Monday, March 28, 2016

28/3/16 Rowdy's Daylight Savings at Slaty Creek

Geocaching and  references to an earlier Easter and the destruction of antiquities in Palmyra along with a message from Nepal featured at this run, witnessed by an elite dozen.
A geocaching site was located near the camp ground. Google that.
We initially thought that the trail had diverted to Gesthemane as strange sounds came from a cave, but it was just Shafted being pursued from an old mine  by 1000 wasps.
The removal of the other baddies from Palmyra reminded us of Rear Entry and Road Runner collecting the remaining sleepers from the original Ghan railway line and incinerating them as a camp fire.
The Consul- General of Nepal has thanked Ballarat Hash for their interest but asks that they have a rest from us for a while.
Lois was ambushed by the other walker,Glider and a shortcutting Trail Master.
Sausages,chops salad and a regular sized campfire followed.
Next week at the GM's - 14 Platypus Dve for a run and a Heavy meal.Park at the back but avoid the guerilla plantings.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horticultural Hash Awards 2016

Green Sock  Ah Soh's Clubman  Award

 Pus Bucket

 Setting runs at short notice and advancing emails from Central America about upcoming runs.

Rowdy  Being stand in trailermaster, sergeant, RA, and other stuff

Shafted  Trailermaster and BBQ supplier of everything culinary, with the  exception vegeburgers, helping with Nash Hash and everything else that needed doing.

Dumb and Dumber . Keeping a collection of degenerates off the street each Friday lunchtime

The Bill Providing the drinks for his own 1500th run. Getting us reinstated at the Leagues Club.

 The Winner Shafted

Piss Pot

Spartacus Being seen in 3 pubs in an afternoon – but that was at a reunion.- Made a strong bid yet again at the Black Tie night.

Fop Losing his pants even earlier than usual at the Black Tie night.

Rear Entry drinking instead of running at all on such a consistent basis.
The Winner Spartacus
Shit House Run

Teflon Sort of 5 Ways  Direction to the run confused all at hash but seems to attract some footy club. Marking a run over intermittent quartz in small dobs of flour. The first run to be described by the hare as deteriorating past halfway, confounding the Hash Horn.

Glider Gathering us all in a windswept concrete cavern on the coldest night of the year- and it was Normal’s 1000th.

Committee   Lake View New year’s run which required the runners to purchase their own drink while the walkers had slabs by the lake.

Plucka   Halloween Claims the run was washed out although no rain was recorded that day. Then the BBQ was inundated by sprinklers.

Spartacus. Park View Lost the pack at the second mark near Aldi. Few of us found any more trail and hashers could be found scattered about Alfredton calling” looking” plaintively.

GM didn’t get to the drink stop.

Fascinator Burnt out several neighbours practicing lighting the BBQ a few days prior to the run. Lost almost all the pack who were left to scramble up Mt Beckworth as best they could and then locate an elusive drinkstop.
The Winner Fascinator
Tight Arsed Prick

Fluid Movement Being like lightning collecting freebies. Making the most of   an unattended Bain Marie.

GILF and Spencer Hocking. Commandeering the hash crockery and cutlery to impress  visitors.

Bad hair Day Taking Marnie overseas – to Norfolk Island – using a voucher.
Oldest shoes in Hash

Half–a-Bar  Having a run when most of Hash is away to save on the drink stop.
The Winner GILF

F’ing Spectacle

Mountie Bleeding all over a drink stop after digging too deep for the for a stubby.

Silic Falling over a footpath and gashing his head. Various distortions to his foot.

Mrs Dickhead. Taking us to Lake Esmond on the night of the Bay of Fires when most of the lake was circled by fire in the dark.

       The Winner Mrs Dickhead       

       Shit Hot Run

SS Black Hill run that had everything.

Spencer Hocking  Ham and salad and a pleasant On After at Union Jack Lane.

Donuts No fireworks but a varied bush run. BBQ and campfire with Classic Rock DVD’s


 Little between disaster and triumph.

4:00 Lawyers circling

5:00 Unchristened Hashman sent out to start setting the run

6:00 Half a Bar’s breaking and entering skills employed to open the shed.

7:00 A grand bush run in new territory.

8:00 Even the Western Suburbs delegation find us.

9:00 Christening of Merkin, BBQ , wine and all’s well.

Pebbles  Setting a run in a location that challenged veteran hashers and Google alike. The on after satisfied even Fang and Silic.

 The Winner Shafted

Pot Calling Kettle Black

Rowdy awarded this to Dumb and Dumber
Dummy Spit Award
Next Week Slaty Creek for the Daylight Savings Run




Tuesday, March 15, 2016

14/3/16 Pebbles at Haddon Common

The venue proved elusive even for some of our veteran hashers. The Trailmaster was rightly blamed for the confusion.
Fang mde his first appearance for ten years. He was highly impressed by the imroved spread on offer.The magnificent salads and varied protein choices were in contrast to the snags on day old bread of his days.
Some hashers had achieved milestones. This had escaped the attention of thjos on the committee entrusted to bring such events to the notice of the GM. Luckily shafted was paying attention.
Well done to :The Bill 1500 runs, GILF 200 and Beer Fuck who reckons his 100th was sometime in the past. Thanks to The Bill for supplying drinks. It is not what your hash should do for you, but what you can do for hash. The quality of the runs completed is also relevant. Mediocre  is the new standard.
Bait's efforts in demolishing half a bay's seafood on Saturday was noted.
Donut's opinion on the screw's efforts was declared invalid on the grounds that he has not witnessed a run in SS's memory.
Next week at The Grapes for the Awards Night when many face their comeuppance.

Ballarat Rovers have organised a working bee to help Drambuie to clear up around his Mt Bolton block - Eastern Peake Rd then Sawpit Rd- following the recent bushfire there, this Saturday and Sunday. Bring gloves and eye protection if you can as they will be mostly rolling wire.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

6/3/16 Mountie's St George's Lake Run

Great to see how the catchcry of  "No more Mediocrity" has inspired so many at Hash.
Last week Fascinator made a determined bid for an award with his idiosyncratic event.
BHD continues to recycle running shoes in a bid for the Tightarse award.
The Screw really warmed to her summation of the run despite missing all of it.
If only Boot could find similar inspiration. Cardinal George has offered to step up and be our Religious Advisor. Its true that he might not make it to Ballarat every week, but then our incumbent is not always a consistent attendee. George has suggested that we recruit Lester the CM from Western Suburbs." Must be a local diocese that would meet his needs.He'd need a couple of week's counselling first, but.." ,says George.
The sergeant was illuminated.
The Bill has reverted to parking in another postcode.
It was discovered that an american group with an aversion to trade unions and uppity coloreds, was
re-convened after the second world war under a certain Graeme Greene. (Rear Entry may now to be adressed as "The Grand Wizard")
Salad rolls were followed by Mountie's carrot cake.
Next week, Schroeder's Rd Haddon. Follow the signs to Haddon Common.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

29/2/16 Facinator's Mt Bolton run

We all arrived wondering how Fascinstor would include the auspicious date as a theme of his run. After all, hash will not be held on Feb 29th  again until the middle of the century and a few of us are concerned that we may be unaware of hash by then.
Fascinator ignored the whole event.
 His fire break did prove effective.
 Sorry Drambuie.
 We found our own way to the side of Mt Beckworth and followed a trail until it soon disappeared. Hashers were observed scattered about the mount, presuming that up was the best option. The Hare could occasionaly be heard calling" On Back" from wherever he happened to be at the time. The pack eventually found his drink stop which did allow for photo virtual district tour opportunities.
 Teflon is now much the wiser and I think he thanked the GM.
 Shafted told us that we were all standing on rocks.
We then slipped our way back to the foot of the mount.
It was pointed out that, had this been his birthday, he would be just out of teenagerhood.
Bait's fooy team was lauded for coming such a close second to the Maggies.
Rear Entry enjoyed the view of the wind turbines on behalf of Tony.
A winged Sergeant called on wife Lynne for several (small) drinks.
The Bill was recognised for continued consistent attendance at hash. We are on to those like Excess Baggage and Stinton who attend irregularly just to get a free drink.
 Recently, there have been too many making excuses about travel difficulties as a way of avoiding charges relating to uncomfortable truths.
A BBQ on a balmy evening followed.
Next week at St George's Lake.

The GM, BHD,Shafted, GILF, Teflon, Spencer Hocking, MrsD and Rowdy, along with Laurie, Fluid Movement and Shagger attended Western Suburbs AGM on Tuesday.
The run took us under the Westgate, beside a toxic creek and around a giant brothel before we got to the less salubrious areas of the west.
 Food arrived early, which provoked the predictable bunfight.
None of us won a prize in the raffle, which was disappointing as 63 other people got something.
We do come home with wind up torches.
 Our AGM, on April 11th, at The Freight Bar, will bear no similarity.
Fluid made a late bid for an award by complaing about the cost of her accommodation. That  Awards Night which is on March 21st at the Grapes, Grant St.