Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1598 Calambeen Park Creswick: Cricket match Hare Pus Bucket

1598 Calambeen Park Creswick: Cricket match Hare Pus Bucket

This is a classic event arranged by the master of all things Crickety:Pus Bucket

The venue was great, with the lake and fisherman strategically place around the edge.

SS became extremely excited at the sight of the other fishermen and after the run dressed up in his fly fishing garb (OMG) and took his position on the edge. He didn't catch anything!

Back to the run .. now did I mention that the night was hot, sooo the run was difficult with the majority of runners short cutting, leaving Mountie and Hymen to complete the entire run together..., alone. Both were hot and sweaty and lept into the lake to cool down on their return... mmmh did Mountie finally get her wish with Hymen?

Now the cricket match was sensational.
The crowd were gripped by the high standard of batting and bowling displayed by all participants, with the winners of the match decided by a sudden death play off. Masturbater and Glider only lost the match by a heart beat! Thank goodness their hearts were still beating; what with the heat, cos if you consider, the combined approximate ages of the teams were 50 against 136 years. Anyway Chicken master, any win is a good win, so congratulations to you and Hymen;That's two in a row for the Chicken Master...

Mountie made scrumptious salad and meat rolls and a delicious carrot cake with her own tiny hands. The left overs were taken by the Chicken Master for his lunch the next day. Waste not want not!

Overall another sensational classic cricket event, well done Pus Bucket.

Next week Criss Cross run at the Clunes Pub... bring your Banjo's, for the dual...
Love and Clucking Nummy

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