Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run 1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

The last run of the chicken coop was held in the fabulous east, with the Chicken Master taking us on a run through the creeks and bushland along the Yarrowee creek. Dumb got separated from the mob and ended up in the creek. The railway crossing proved difficult but eventually the gates went up and the run continued. The Drink stop was at Rear Entries shop and the Down downs were held at the chicken Master roost.

Sil unt was in good form telling some funny jokes. There were some visitors, Danish Blue and Roo boy or some such and Stubby and light fingers which was nice. SS was whinging about getting old no sorry, that it was getting cold....

The grand Chicken Master set the scene for the announcement of the new grant master.

Shafted, Num Num and Hymen were the favorites and were presented to Mountie who was to choose who would be the grand master. After a lot of crutch rubbing, particularly with Num, the Chicken master intervened and revealed the new Grand Master for 2013 -2014 Ballarat Hash house harriers....

The members were shaking their members with anticipation...

He revealed... OMG... no JESOS.... pause... OMG... no .the second coming of JESOS...

 WHAT ... SOS , 2 years in a row aaaaahhhh

will there be a revolt, coup, over throw.....????

...what the hell if he wants to do it again... Praise be to JESOS

The Disciples or should I say Diciples were revealed.... (See Committee list)

again praise be to JESOS!

The meal was at the Queens Head and was very delicious...

see you next week at Gliders run at the Bunch of Grapes

Love and Clucking Nummy

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