Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Run 1636 Queens Head Hotel Hare: JeSOS

This run was set in the fabulous East and you know how much the Hasher's love this area, fields of our childhood! The night was cold and the rain was drizzling as we set off through the back lanes and over the raailway line to the drink stop at JeSOS's house. We all admired the tiling...

The FOP O Metre could not compete with the young virility of JeSOS, so did not reach any great hights.

Back at the pub we had the Down downs. Dumber ordered 7 jugs so we sang quiet a few times, give us an aaaA.

There were some significant runs, Rowdy assumed the position of Sergeant again even though he is not on the committee. Normal was vying for a committee job but did nothing but drool over RMIT.

RMIT got a few Down downs. Masturbater thought she was competing at South Street because her make up was so perfect... she is studying beauty therapy. I (Nummy) was happy cos the Hasher's thought RMIT and I were twins!

Tommy told a joke about Sternums and scrotum's, he was a bit confused... poor sheep at crutching time.

Bad Hair day told a funny joke.

The illegally named "Juicy'' was back.

The meal was OK and the wine was expensive, but as usual we had a good night.

See the photos and videos on the members site. Many thanks to Mrs Dickhead who is the new "Hash Flash".

Next weeks run is out in the bush, yeah, at Donuts place. The run is through the state forest so should be great. god bless you all Nummy.

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