Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run 1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

OMG what a crowd out on a Monday night at the Market Hotel. The Hashers had to gather outside to get the run details... and it was a bit breezy and of course no-one complained!

The run took us through Victoria park and around the back of ALDI. A few Hashers got lost and blamed the Hare - he is only an adolescent child!  - OMG the drink stop was set high up on the Vic park Mullock Heap - in the dark, Yes again - he is an adolescent child and does not recognise that the majority of Hashers are on or close to applying for the pension -

However - Well done Precious.

The Screw displayed the new and improved FOP O Metre. Up and down he went, then remembered the Hare was his prodigy. The final outcome was a score of 128.9 Degrees.

Not sure if that's good or bad. Only time will tell!

The Sergeant did not have his splendid blue coat but compared himself to Shafted... Yes in all areas Hymen you do not compare to the big guy!

Tommy half a bar told a joke....

Driving Miss Daisy, Boston Bomber and the 3 stooges all had to be explained to JeSOS

Anyone interested in attending the Melbourne Chunder 27th April, train leaves Ballarat station at 1131hrs. you may need to register if you want a T Shirt.... $20 www.deh3.org/chunder13.html
Last train back is 22:12hrs

Next weeks run is at the Battlers Tavern, the Billy goat is the Hare.

See you there god Bless you Nummy

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