Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1599 Clunes Hotel Clunes Hare Criss Cross

1599 Clunes Hotel Clunes Hare Criss Cross


The weather was against the Hashers with torrential rain and thunder.

On the way to the venue Dumb had to rescue Mountie and Pus Bucket from the storm.

The thunder knocked out the electricity supply to Clunes.

The pub had no power so closed for the night.

Unfortunately this was after the run had started and keys, bags, cloths and the salads for the BBQ were locked in the pub.

The venue was changed to the rotunda up the road and across from the pub. Shafted and Pus Bucket were selling warm beer at very cheap rates.

Mary had planted a big black spider on Rear Entries windcheater but Shafted, being the protector of all living things, flicked it to the ground before it could bite. This spider is now living in Clunes... poor thing, it now has 9 legs.

Not sure what happened on the run but all runners appeared suitably breathless and found their way back to the drink stop without too much trouble, as the markings were washed away.

The BBQ was fired up early just like the beautiful publican, but I will discuss that in the next paragraph. Sausages and pork spare ribs... yummy. Made the down downs much more palatable.

The Sargent at arms was in good form in his beautiful blue coat. The Choir Master and the Screw were away so there were stand ins... lets hope the others are back next week.

Well back to the publican cos I am running out of time... she called the police because we offended her... Sergeant in the beautiful blue coat made some comment about Miss Clunes

we were given half an hour to get outta town...

Criss Cross, this is a habit for your runs.. Banned again, so for those who brought along their Banjos lucky you didn't play cos we may have had more of the locals to contend with!

Next weeks run is at a reservoir in Creswick and the Hare is Gilf. That's all I know??????

Love and Clucking NUMMy

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