Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Run 1624 Battlers Tavern Hare: Rear Entry

This was a typical Ballarat winter night, the temperature was 3 Degrees, sleet and a cold gale force wind. Rear Entry was worried no one would come to his run... the time was tick, tick, ticking, at 6:30 there were 5 Hashers... 6:40, 2 more... Rear Entry was thinking he would have to pay for 30 meals at the venue...

Not to worry, 6:50 the crowd surged in and there was an excellent roll up.

The run was washed away so we had that lively old Hare "The Bill" to lead the runners, and the weather calmed for the run, no rain and the wind abated a bit.

Squizzy did a commando roll, no serious injury.

Shafted did a fet lock, managed to struggle back to the drink stop, while Boot Rooter had a cold head problem.

The FOP O Metre ranked the run at a good erection and we were all pleased with that!

The Grand Master, JeSOS was in good form and called on his "Boys" to help him with the Down, Downs... Camilla gave in and sculled several. Timmy had a go and was ok...

SS was back from his holiday in the sun and was a bit miffed that the girls were happier to see Hymen than him!

Dumb and Dumber rented his bus to the Grand Master for the weekend and was wanting more money for the tyres. Camilla told us he was amazed at how well a twelve seater bus could spin all wheels and slide sideways, good driving SOS.

There were a number of jokes told during the evening, Lois Lane did well from her new joke book. Mountie had a go but the timing was out, Tommy Half a Bar tried to make it two in a row but was out smarted by Squizzy.

On the weekend the new Blood on the Southern Cross (Woman's) Hash was held and it was a great day. Lois Lane is the Grand Mistress and we look forward to many more great runs.

Next week is THE NIGHT OF THE DEAD at 3 Albion street Golden Point, Hare is Criss Cross so lets hope we are not kicked out... Oh come dressed as a ZOMBIE, god bless you all until next week love Nummy

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