Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Run 1626 Harriers Club Rooms: Hare: Mountie

This was a great venue for Hash, but is a little neglected...

The aroma of the cooking was thought provoking!

..something... sniff sniff ....Parmesan cheese?

The weather was amazing , warm and balmy, who would have thought 2 weeks ago we were freezing in the sleet and wind.

The run was good and took a different route to the run from last week, considering they are in the same area. The walkers went in different direction to the runners but met in a timely manner back at the drink stop, which was at the Harriers rooms.

The theme of the night. for those who payed attention, was PJ's or a Onesie...
We had a Frog, Leopard bear, Zebra and a Cow and a lovely display of football jarmies.

The Sergeant was back looking beautiful in his blue coat. The down downs were a bit slow and uninteresting.... at least we had beers for the down downs this week.

Welcome back to Bad Hair Day, Donuts , Sorry and Jack...

Dumber won the raffle.

Tommy Half a Bar did not tell a joke nor did Squizzy...

The meals was Chilly Con Carn and rice, very nice and we had carrot cake for after.
A numbers of Hashers stayed to the wee hours (2300hrs)  and had a sensational time..

Next week is at 111 Rubicon street Sebastopol. The on after is the same so bring some beer...
See you then god bless love Nummy

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