Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1590 Christmas Run, Dum & Num

1590 Christmas Run, Dum & Num

Merry Christmas and farewell to 111 Webster street. This was the last run at the big house and the large spacial garden where many a Hasher has partied over the years... we never found Mrs Dickheads teeth... and who stole old Henry's P.J's... S.S?

Any way the run and carol singing was outstanding and for a short time Mounties dreams came true as Puss Bucket turned into Hymen!

More Wood returned for the run after a couple of years in absence, it was good to see the big fella again. Everyone enjoyed the B.B.Q and the plum pudding was fantastic.

All had a good time and are now ready to enjoy the festive period with friends and family.

Next run will be New Years Eave at the Dickheads. Lots of love and clucking Nummy.

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