Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

29/4/13 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

Great night for a run, just a little nip in the air, no mist or wind. The Bill set a well marked run, keeping all the Hashers together for the run through the railway tunnel into the Military shop.
FOP used his Tumescence metre and gave the run a good stiff assessment; and the Bill held up for a  good score.

Hymen the Sargent at Arms,was not there (Sob, Sob) so Shafted assumed the position.

Lois Lane the Religious Advisor did her stuff with Prue, christening her "Root Me I'm Terrific" (RMIT). There were a few hands up...

We had an overseas visitor, Paddy from Ireland, looked a bit like Pebbles.

The meal was good and all as usual enjoyed themselves.

I will keep you all posted where next weeks run will be.... Hymen is the hare

See you all God bless Nummy

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