Wednesday, November 30, 2016

29 - 11 -'16      Run 1798     14 Platypus Dve.

CRIS CROS is the Hare. MOUNTIE blew the reverance horn & 
GM NUM began with welcomes back to CLEAV-er-AGE & FANG
& welcome to SON OF TEFLON, & HANNA.
Runners vacated via the 'rear entry', walkers out the front & 
1/2 doz. bar flys (incl. Self) stayed on to cart the drink stop,
which was in place shortly before the walkers, & soon after
came runners. CLEAVAGE was waiting for coffee !! ROWDY was
quick to leave the group conversation, when 3 old farts were 
looking for some free consultations. 
On After & first drinks were for CLEAVAGE, FANG, SON OF TEF
& HANNA. With the lack of reverance, NUMMY had a large
meltdown & the limbo bar was well & truly 'raised' (or kicked
off the supports) & came crashing to the ground !!
Charges 'may include but not limited to' ..........
SS charged CRIS CROS for run & walk, & for most arriving 
together at the well catered for Drink Stop. 2 DICKS joined in 
the charge, then it was decided that all "Dicks" drink together - 
enter QUICK DICK & HALF A BAR.     
R.A. PUSBUCKET had a drink for bringing on the good weather 
& for his choice of mis-matched socks, ala DR DEATH.
On Saturday's 'Celebration Mystery Bus', MOUNTIE was slapped
then had a cry, DONUTS & SPENCER HOCKING didn't know 
where they were for tea, & REAR ENTRY deserted the ship at 
10:30 pm, blowing .269 into the bag. REARY had another drink
for his philosphy "a man can only drink so much beer ....!!"
FANG could only manage a walk tonight, as the old fart had
done 5 km earlier this morning. LOIS LANE charged ROWDY
for his 'nasty gash' on the forehead, & MOUNTIE found keys
in her 'nasty gash'.
GLIDER - get well soon after a stint of chemo. 
Next week's run - SOS, 441 Doveton St. Nth.

Monday, November 21, 2016

21-11-'16     Run 1797     Cnr Butt & Elsworth

1797 & ROWDY had 'Nuthin' - but Explorer/Geologist Strzlecki was
born on June 24 (you wanted that BENT).
GM NUM NUM called the troops to order & welcomed visitors 
HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK from Oslo, & welcomes back to
a visit (in Canberra, at Hash they call her FLU MOO).
NORMAL said an 8km run, & we all thought the A***hole was joking,
so 14 Super Athletes took off into the bush. HEADHUNTER says an 
8km run is great. We eventually came across the Crowny drinkstop,
after some fairly serious 4 WD tracks en-route, then NUMMY
arrived with the Down Downs in the mini Mustang.
SS screwed MASTABAIT for the 10 out of 10 run, walk & drinkstop,
to a rousing chorus of "Fox on the Run". He also commented that
the visitors from "Ireland" (not quite Oslo 1300 kms away), were
easy on the eye, at least one of them.
Sergeant ROWDY charged NUMMY for her over zealous time
keeping, setting off too early, QUICK DICK for being a quick dick,
& MASTABAIT for the lengthy run making us all well & truly
f**ked (like MRS D on the recent honeymoon).
PLUCKA was presented with the birthday muffin for the 43rd,
& drank up for the analogy of "red cock at night, PLUCKA'S
DR DEATH had a drink for inviting PUSBUCKET & SPARTACUS
to the Cup, but not MOUNTIE, & SHAFTED for a 3rd placed horse.
MASTABAIT had a double charge for his bike ride (with the bike
on the train) & now about to buy the electric one, & PRINCESS
has the new mattress installed, but he's still not invited to bed.
The someone who fell off the back of the ute in Dolly's Hill Road
was 24, so forget worrying about it being HALF A BAR or
BAR LICKA - it's more than a little while since they were 24.
Congrats. to MRS DICKHEAD - new GM of the PMT Hash.
SHAFTED charged for the Steward's visit to swab the Trainer
& not the Horse & DUMB & DUMBER for great colour
co-ordination - matching shirt, socks & jocks.
HEAD HUNTER & QUICK DICK have come clean saying,
"We're not visiting, we're staying".
BENT NOSE charged BAD HEAD JOB (which should have been
a rebound) for being a tight arse & probably won't go to the
Top Eureka - it's the outrageously over the freakin' top
North Brittain - get it right !!
That's enough - Next Weeks' Run, Cris Cros, 14 Platypus Drive,
Mt Clear via rear entry & mind the plants.

Monday, November 14, 2016

14 - 11 -'16    Run 1796    State Forest Rd

According to much wikied ROWDY, 1796 was the year that Edward
Jenner administered the first smallpox vaccine.
We welcomed Ford Royalty in the carpark, with DUMB & DUMBER'S
new wow factor Mustang, with the mere 557 km on the clock, & very
nice it is. Chick (or old chook !!) Magnet ??
11 super athletes headed off into the bush, met along the way by his
"ever lateness" SHAFFEY. Same amount of walkers took to the track
& we met at the welcome drinkstop, 50 m  short of the On On, 
then back to hare DONUTS' place.
R.A. PUSBUCKET was absent, so must have placed a remote order
so as good weather & the Supermoon would coincide with the Circle
around the campfire.
Stand-in screw SHAFTED gave DONUTS  the well earned longest 
screw he's ever had, for a good run, & overall great night.
Sergeant ROWDY'S first utterance was a Rememberance Day charge
for the sadly departed - most recently, CRUNT & BIG BALLS
PAULINE took one for the recent NZ Earthquake, DUMB & DUMBER
for Leonard Cohen's passing, CHRIS CROSS for Australia's 
appalling Cricket debacle, & DR DEATH for the Edward Jenner
Smallpox shots.
SPENCER HOCKING had a drink for knowing the term "syzygy"-
straight line-up of Sun, Moon & Earth, & BAD HEAD JOB for 
"perigee" - Moon's closest approach to Earth.
GILF had to drink up for bitching about hare DONUTS parking
too close to the puddles at the drinkstop.
Talking of parking - BENT NOSE backed all the way down the
50 M driveway, when he could have driven the circle round the 
house - Engineer ?? ROWDY was one of the last charges for 
organizing sponsors to the Gold Rush Nash Hash in Feb '17.
That's it - was too dark for any more shorthand !!
Thanks to MRS D for fixing the BHD f/up on the Blog.

Next weeks' run - NORMAL & MASTABATE from Cnr. Butt
& Elsworth Sts, Canadian, & On After - Top Eureka.