Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Run 1629 Millers Arms Hotel Hare: Sili unt

This is a great setting for a Hash run, the traditional pub! as you walk through the door you get the stale cigarette aroma and the lonely soles sitting quietly at the bar.

The run was well set and there was a good amount of on backs for those who like to run. The drink stop was well stocked and the venue was Little Evils new home.

The FOP O Metre took a bit of a battering from last week and is looking a little worst for wear. Sili unt was offering himself as a stand in model!

There were the usual welcomes back: Fuck wit Phil, Exit, Pebbles and RMIT.

It was Bownlow night, come in your footy clours and Precious realised only old men support Melbourne football club: Masturbater, Boot Rooter, Dumber, SS and Tommy.

Hymen got the prick of the week and did himself proud by emptying that sucker in a flash. The prick of the week related to an incident of theft and a sign from Rear Entry's shop...

Hymen was also in trouble for taking the doctors nurse!

Lois Lane was a little worse for ware following the PMT Hash run on Sunday.

mmmh will have to think about what else happened....

We had a BBQ, that was good and next weeks run is BP's at her place and the on after at the Top of Eureka. God bless you all Nummy.

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Lois Lane said...

Tks Nummy. It has taken 3 days for my blood alcohol to become legal again so all is good!! On On Lois Lane