Wednesday, December 30, 2015

28/12/15 Lake View Stand-In Hare Her Vag

Visitors from Cooktown Hash paid us the highest possible compliment. "Worst Hash run ever", And they have been to plenty of hashes.
Was it that the runners got back early and had bought their own - not inexpensive, beers before the down downs? Was it that we had to try three eateries before we could find one to feed us before midnight? Was it that we only have one drinking song? Was it the unfunny joke that they read out? Or was it that the GM has so much trouble remembering the names Nostrildumass and Extractit? Who knows.
Other welcomes to Cleavage and Daryl and Jason2 and Bubba, who mentioned something about "Nightshift".
Num Num and Bentnose were held to account for BHS bullying of interns. Shafted for getting lost on the run and going all the way around the lake.
Next week, a bit more normality at Rowdys with less banana benders.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

21/12 Committee Christmas Run Stubby's Brewery

Good of Stubby to invest in a brewery on our behalf.  We were able to share Rowdy's Christmas Odes with the customers of various central establishments.
Light Fingers, Stubby, SOS and Beer Fuck were welcomed back.Those who have attempted brewing previously were charged.
 Many had Christmas regalia. Silic decided to come as a wrinkly Joffa.
The first stop was the Robin Hood where Rear Entry was pleased to see Vivienne- of the Sergeants previous alliance- present to listen to us all singing about his present one.
 Luke at the  Eastern Station is still recovering from having Missing Links tongue inserted in his ear.
The venue did allow us to share some of the less tasteful ditties. Spencer was reminded that some of his former neighbours had invaded his present affluent suburb to pinch Rats Arse's bike.
Spartacus and the original Boot hosted t- he next drinks where the Hash Hymn was sung in memory of Heavy - with actions by Shafted.
At Irish Murphy's a Pommy tourist thought we may have slipped a date rape drug into his charge. The GM, via Love Actually, provided the porn.
Only the hardier Hashers lasted to the Miner's Tavern.
Chicken and salads accompanied yet more drinks and carols with an anal theme.
Next week at the Lake View.No trail and food there if you like.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

14/12/15 Spencer Hocking- Union Jack Lane.

A bush run from a new venue, a visit from a couple of Hash luminaries and a christening!
The run did indeed take us to Union Jack Reserve. We nearly saw more than we want of Shafted but Plucka declined his generous offer.Then at least one echidna and a corral for the tarts.
Drop Kick and Deep Heat were welcomed back. Deep and the choirmaster reprised the symbiosis of their  hairlines.
Dave is hereafter to be known as "The Missing Link", while D&D has commenced his second thousand runs.
Candida and Fascinator were inappropiately clad. The latter compounded the crime - along with his sidekick D&C, by advertising prowess at the ironman without competing. Rowdy  demonstrated the correct form by doing the reverse.
Bait had located an ill-fitting wetsuit with the zip at the front.
Pebbles had difficulty with technology so the GM had to ride his bike to hash.
Ham and salad rolls on a balmy night.
Next week at Stubbys new brewery next to The Freight Bar. Come Christmassy and thirsty.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

7/12/2015 Teflon's Bush Run Glen Park Rd.

Finding the venue seemed no problem for hordes of Royal Park footballers. We had a large pack for Dumb and Dumber's 1000th.
Teflon informed us that the first part of the trail was indistinguishable from the pre-existing terrain, but that it should deteriorate from the half way mark. Teflon called his own trail despite the constant refrain of "Are we half way there yet".
Dumb and Dumber, Num Num, Numb Bum and Henry, Son of Dumb were welcomed. As were Dave, True Dinks , KFC and Jamilla.
Pussbucket and Mountie the mistress of Big Events are leaving on a fact finding mission to Central America. I'm sure she will include the rest of us in her adventures when she feels we are good and ready.
The Choirmaster went to no unnecessary expense taking Marnie to Norfolk Island - as there was a voucher involved.
 Potential sunflowers were distributed on behalf of Horticultural Hash. Google the planting instructions.
Dumb and Dumber was the recipient of a toast in bubbly, valuable goblets, a Hash top he cannot lose
and a "This is Your Hash Life" toast, presented by Mrs D.
Boot, Donuts and Mountie recounted events past. Num Num has 200 precious memories of D&D at Springfest. Rowdy reprised a song.
Next week's run is from Union Jack Lane, on the left before Bunningyong.
Then the Christmas Run , Stubby's Bar Mair St
Then  28/12 from the Lake View. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

30/11/15 SOS'sBBQ

The new home of SOS, despire being named for a disgraced former Governor General, has obvious appeal. Next to a take-away and over the road from a pub. It also has a lap pool although in this case al lap literally means up and down.
Occupational Health was observed by Plucka with Down Downs in soft plasticware.
We saw the return of Little Evil, an unusually upright Dr. Death and Hymen who doesn't really resemble Silic.
Rowdy arrived in several different people's beachwear.
 Silic's similarity to an Australian fast bowler was restricted to his bandaged bunion.
Pusbucket identified another sales coup by Rear Entry, pointing out the oldest, smallest wide screen plasma HD TV yet seen.
D&D completed his 999th run and is confident of completing his millenial next week.
Teflon was charged with lack of precision in his description of next week's venue. We go to 5 Ways but not to Nuggety Dam. Turn left and travel along Glen Park Rd. On after is there as well. A good idea to brig chairs and a light if you have one as the On After is there.