Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Run 1641 Durham Street Hare: Spencer Hocking

This was the pre Australia day run and we were all decked out in our patriotic gear. The run was long and hot, and we were gagging for the drink stop which took for ever to reach.

The Grand Master again chose a want to be committee stand in Normal, who accused Rowdy of preventing RMIT from attending. But we all know she just did not want to see that poor old gay guy again!

We had a number of welcome backs for Pebbles, Warrick, Errol, Fluid Movement and Rats Arse. We also had a new runner Mother Fuckers Brother.

The down downs acknowledged Puss Buckets birthday and his love for Mountie.

Pus Bucket also reminded Sili unt, Rear Entry and Bad Hair Day that if it was 1788 and the current Prime minister was in charge they may not have made it to the lucky shores of Australia!

Road Runner has made 700 runs and recounted the number of runs per wife!

There were a few jokes told by Tommy Half a Bar, Fascinator and  Mountie, which were funny.

The FOP O Metre looked weary but came up on command and gave a very high score...

There was a scull of between Warrick, Sorry, jack, JeSOS and Flo Jo... JeSOS won with Sorry a close second... The years have had their mark on Warrick!

The spit roast was delicious and a good night was had by all. God bless see you next week for the Christmas run at 6 princes Street North. Bring some beer for the Pub crawl.

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