Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1594 Dollys Road Morrison, Hare 1/2 Bar, birthday & 1000th run celebration

1594 Dollys Road Morrison, Hare 1/2 Bar, birthday & 1000th run celebration.

We all met at the City oval Hotel to have an exciting ride on Wayne's party bus;coloured streamers, beer and a sexy little hostess accompanied us for the trip. Wayne had some special instructions - DON'T THROW CANS OUT THE WINDOW, all Hashers took heed and not one can left the bus via the window.

The run was long and I think the trail was set in sheep dung... well there was a lot of it around. We ended up at the cemetery where we all payed out respects to 1/2 a Bra, we miss you Joy, you were a special Hasher; and you made lots of great salads!

There were members of the Geelong Hash and a Brisbane Hasher and Carpet Burns and Doggy Bags arrived too which made the run very special. Also there were some friends of 1/2 Bar who did not pay... please see Candida!

Spartacus won the raffle, congrats Hass.

The Grand Master and the Sargent in his splendid Blue coat had trouble controlling the group with a background of 100 barking dogs and Hashers having their own private conversations. The down downs went on and on and on and so did the dogs!

1/2 a Bar was very moist by the end of the night, and Dan, Dan, the Tusker man did not let us down and was intoxicated.

On the bus and home, no streamers but the Hostess was still there, all good and lots of fun.

Next weeks run is confusing as it is the Australia day run but is being held by a Kiwi; and the next week is Kiwi day and is being held by an Aussie... go figure?

See you all next week in your Aussie apparel, lots of love and clucking Nummy.

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