Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Run 1621 Bunch of Grapes Hotel: Hare: Boot Rooter

The run had been set twice by the old grey hare because of the wild Ballarat weather, Thunder, wind and rain. The weather for the run however was fine and we all ran the 4 kilometers like true athletes.

The drink stop was at the Hares new dwelling, which we have all been anticipating viewing for months. Very nice, great decking although there was some concern regarding the front entrance steps and Boot Rooters advancing age. Heavy came late again.

Boot Rooter has taken to riding his bike and unfortunately someone took the liberty of removing the wheel at the drink stop, not sure if the wheel has been found.

The Down, Downs had a few welcome backs, one special welcome back was to Low Beam who has been living in the Sun with the dirty old clown Zig for a few years. It was great to spend time with her and catch up on the news.

The Flop O Metre has made a return from the X on A in Sebastopol, not a mark on the hanger...
Unsure of the rise the FOP O Metre got from the run, but FOP has the scores.

Speaking of the FOP O Metre, Hymen was back in his beautiful blue coat and was he pleased to see us... mmh baby! (RMIT and Her Vagesty were not there).

Little Evil, again told a joke which we all comprehended and enjoyed...

Tommy Half a Bar threatened to tell a joke but had forgotten the punch line so didn't phew!

Camilla celebrated the arrival of the new prince.

Jack Off did another great job of the stand in Master for JeSOS and at dinner sat proudly in the middle of his disciples, it really did look like the last supper.

Again the meal was good and there was a lot of loud talking and frivolity and thank heavens Criss Cross didn't set the run cos we were making so much noise we may have been band from the BOG!

Next weeks run is at Irish Murphy's and the Hare is Sorry and Flo jo so see you the God Bless Nummy

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