Tuesday, November 24, 2015

23/11 Schoolies Run Stand-In Hare Pusbucket On On Eureka Pizza

Rowdy and Mrs D gave a nod to the theme of the night by frocking up. The nominated hare did not answer the roll - something about school of all things.
The run took in the lake/ cemeterary/Bunnings precincts.Squizzy and the GM strategically shortcut the whole run but somehow arrived at the drink stop last. Another of life's unsolved mysteries.
The drink stop morphed into the on after, with Rear Entry reprising his mission of depleting Road Runner's grog supply.
The consort of the Hare took the charge over her recent vehicular mishap. Spencer Hocking, as a past principal, was deemed responsible for one of his ilk demolishing a Maccas drive through with his rooftop bike.
Shafted's undryable socks again featured. Teflon was recognised for his 11th run.
Num Num's screwing was unusually convoluted, even for her.
The On After featured next week's hare, SOS. He shed little light on the intended location. Apparently we are to go to the North Britain and look for the Bill's car and work out the rest from there.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

16/11/15 Donuts State Forest & BBQ

A run that lived up to the high standards set by this Hare.
We were a bit concerned at the start when Dr Death seemed to be about to complete the run whilst ensconced in his picnic chair. Too many Hashers - the "rooted crew" are susceptible to this  approach so it was necessary to stamp out such sedentary behaviour.
The run, walk and drink stop lived up to expectation and we travelled back to Ross Creek Upper
 for classic rock DVDs, an excellent BBQ and a bonfire.
Silic was mentioned in the same breath as Ronda Rousey.
Pebbles produced his version of "Fanfare for the Common Man" to acknowledge Normal's addition to the 1000 club honor board. Normal drank with his fellow luminaries.
Pussbucket revived the " they blow up so quickly these days" one as it was topical.
Plucka's ascension to the majesty of GMship was recognised.
Spencer Hocking's journey to Kobe for their 2000th run with advertising of Nash Hash was aknowledged by himself.
Next run Candida's at the oval city oval.
There may be bumping,crashing, ramming pranging and pile ups. Prepare for a totally smashing event.
On after at the nearby pub.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

9/11/15 Fluid Movement's Bush Run

An excellent bush run on the edge of town. notable also perhaps as one of our last GST free events.
Rowdy had taken on the Hash Trailer - probably for the forseeable future as he seems to take on temporary jobs that persist.
BP was encouraged to look for a more secure sanctuary for the Hash Cash as her address is now in an area that is prone to petty crimes like burgalry.
Lois was equipped with aussie regalia to encourage the full appreciation of sports triumphs at the expense of the kiwis. She had correctly pointed out a rabbit -proof fence of excessive height.
Half a Bar said that he hadn't noticed the earthquake at Elaine, whereas Bar Liquor did feel the earth move.
A great BBQ spread and fine weather.
Next Week at Donuts. Start at the State Forest. Sounds as specific as "somewhere in the bush."

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2/11 Spartacus The Park.

Proving that Hash hold no grudges, Spartacus was allowed to set another run, This policy is now under review.
The run pack was lost after 100 metres. They cast about, finding improbable portions of trail, were misdirected to the drink stop before stumbling back to the pub in fading light. Beer Fuck did at least spy some walkers and made the inspired decision to join them. He alone of the run" pack" located the drink stop. Stand in Screw, Fop gave the Hare due recognition.
The walk was not without event, with Silic narrowly avoiding serious harm by breaking a fall with his face.
It is advisable when trravelling overseas to make sure your companion is not likely to abandon you at the first mishap. It is good to hear that Normal,Dumb and Dumber and Donuts still enjoyed their holidays despite leaving fellow travellers hospitalised.
Rear Entry and Pebbles were recognised as new age men, having spent Saturday afternoon with an otherwise female audience at "The Dressmaker". Rear Entry is looking forward to Fashions in the Field at the Cup.

Next week's run will be in the bush.