the same area. The walkers went in different direction to the runners but met in a timely manner back at the drink stop, which was at the Harriers rooms.

The theme of the night. for those who payed attention, was PJ's or a Onesie...
We had a Frog, Leopard bear, Zebra and a Cow and a lovely display of football jarmies.

The Sergeant was back looking beautiful in his blue coat. The down downs were a bit slow and uninteresting.... at least we had beers for the down downs this week.

Welcome back to Bad Hair Day, Donuts , Sorry and Jack...

Dumber won the raffle.

Tommy Half a Bar did not tell a joke nor did Squizzy...

The meals was Chilly Con Carn and rice, very nice and we had carrot cake for after.
A numbers of Hashers stayed to the wee hours (2300hrs)  and had a sensational time..

Next week is at 111 Rubicon street Sebastopol. The on after is the same so bring some beer...
See you then god bless love Nummy

Monday, September 2, 2013


All photographs are on the 'Hash Flash, ongoing' title.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Run 1625 3 Albion Street Golden Point: Hare: Criss Cross "The Night of The Dead"

We entered the yard and there, staring directly at the Hashers, was a body in a coffin, the eyes following us around, was it the Bill?

No it wasn't the Bill but he is the master of the coffin...

and Yes, we had entered the night of the dead ooooOOOOO, Blood was streaming, flesh was rotting and an effigy of the Chicken Master was disemboweled before our eyes... This was voodoo to prevent SOS from being Chicken Master again... Will it work?

and JeSOS said "Naharr Not F*&kin Likley, I'll be back for another F*&kin go (Scratch, pull, sniff).

The crowd went "Yeah"

The run was well set in blood and we enjoyed the Bloody Marys by the fire in the bush and the drink stop by the creek was great because KFC was there...

JeSOS began the Down, downs but where were the Drinks? who is the Grog Master? there was a distant Howl, as the crowd started looking for the grog master, had he been taken in the night... a wolf, Voodoo or some such...

Yes, you Dumb and Dumber, you are the Grog master, where is the beer!

The crowd pulled together and we had an eclectic collection of beers for the Down Downs. As punishment Dumber drank from the little white doggies bowl all night, howl, howl.

Trudy put her face in the murkin (Lois Lane) and came out christened as 2 Dicks.

RMIT was back and Normal provided the hard on for the Fop O Metre and Criss Cross consequently got a good score.

Road runner was there along with Spartacus and Master Bait, just thought I would give them a mention.

The Pizza and chocolate cake was very nice, thanks Criss Cross and we did not get kick out or banned..

See you next week following the same trail from the Harriers Club rooms, hare is Mountie see you there god bless you all Nummy

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Run 1624 Battlers Tavern Hare: Rear Entry

This was a typical Ballarat winter night, the temperature was 3 Degrees, sleet and a cold gale force wind. Rear Entry was worried no one would come to his run... the time was tick, tick, ticking, at 6:30 there were 5 Hashers... 6:40, 2 more... Rear Entry was thinking he would have to pay for 30 meals at the venue...

Not to worry, 6:50 the crowd surged in and there was an excellent roll up.

The run was washed away so we had that lively old Hare "The Bill" to lead the runners, and the weather calmed for the run, no rain and the wind abated a bit.

Squizzy did a commando roll, no serious injury.

Shafted did a fet lock, managed to struggle back to the drink stop, while Boot Rooter had a cold head problem.

The FOP O Metre ranked the run at a good erection and we were all pleased with that!

The Grand Master, JeSOS was in good form and called on his "Boys" to help him with the Down, Downs... Camilla gave in and sculled several. Timmy had a go and was ok...

SS was back from his holiday in the sun and was a bit miffed that the girls were happier to see Hymen than him!

Dumb and Dumber rented his bus to the Grand Master for the weekend and was wanting more money for the tyres. Camilla told us he was amazed at how well a twelve seater bus could spin all wheels and slide sideways, good driving SOS.

There were a number of jokes told during the evening, Lois Lane did well from her new joke book. Mountie had a go but the timing was out, Tommy Half a Bar tried to make it two in a row but was out smarted by Squizzy.

On the weekend the new Blood on the Southern Cross (Woman's) Hash was held and it was a great day. Lois Lane is the Grand Mistress and we look forward to many more great runs.

Next week is THE NIGHT OF THE DEAD at 3 Albion street Golden Point, Hare is Criss Cross so lets hope we are not kicked out... Oh come dressed as a ZOMBIE, god bless you all until next week love Nummy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Run 1623 Grapes Hotel, Hare: Spartacus

This was an interesting run with the group staying together for the first few kilometres then there was confusion. Several Hasher's got lost and poor Precious was scared and alone in the dark, dark streets of Ballarat. His parents were also lost, and did not make it to the drink stop, which was their major concern... not little Precious!

... and what a drink stop to miss, Chips, tea, coffee and towels to sit on. The Head Master and his wife were very welcoming, many thanks.

Praise be the lord, JeSOS was back, refreshed and ready to go after his break in the sun; women, alcohol, amphetamines... perfect Holiday

Hymen was back along with RMIT.

Little Evil was the Choir Master and my goodness this Hasher is really coming of age. Well done.

The FOP O Metre did its thing, up and down... Spartacus took it all without even a flinch;are you feeling lucky punk...

Well the biggest thing that happened was, Tommy Half a Bar told a joke...
not just any joke, a joke which went on, and on, and on and BANG... there was the punch line...
This joke was indeed hilarious, the Hashers erupted into a wave of applause and laughter unprecedented in the recent history of Ballarat Hash.

Very funny, well delivered... Keep them coming Tommy, we love your jokes.

As always the food was good and we had a nice meal with friends.

Next weeks run is at the Battlers Tavern and the Hare is Rear Entry, so see you there.
god bless you all, Nummy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Run 1622 Irish Murphy's Hotel Hare: Sorry & Flo Jo

Sorry & Flo set a crack en run from Irish Murphy's Hotel. There were plenty of on backs which gave the runners extra exercise. There was some confusion in the TAFE grounds with all trail ending in on backs! in saying that, the runners stayed together and met at the drink stop in the Rotunda. SS was bringing the chips and lollies across the road for the girls (Gentleman he is) but slipped on the road and was nearly squished by the traffic!

The walkers agreed that Sorry is named appropriately cos she led them on a merry jig around around the CBD, telling them she was sorry, Sorry, for sure, for sure!

The Grand master and the stand in Grand master were absent, sooo, who took control but the two Committee want a bees Rowdy and Normal. Rowdy the Grand Master and Normal the Sergeant... They even suggested that there was no committee members present, that's why they took over...

The FOP O Metre was out and very rigid at the thought of two sisters, both nurses and blond and beautiful. The score was very high and FOP appeared sated..

Down, Downs included a welcome back for Jack, and there was a round of Nurses jokes.

Matt told a joke which was good, Tommy Half a Bar told something...

Lois Lane the Hash Haberdasher was fulfilling her role with jackets and wind sheaters for those who had purchased.

OMG in the middle of the Down, Downs the meals started to be served... there were Four down, downs left but who cares food, give me food.

Again the night was good, and a few Guinness's were consumed.

Next week is at the Grapes Hotel in Grant street so see you there God bless you all Nummy

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Run 1621 Bunch of Grapes Hotel: Hare: Boot Rooter

The run had been set twice by the old grey hare because of the wild Ballarat weather, Thunder, wind and rain. The weather for the run however was fine and we all ran the 4 kilometers like true athletes.

The drink stop was at the Hares new dwelling, which we have all been anticipating viewing for months. Very nice, great decking although there was some concern regarding the front entrance steps and Boot Rooters advancing age. Heavy came late again.

Boot Rooter has taken to riding his bike and unfortunately someone took the liberty of removing the wheel at the drink stop, not sure if the wheel has been found.

The Down, Downs had a few welcome backs, one special welcome back was to Low Beam who has been living in the Sun with the dirty old clown Zig for a few years. It was great to spend time with her and catch up on the news.

The Flop O Metre has made a return from the X on A in Sebastopol, not a mark on the hanger...
Unsure of the rise the FOP O Metre got from the run, but FOP has the scores.

Speaking of the FOP O Metre, Hymen was back in his beautiful blue coat and was he pleased to see us... mmh baby! (RMIT and Her Vagesty were not there).

Little Evil, again told a joke which we all comprehended and enjoyed...

Tommy Half a Bar threatened to tell a joke but had forgotten the punch line so didn't phew!

Camilla celebrated the arrival of the new prince.

Jack Off did another great job of the stand in Master for JeSOS and at dinner sat proudly in the middle of his disciples, it really did look like the last supper.

Again the meal was good and there was a lot of loud talking and frivolity and thank heavens Criss Cross didn't set the run cos we were making so much noise we may have been band from the BOG!

Next weeks run is at Irish Murphy's and the Hare is Sorry and Flo jo so see you the God Bless Nummy

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Run 1620 Christamas in July (The Last Supper) Hare: Num & Dumb

The Last Supper (Nummy 22:7-13)

On the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the disciples came to JeSOS and asked, “Where do you want us to make preparations for you to eat ?” He replied, “Go into the city to a certain man "Dumb and Dumber" and tell him, ‘ I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at the Red Peppa in Sturt Street Ballarat, please set a short easy run around the central CBD. “ So Dumber & the disciples did as JeSOS had directed them and prepared the Passover at the Red Peppa.
When evening came, JeSOS was reclining at a table in Las Vegas with the Twelve lovely girls, as he had already appointed "Jack Off" as JeSOS for the night.
"Jack Off said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me.”
" Rowdy" and "Normal" were very sad and began to say to him one after the other, “Surely not I, Lord?” We would just like to be part of the committee! 
The Disciples Cheered for "Jack OFF",  Jack Off, Jack Off, Jack Off
Jack Off said“The one who has dipped his hand into his bag with the stolen Pepper Grinder will betray me. But woe to that man who betrays the Owner of the Red Peppa! It would be better for him if he had not been born.”
During the Down Downs "Jack Off" said "This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you". Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you, drink it down, down down, but the disciples could not think of Down Downs for everyone so...
Tommy Half a Bar and Squizzy both told jokes, Cherry, After Birth (Western Suburbs), Matt, Flo Jo, Sorry, Mountie, Pus Bucket, The Bill, Dumber, RMIT, Her Vagesty and a few others had a drink.
When that was over the disciples sung a couple of hymns, they then went out the back to look at Mount Bunninyong...
The passover was excellent and the wine was free so all had a great time.
See you next week at the BOG, God Bless you all Nummy.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Run 1619 North Britain Hare: D&C

D&C with the assistance of Pebbles set an extremely challenging run.
One of the problems of setting a run from a popular venue is, which is the current "on on"?

The pack was scattered throughout North Ballarat and finally came together at the signal box for the drink stop. Unfortunately, the Hare run the course, while the pack waited at the drink stop. It was near on 15 minutes before a beer was produced from the locked car! Lucky it was not a freezing cold night. Oh and Heavy short cutted but did not get lost this week.

Back to the North Britain and out by the fire for the "Down Downs". The old Bar fly (Wet Spot) was there as usual but did not get a Down Down this week.

Welcomes back were in order and there was a cheer from the crowd cos RMIT and Her Vagesty were back. A bit of young blood. Rowdy made the comment that RMIT and Hymen had not been to Hash, together since the Mystery bus/shed tour? This made Num (and if Mountie was there) cry with jealousy!

The FOP O Metre unfortunately was left at the X on A in Sebastopol so we can only imagine it's fate!
But not deterred FOP improvise and used Jack Off as the stand in, my that boy is built.

The Grand Master JESOS is going away for a month so he nominated Jack Off as his stand in. Mumbles from the crowd cos them ain't the rules.... should be a past Master.. but hey, there are not rules in Hash!

Precious is turning 14 years this week, Happy days.

Vicky could not find the men's toilet????

Rear Entry was in good form and Spartacus was wondering where Pus Bucket was.

The meals and wine was very nice .

God Bless you all, see you next week,Christmas in July at the Red Peppa in Sturt street, bring lots of money and the theme is the Last Supper, so get out your robes, Nummy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Run 1618 X on Albert Hotel Hare: SS

My, my what a freezing cold night it was in Sebastopol, icypol more like it!

We locked up our cars and set off in to the icy air, down by the sewerage farm and up past the site of Archibald Yuilles homestead, Ballarats first settler.

The run was well set by SS and we all made it to the drink stop to enjoy a nice cold beer burr!

Well all except Heavy, who took a short cut and got back late.

The Grand Master was in good form and gave all his mates a down down...

Normal was the Sergeant cos Hymen was not there... and Normal gave all his mates a Down Down

Vicky can back for a second run with Sour Grapes but RMIT was again missing.

Half a Bar tried to tell a joke but as usual it was not funny.

The food was enjoyed from the take away shop down the road and we ate in the ammmmmmbiance of the X on A dinning room...

See you next week at the North Britain and the Hare is D & C .

God bless you all love Nummy.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Run 1617 American Hotel Creswick Hare GILF

This was a wet run but a good run. The distance was enough and the markings were easy to follow... who did mark the run?

The FOP O Metre gave the GILF a bit of a go considering there was cat vomit on the metre. Not sure what degree she ended up with but it was better than Hymen.

And what a delight, the lovely Hymen was back for all to enjoy.

Little Evil displayed his skills as the Choir Master and he was entertaining.. and we could understand what he said... mmh

There were some mates Down Downs.. Normal didn't get one.

We had a new runner Vicky, she could skull down a beer so she's a winner.

Mrs Dickhead caught Rowdy and FOP... doing something ..
at least Rowdy kept his glasses on this time.

Squizzy had a new dog that didn't bark

Spartacus stole the book...

Shafted found the book...

SS informed us you DON'T STEEL YOUR OWN BOOK!!!!

OK see you next week at the X on Albert in Sebastopol

Be safe, bring a weapon, god bless Nummy

Run 1616 "The Shed" Hare Jack off (Virgin run).

This was a great run for the virgin run setter Jackoff. Straight and hard, hard into the wind. The drink stop included a nice cardboard fire which attached to Heavy's ear.. nasty superficial burn.

The old FOP O Metre had another virgin for the year and gave it a run through the Hymen and the score was 91 Degrees. FOP has no memories of the last time we were at "The Shed".

Fluid movement was placed in the corner for being naughty

The BBQ was good thanks to the Silic unt.

Rear entry was a welcome back...

That's it god bless you all Nummy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run 1615 Old Colonist Club Hare: Bad Hair Day

The Old Col, what a magnificent building and a real gem of Ballarats history.
The run and walk were well set and yet again we ventured into the fabulous East.
FOP had his FOP O Metre out with Bad Hair Day getting a rise of 128.5 degrees.

The Down, Downs included welcomes back much to the dismay of Mountie.
All the old Hashers were happy as RMIT had returned following the advertisement in the newspaper, asking "Where is Prue".

The Foster brothers had new shoes and it took a couple of jugs to fill the pair.

Something we all knew.... Normal is an arsehole.

Pebbles and Bent nose spent some time in the naughty corner due to bad behaviour...

The meals was great and some of us stayed out until socialising until 10pm!

Did Bad Hair day find his keys?

That's it next week is at the Shed... I wonder if the computer is working so we can enjoy the slide show/movies!

See you there God Bless you all Nummy.

Run 1614 Queens Birthday;Princes Street North Hare:Num & Dumb

Great run up there in the wilds of the Ballarat East. Most of the old Hashers know their way around these parts from childhood so the run was an easy find: over the railway line, along the creek, up a couple of hills and back to the drink stop by the bridge...

There were some significant runs, but unable to remember at this time but thanks to the Keeper of the Book, SS who keeps us informed. Oh it was "Gary" the dogs virgin run, but dogs don't run with the Ballarat Hash cause of the incident back some years, Candida still has the scars!

The FOP o Metre was out and hanging.. good to see it in such good shape after the flogging it got last week... FOP unable to remember? Nummy received a good level of elevation for the run approximately 128 degree.

Thinking of last week, and this being sort of a Royal run, a Christening was preformed...

Miss Esme (no ripped trousers) assumed the position on her knees in front of the Religious advisor Lois Lane(no merkin) ...

"Just a smidgen of religion, blah blah"

Needed some help from the crowd.. Arise" Her Vagesty"

Yahoo the crowd approved.

On after was at the Top of Eureka, nice.

Next weeks run is at the old Col, you know where it is

see you there God Bless you all Nummy.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Run 1613 Mystery Bus Stop

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Run 1612 Seymours Hotel Hare: RMIT

1612 Seymours Hotel Hare: RMIT (Virgin Run)

Well unfortunately I did not attend this run but I understand from reliable sources, the Foster Boys broke the Virgin and the remaining Hashers stood at the door and listend!

Dont forget next week to get to 11b Villiers Drive Wendouree in your designated colours.

God Bless you all Nummy

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Run 1611 North Britain Hotel Bring a Friend Night Hare: Road Runner

North Britain Hotel Bring a Friend Night Hare: Road Runner

Surprise, Surprise there were some friends who ventured out into the cold Ballarat night to enjoy the Hash experience. There were a number of young friends of JeSOS and Hymen. Pebbles and Lois Lane had friends and Rear Entry brought along his neighbour.

Road Runner set a straight forward run with no surprises. The FOP O Metre was going up and down and landed on 118 Degree position.

Squizzy showed all the Friends how to drink a Down, Down.
Mountie had a lesbian experience over the weekend, while Pus Bucket stayed close to Spartacus. JeSOS tried to shoot a kangaroo down on the Tommy Half a Bar farm, shame he missed the other 300. Heavy was back and looking fine in his big yellow T shirt.

Miss Camilla was officially christened; he got really close to the freshly shaved, big black murkin, of Lois Lanes. This must have been frightening for the young Friends!

The venue was great and so was the meal.

See you next week at RMIT's virgin run down at Se-y-mours, there will be a few old Hashers hoping this is true.

God bless you all love Nummy

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Lane here filling in for our usual scribe Nummy.

This week was Esme 'the scientist' virgin run & according to the FOP'o'Meter it was a beauty. It started with a poem, was well marked with a drink stop & fire then ended with a promise (& it wasn't the promise of Squizzy farting at the drink stop either!!) Esme scored a whopping 146deg & is now the front runner the rest of us will be chasing.

Welcome to the new Runner - Tasmania aka Esme's friend. Isn't the bring-a-friend run next week?

Welcomes Back to Spider, Pebbles & Heavy.

I think I earned the Dumb & Dumber award this week.  I organised the reflective bibs & arm/leg bands & didn't realise there was a button on the band that switched a flicking light on until Esme turned herself on & off.  Well, at least you can always find the right button when you turn yourself on & off!!
Mind you, Shafted came in a close 2nd for the award this week when he turned up for the run without his runners.  Maybe if he'd gone to the dentist he wouldn't have needed them!!

This Thurs 16th May is Melbourne Ladies AGM.  SOS is taking the bus down so anyone who wants to go will need to be at Reptile Gulch by 5pm.

Next weeks run is Road Runners at the North Britain & it is a 'Bring-a-Friend' night.

On On
Lois Lane
PS Happy birthday Boot Rooter

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Run 1609 Midlands Golf Club Hare: Hymen

1609 Midlands Golf Club Hare: Hymen

Well, Well, well what a run the young Hymen sent the Hashers on!

Confusion on the Golf course,
Hysteria in the cemetery and we didn't get any help from Are-soh;
and swooning from Mountie as she now knows where Hymen lives.
A few casualities; poor Little Evil ran straight into a wire fence, lucky Shafted was there to give him a hug and surprise, surprise, Squizzy tripped over a chain fence in the cemetery, thank JeSoS, no obvious damage done!

The FOP O metre ran it's course... with Hymen getting a 95 Degree score, did RMIT or Mountie assist in this rising??

Hymen though Mountie was a nurse!
so what is the difference between a scientist and a nurse?
Nurses don't flash their tits....

It was Nummy's 300th run Whoa!

Rear Entry was the Prick of the week

Normal was missing Masturbate

Pus Bucket didn't come cause he was missing Spartacus

Sil unt thought he was on a fly fishing trip

Don't forget "Bring a Friend Night" on the 20th of May at the North Britain

See you next week at the Globe for Esme's Virgin run.. she is a scientist......

God Bless you all. Nummy

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

29/4/13 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

Great night for a run, just a little nip in the air, no mist or wind. The Bill set a well marked run, keeping all the Hashers together for the run through the railway tunnel into the Military shop.
FOP used his Tumescence metre and gave the run a good stiff assessment; and the Bill held up for a  good score.

Hymen the Sargent at Arms,was not there (Sob, Sob) so Shafted assumed the position.

Lois Lane the Religious Advisor did her stuff with Prue, christening her "Root Me I'm Terrific" (RMIT). There were a few hands up...

We had an overseas visitor, Paddy from Ireland, looked a bit like Pebbles.

The meal was good and all as usual enjoyed themselves.

I will keep you all posted where next weeks run will be.... Hymen is the hare

See you all God bless Nummy

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run 1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

OMG what a crowd out on a Monday night at the Market Hotel. The Hashers had to gather outside to get the run details... and it was a bit breezy and of course no-one complained!

The run took us through Victoria park and around the back of ALDI. A few Hashers got lost and blamed the Hare - he is only an adolescent child!  - OMG the drink stop was set high up on the Vic park Mullock Heap - in the dark, Yes again - he is an adolescent child and does not recognise that the majority of Hashers are on or close to applying for the pension -

However - Well done Precious.

The Screw displayed the new and improved FOP O Metre. Up and down he went, then remembered the Hare was his prodigy. The final outcome was a score of 128.9 Degrees.

Not sure if that's good or bad. Only time will tell!

The Sergeant did not have his splendid blue coat but compared himself to Shafted... Yes in all areas Hymen you do not compare to the big guy!

Tommy half a bar told a joke....

Driving Miss Daisy, Boston Bomber and the 3 stooges all had to be explained to JeSOS

Anyone interested in attending the Melbourne Chunder 27th April, train leaves Ballarat station at 1131hrs. you may need to register if you want a T Shirt.... $20
Last train back is 22:12hrs

Next weeks run is at the Battlers Tavern, the Billy goat is the Hare.

See you there god Bless you Nummy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run 1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

Well what a fantastic run, set by the senior statesman of Hash - Glider. The run was set from the newly refurbished Bunch of Grapes Hotel, veryy  nice a, all silver and grey decor.

The run was well marked even though misty rain was falling. A number of Hashers experience a Biblical vision at the entrance to Vic park, though the dark mist, an luminous light was shining, moving towards us... We stopped to marvel at the light when  - BAM.. JESOS appeared!

The new committee assumed their roles, Fluid movement not being a horn bag, Jack off collecting the money, FOP exposing his Tumescence, Hymen in the beautiful blue coat - matching his eyes perfectly, Dumb organising free down downs, Num the trail master (hare needed for 29th April) and Mountie secretly organising the big events. The rest of the committee were insignificant, or away!

Rowdy seeing FOPS tumescence gave away free Viagra and Prue did a bit of Chaining?

The Grand Master JESOS loves barking up meal deals and Camilla and SS had a Red face off.

Jesos started the tradition of giving his mates a free drink but this did not include Normal.

Next weeks run has been changed back to the Market hotel and FOP is the Hare so see you there

God Bless you all Nummy

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run 1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

The last run of the chicken coop was held in the fabulous east, with the Chicken Master taking us on a run through the creeks and bushland along the Yarrowee creek. Dumb got separated from the mob and ended up in the creek. The railway crossing proved difficult but eventually the gates went up and the run continued. The Drink stop was at Rear Entries shop and the Down downs were held at the chicken Master roost.

Sil unt was in good form telling some funny jokes. There were some visitors, Danish Blue and Roo boy or some such and Stubby and light fingers which was nice. SS was whinging about getting old no sorry, that it was getting cold....

The grand Chicken Master set the scene for the announcement of the new grant master.

Shafted, Num Num and Hymen were the favorites and were presented to Mountie who was to choose who would be the grand master. After a lot of crutch rubbing, particularly with Num, the Chicken master intervened and revealed the new Grand Master for 2013 -2014 Ballarat Hash house harriers....

The members were shaking their members with anticipation...

He revealed... OMG... no JESOS.... pause... OMG... no .the second coming of JESOS...

 WHAT ... SOS , 2 years in a row aaaaahhhh

will there be a revolt, coup, over throw.....????

...what the hell if he wants to do it again... Praise be to JESOS

The Disciples or should I say Diciples were revealed.... (See Committee list)

again praise be to JESOS!

The meal was at the Queens Head and was very delicious...

see you next week at Gliders run at the Bunch of Grapes

Love and Clucking Nummy

Run 1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

Well what is this ... the second police raid of the Chicken Hash!

Who was yelling for help?

The Boys in blue checked the book for any missing Hashers and known criminals in our club.

The Bill tried to bond being a former plod but was rejected.

The run was good and all Hashers were accounted for and no one was missing.

Down downs were in the dark so who knows who got one?

The soft cocks went to the Top of Eureka, while the hard cocks or was it the tight cocks, ate in the bush.

See you next week at the AGM, the last night of the Chicken Hash.... who will it be?

Love & Clucking Nummy

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

This is an annual run in memory of Midnight who perished some 20 years ago... maybe 30? not sure how, if anyone wants to clarify please do!

The hare set a great run, and traditionally, the last run in the bush before the end of daylight saving. The wild life was plentiful with Foxes, Wallabies/kangaroos and an echidna sited.

Doggy Bag set the tone of the Down, Downs and all the dogs in the vicinity were holding their ears. mmmh and the spiders were also disturbed!

There was some young blood at the run with Prue, Camilla and Jack off enjoying the night. This young blood revitalised a couple of the old Hashers, unfortunately no hope for Dumber, even his 90 year old mother thinks he is getting old.

Shafted was splendid in his blue coat and was very entertaining. Mountie presented a limerick in honour of Midnight.

The BBQ was cooked by the Sill unt ... My god, that man eats sausages straight from the BBQ (Hot).

The camp fire created a warm ambiance and OMG, the night went on past 2130hrs... in fact 2300hrs... lots of singing and frivolity.

It was a most entertaining and enjoyable event. See you next year Drambuie!

Next week is Easter Monday, so what ever...

See you at the AGM (Who will it Be..) at the fantastic Queens Head Hotel. Lets hope the beer is poured with a smile...

Love & Clucking Nummy

1602 Awards Night

1602 Awards Night

The awards night was held at the Grapes Hotel with the big man Normal setting the run.

The meal was a bargain and good pub fare.

The awards were awarded to GILF, Spartacus, Shafted, Criss Cross , FOP mmh not sure who else.

All in all, a fair effort for the awards night...

Will the Grand Master, who ever it is, put in a bigger effort for the awards next year...

Love and Clucking Nummy

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1601 Little Bendigo Primary School -Hare Squizzy

1601 Little Bendigo Primary School -Hare Squizzy

Another very hot evening for a run in Beautiful Ballarat. Squizzy did all the right things and the Little Bendigo Primary School was a good venue particularly as Spencer Hocking was back in town.

The run was in the bush and again this week very up hill and rough terrain in the hot weather. Flo Jo took her time coming down the hills after her recent fracture while Pus Bucket did some fancy stunt riding down one steep decent on his push bike. By all accounts his dismount was very skillful and he received no obvious injuries.

Mrs Dickhead and Num Num again took the long, short cut and nearly perished but luckily the drink stop was stumbled upon with only seconds to expiry from the exhaustion.

The Grandmaster was in good form and yippee Hymen was back.

The Witches Coven was in full swing during the down downs (Sorry, Flo Jo & Prue)
hee, hee, hee

Beavan got the first Prick of the Week and displayed excellent swallowing form (just like his mother). Criss Cross also got the Big Prick of the Week for getting us run outta Clunes Town a couple of runs ago. He had to wait a week because he got lost in Creswick with the cutlery and plates.

Spencer Hocking was back to screw the run ... no Beer Squizzy, shame, shame

Pus Bucket was the stand in Sergeant, no blue coat but he did a fine job.

The food was a BBQ... poor maintenance of the Hash BBQ resulted in a slow cooked meal.

WHO is RESPONSIBLE for the Hash BBQ?

All ended well, great night organised by the wizard of organisation SQUIZZY, thanks mate

Next weeks run is the Awards night so bring them back if you have one. Normals the Hare and its at the Grapes Hotel

Remember the AGM is comming, Dont be fooled ... Who is it????

Love & Clucking Nummy


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1600 Cosgrove Reservoir Creswick - Hare GILF

1600 Cosgrove Reservoir Creswick - Hare GILF

This was a fantastic venue, out in the bush land of Creswick. The directions were good and most of the Hashers arrived at the designated time. Squizzy drove backwards but I think that's just him!

The weather was hot and the run was  very physical. Through the bush, up hills and down again. It was well marked with toilet paper and flour but Lucky Beer Fuck had his GPS to ensure we got completely lost trying to short cut.

Rowdys friend Prue was back for another run and so was Shaun and Esmay. The big fella Heavy was there also. Great to have them back. Hymen, Shafted and Spencer were away. We miss you.

There were a few stand ins, and very few Chicken hats. Bent Nose and Max were standing in for the Sergeant... no Blue coat this time. Mountie screwed the run and Bevan was wearing the Grand Masters coat, not sure why?

The down downs were completed well before the food was ready. Mountie was very happy.

Pus Bucket and Mountie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary during the week, congratulations, what a good effort.

The food was good and GILF did a great job.

The Chicken Master is wanting to do back to back years as Grand Master... this may not be so bad!

The usual banter has started WHO will be the new grand master?????? only time will tell...

Remember the AGM is on April fools day, Sooooo dont be fooled!

Next week is Squizzies run at Little Bendigo Primary school. See you there
Love and Clucking Nummy.

1599 Clunes Hotel Clunes Hare Criss Cross

1599 Clunes Hotel Clunes Hare Criss Cross


The weather was against the Hashers with torrential rain and thunder.

On the way to the venue Dumb had to rescue Mountie and Pus Bucket from the storm.

The thunder knocked out the electricity supply to Clunes.

The pub had no power so closed for the night.

Unfortunately this was after the run had started and keys, bags, cloths and the salads for the BBQ were locked in the pub.

The venue was changed to the rotunda up the road and across from the pub. Shafted and Pus Bucket were selling warm beer at very cheap rates.

Mary had planted a big black spider on Rear Entries windcheater but Shafted, being the protector of all living things, flicked it to the ground before it could bite. This spider is now living in Clunes... poor thing, it now has 9 legs.

Not sure what happened on the run but all runners appeared suitably breathless and found their way back to the drink stop without too much trouble, as the markings were washed away.

The BBQ was fired up early just like the beautiful publican, but I will discuss that in the next paragraph. Sausages and pork spare ribs... yummy. Made the down downs much more palatable.

The Sargent at arms was in good form in his beautiful blue coat. The Choir Master and the Screw were away so there were stand ins... lets hope the others are back next week.

Well back to the publican cos I am running out of time... she called the police because we offended her... Sergeant in the beautiful blue coat made some comment about Miss Clunes

we were given half an hour to get outta town...

Criss Cross, this is a habit for your runs.. Banned again, so for those who brought along their Banjos lucky you didn't play cos we may have had more of the locals to contend with!

Next weeks run is at a reservoir in Creswick and the Hare is Gilf. That's all I know??????

Love and Clucking NUMMy

1598 Calambeen Park Creswick: Cricket match Hare Pus Bucket

1598 Calambeen Park Creswick: Cricket match Hare Pus Bucket

This is a classic event arranged by the master of all things Crickety:Pus Bucket

The venue was great, with the lake and fisherman strategically place around the edge.

SS became extremely excited at the sight of the other fishermen and after the run dressed up in his fly fishing garb (OMG) and took his position on the edge. He didn't catch anything!

Back to the run .. now did I mention that the night was hot, sooo the run was difficult with the majority of runners short cutting, leaving Mountie and Hymen to complete the entire run together..., alone. Both were hot and sweaty and lept into the lake to cool down on their return... mmmh did Mountie finally get her wish with Hymen?

Now the cricket match was sensational.
The crowd were gripped by the high standard of batting and bowling displayed by all participants, with the winners of the match decided by a sudden death play off. Masturbater and Glider only lost the match by a heart beat! Thank goodness their hearts were still beating; what with the heat, cos if you consider, the combined approximate ages of the teams were 50 against 136 years. Anyway Chicken master, any win is a good win, so congratulations to you and Hymen;That's two in a row for the Chicken Master...

Mountie made scrumptious salad and meat rolls and a delicious carrot cake with her own tiny hands. The left overs were taken by the Chicken Master for his lunch the next day. Waste not want not!

Overall another sensational classic cricket event, well done Pus Bucket.

Next week Criss Cross run at the Clunes Pub... bring your Banjo's, for the dual...
Love and Clucking Nummy

1597 Delacombe Park Hare Pebbles

1597 Delacombe Park Hare Pebbles

Didn't go because I was sick. So if anyone has anything to say about this run please do.

Otherwise it was a good run from a new location by Pebbles, screwed admirably by Spence, but why did he leave the condom on the ground for FOP to notice? Charges were from the back verandah of the change rooms, not the pub, which confused and chilled a few people. Welcomes back to the Hare(s), also Heavy and Doggy Bags.

See you next week, SNAG is doing his wonderful, classical Cricket Run from Calambeen Park in Creswick. See you all there.

Love and Clucking Nummy

1596 Kiwi Day Hare Spencer Hocking

1596 Kiwi Day Hare Spencer Hocking

The night was hot and the flies were assisting us to see the trail by trying to open our eye lids.

Great run, went for kilometres. I actually thought I was running over to Kiwi land, but no, we were close, it was only B.P's house for the drink stop!

There were no fush and chups or Hangi for us to enjoy on Kiwi day however the meal was a delicious spit roast. Heaps and heaps of meat. Normal and Sil unt were satiated, this is rare or was the meat rare?

The lamingtons were home made by Rats Arse, who incidentally, always enjoys a good Hash night of entertainment!

Unfortunately I am having trouble accessing the Internet so my blogging is a little behind, (Like mine) so I cannot remember the funny down downs, but believe me, they were Hilarious !

Next week is a run in Delacombe with Pebbles ... be there or go swimming.

Love and Clucking Nummy

1595 Australia Day Hare Lois Lane

1595 Australia Day Hare Lois Lane

What's this, the Kiwi hosted the Australia Day run and next week the Aussie is hosting the Kiwi day run.... mmh

Well I did not attend this run in protest, so if anyone wants to add something feel free!

Aw... Not really, I did a pub crawl with a few other hashers on our bikes (hic) and could not ride all the way out to Lois Lanes, (hic)

So see you next week is at Spencer Hocking's for the Kiwi day run...

Love and clucking Nummy

1594 Dollys Road Morrison, Hare 1/2 Bar, birthday & 1000th run celebration

1594 Dollys Road Morrison, Hare 1/2 Bar, birthday & 1000th run celebration.

We all met at the City oval Hotel to have an exciting ride on Wayne's party bus;coloured streamers, beer and a sexy little hostess accompanied us for the trip. Wayne had some special instructions - DON'T THROW CANS OUT THE WINDOW, all Hashers took heed and not one can left the bus via the window.

The run was long and I think the trail was set in sheep dung... well there was a lot of it around. We ended up at the cemetery where we all payed out respects to 1/2 a Bra, we miss you Joy, you were a special Hasher; and you made lots of great salads!

There were members of the Geelong Hash and a Brisbane Hasher and Carpet Burns and Doggy Bags arrived too which made the run very special. Also there were some friends of 1/2 Bar who did not pay... please see Candida!

Spartacus won the raffle, congrats Hass.

The Grand Master and the Sargent in his splendid Blue coat had trouble controlling the group with a background of 100 barking dogs and Hashers having their own private conversations. The down downs went on and on and on and so did the dogs!

1/2 a Bar was very moist by the end of the night, and Dan, Dan, the Tusker man did not let us down and was intoxicated.

On the bus and home, no streamers but the Hostess was still there, all good and lots of fun.

Next weeks run is confusing as it is the Australia day run but is being held by a Kiwi; and the next week is Kiwi day and is being held by an Aussie... go figure?

See you all next week in your Aussie apparel, lots of love and clucking Nummy.

1593 - Hare S.S

1593 - Hare S.S

Did not attend this run so if anyone would like to contribute please feel free. I expect it was a well organised and fun night.

Love & Clucking Nummy

1592 Hunt street Hare, Heavy.

1592 Hunt street Hare, Heavy.

Thank heavens Heavy painted the thing in the middle of his drive way white as Dummer tripped on it again...! We ran around some where, I think up black hill, which was hot and dusty and we were all bugged; but as I am writing this blog some weeks later I cannot remember much of what happened!

I know the mussels were bearded, no, de bearded and the mussel stew was delicious, many thanks for the night Heavy, I had a good time.

Next weeks run is S.S's with the on after at top of Eureka. I will be on holidays in Queenscliff so hope you all have a good run and enjoy the pizza

Love & clucking Nummy

1591 New Years Run, Hare the Dickheads at their place.

1591 New Years Run, Hare the Dickheads at their place.

Goodbye 2012 and bring on the new year 2013.

A small crowd of Hashers gathered to welcome in the new year. The run was a nice lumber through Victoria park and surrounds. The Dickheads cooked up a great Indian feed which mixed with beer allowed for a gaseous atmosphere to welcome in the New Year. Even the dogs were having issues and Beer Fucks littlin found out that dog shit spreads very easily from the foot!

Next weeks run is in Hunt street and the Hare is Heavy. see you there,

Love and Clucking Nummy

1590 Christmas Run, Dum & Num

1590 Christmas Run, Dum & Num

Merry Christmas and farewell to 111 Webster street. This was the last run at the big house and the large spacial garden where many a Hasher has partied over the years... we never found Mrs Dickheads teeth... and who stole old Henry's P.J's... S.S?

Any way the run and carol singing was outstanding and for a short time Mounties dreams came true as Puss Bucket turned into Hymen!

More Wood returned for the run after a couple of years in absence, it was good to see the big fella again. Everyone enjoyed the B.B.Q and the plum pudding was fantastic.

All had a good time and are now ready to enjoy the festive period with friends and family.

Next run will be New Years Eave at the Dickheads. Lots of love and clucking Nummy.