Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run 1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

Well what is this ... the second police raid of the Chicken Hash!

Who was yelling for help?

The Boys in blue checked the book for any missing Hashers and known criminals in our club.

The Bill tried to bond being a former plod but was rejected.

The run was good and all Hashers were accounted for and no one was missing.

Down downs were in the dark so who knows who got one?

The soft cocks went to the Top of Eureka, while the hard cocks or was it the tight cocks, ate in the bush.

See you next week at the AGM, the last night of the Chicken Hash.... who will it be?

Love & Clucking Nummy

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