Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1597 Delacombe Park Hare Pebbles

1597 Delacombe Park Hare Pebbles

Didn't go because I was sick. So if anyone has anything to say about this run please do.

Otherwise it was a good run from a new location by Pebbles, screwed admirably by Spence, but why did he leave the condom on the ground for FOP to notice? Charges were from the back verandah of the change rooms, not the pub, which confused and chilled a few people. Welcomes back to the Hare(s), also Heavy and Doggy Bags.

See you next week, SNAG is doing his wonderful, classical Cricket Run from Calambeen Park in Creswick. See you all there.

Love and Clucking Nummy

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