Thursday, May 28, 2015

25/5/15 Run 1719 Hare Glider for Normal's 1000th

Having left Nepal in ruins, Normal finally made it to 1000.
The Run
We left a frigid car park, skirted the scene of some nefarious clergy before arriving at the workshop for a well stocked drink shop .
We had no goblet, no Go Go, just a rasta Half a Bar and evidence of  a Kenyan haberdashery entrepreneur.
This missive is in 'normal' font though, for the typographers out there.
 Not wishing to be upstaged, Bent completed his 1200th.
The select group of hashers made the most of SS's selection of wines at the top Eureka to mark the occasion.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

18/5/15 Run 1718 Her Vagesty Market Hotel

Prior to the run, the passing of Silic's mother was noted.
The run around the Victoria Park on Rainbow Day did lack some of the expected diversity. Jelly shots,chips, lollies and good beer at the drink stop made up for that.
Silic's frugality, it was explained, is genetic. He was included into the fold by Half a Bar and Bent Nose.
Things AbNormal were noted:Bent leading the walk,Fop being Fop and Go Go travelling for a non existent major event. Her Vag was deemed just normal.
BP was given the Barnaby charge for a promising war on terriers.
Precious, SOS and Bar Liquour (sporting a shepherding wound) returned after absences.
SS brought his own fishing trophy. Cris Cros almost successfully cleared a waterway. D&D's bike security was applauded, other than the small matter of leaving the key in the lock.

Notices were listed as:Inter Hash early bird discounts close on June 30th
                                   :Peninsula Hash June 10th
                                   : Lakeside Hash July 4th

Sunday, May 17, 2015

1717 11/5/15 Heavy's from the old shop.

Heavy, after getting up at surprisingly short odds at Warrnambool, set his standard unconventional run. Green Ginger Wine in the City Oval grandstand preceded the main drink stop. Dim sims were followed by fish'n'chips at the fairly compact on after. Pussbucket reprised the 60's famous figure Foo by appearing over a parapet.
Visitors Wait a While and Go Go were welcomed with Half a Bar who was presented with new roustabout attire.
Rear Entry's 600th run was acknowledged despite the sceptics. Normal's 999 was also deemed significant.
Mountie was pictured at Miss Saigon, while D&D and Lois missed the shot as they were apparently asleep at the time. This did allow reference to the truism that you can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think.

1716 Lazy Moe's Dumb and Dumber

The hare pronounced the run to be unshortcutable. Unsurprisingly, a good hashman accepts this as a challenge. Well done Shafted. Those people want their fence fixed though.
New runner James was welcomed especially by those similarly domed. Pebbles disappearance was resolved when he emerged from Heavy's shadow.
The Hare was fondled,titilated,and then stimulated prior to being screwed.Just for marking out a run.
 Trailmaster's job getting future runsetters just got way easier.
The birth of another British aristocrat prompted old line about their newfound talent for negotiating tunnels.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

1715 Pussbucket's Run Miner's Tavern

No surprise that the run went East.
 Bad Hair Day featured on high rotation on the in-house -TV.
Normal, having just escaped the Nepal disaster, was taken right back past Kathmandu by the hare -a tad insensitive but topical.
Spencer was outed for his links to the IBAC scandal Seems he is an ex-principal, has had unexplained overseas trips and a liking for red wine AND is suspected of having a bank acount. Join the dots.

Friday, May 15, 2015

1714 20/4/15 Boot's Run Grapes Hotel

This run would have been immortalised with images but Hash Flash was flat.
The drink stop featured an Italian motor bike. D&D and Donuts were impressed.
Grog Mistress Plucka obtained discount drinks in the Hash tradition.
Num Num made The Courier's social pages and in another tradition , was misspelled as Janie.