Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Run 1619 North Britain Hare: D&C

D&C with the assistance of Pebbles set an extremely challenging run.
One of the problems of setting a run from a popular venue is, which is the current "on on"?

The pack was scattered throughout North Ballarat and finally came together at the signal box for the drink stop. Unfortunately, the Hare run the course, while the pack waited at the drink stop. It was near on 15 minutes before a beer was produced from the locked car! Lucky it was not a freezing cold night. Oh and Heavy short cutted but did not get lost this week.

Back to the North Britain and out by the fire for the "Down Downs". The old Bar fly (Wet Spot) was there as usual but did not get a Down Down this week.

Welcomes back were in order and there was a cheer from the crowd cos RMIT and Her Vagesty were back. A bit of young blood. Rowdy made the comment that RMIT and Hymen had not been to Hash, together since the Mystery bus/shed tour? This made Num (and if Mountie was there) cry with jealousy!

The FOP O Metre unfortunately was left at the X on A in Sebastopol so we can only imagine it's fate!
But not deterred FOP improvise and used Jack Off as the stand in, my that boy is built.

The Grand Master JESOS is going away for a month so he nominated Jack Off as his stand in. Mumbles from the crowd cos them ain't the rules.... should be a past Master.. but hey, there are not rules in Hash!

Precious is turning 14 years this week, Happy days.

Vicky could not find the men's toilet????

Rear Entry was in good form and Spartacus was wondering where Pus Bucket was.

The meals and wine was very nice .

God Bless you all, see you next week,Christmas in July at the Red Peppa in Sturt street, bring lots of money and the theme is the Last Supper, so get out your robes, Nummy.

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