Tuesday, September 25, 2012

24/9/12 Millers Arms hotel- Sillic unt

24/9/12 Millers Arms hotel- Sillic unt
Run 1578

The Hashers met at the Millers Arms Hotel, the typical corner PUB; the smell of old cigarettes, beer & pine o clean filled our nostrils as we waited for the Grand Chicken Master to get his shit together and start the run (NB:Dumb no sense of smell).

The night was cold with no rain, yes another dry run & considering how cold & wet the weather has been this year, we have been lucky to only had, a couple of wet runs!

The run was set by Sillic unt & it was in the North. Up a few hills & round about & into the bush. Sillic unt stated he walked 12 kilometers to set the run,.... mmmh, well he must have walked some of the run as the car would not have got into some parts. The run was set so well that The Billy Goat lead the youngsters Desmond & Molly (also Criss Cross, Flo Jo & Another Half) on a longer run than the pack, yes they got lost! The Billy Goat was very hot & bothered by the time he made it to the drink stop.

Speaking of drink spot, those Hashers who did not get lost, found the drink spot but oh my gosh...no drinks. Finally the Sillic unt arrived in his inherited fast back to deliver the alcohol.

Back to the millers Arms for Down downs. Congratulations to Lois Lane, she has done 650 runs (I think). The Theme of the night was Brownlow so GILF came as a WAG with her partner Glider as the Brownlow winner. There were all clubs represented by the Hash attire... even an Irish football team. Spencer had on a jumper his mum knitted, not sure what team it was.

Happy 70th birthday to Another Half, he got the prick of the week. Pus Bucket had been at JD's bar prior to the run and told a joke... I didn't understand it but the crowd seemed to enjoy the change from Half a Bar telling jokes. Half a Bar where is the camera & the real knives & forks?

The meal was a BBQ cooked by the Sillic unt. Hashers were only allocated one sausage each which Sillic unt told everyone as he spat half eaten sausage over those who challenged for more. Sillic unt was smart, broke his sausage's into pieces, could not tell how many he had! Steak & salad was good.

Hashers watch the Brownlow count & dodged the darts. Good night was had by all again & Hymen was back so us girls are all happy. Next weeks run is KFC down at East Point football Club rooms. See you then love & clucking Nummy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

Thanks to Glider for providing an alternative to following trail. We followed clues numbering 1 to 8.
This lead the hashers on a long run through the beautiful streets of down town Ballarat (same as last years run). Spencer the Hash Screw was happy with the run, no on backs, no checks or halts

Down downs were at JD's bar where there were a number of footy clubs celebrating "Mad Monday". Tongueey joined in to have a drink..did not really need it. His friend Banana boy had a scull off with the chicken master.. chicken master wins again (Dumb lost $5).

The young people returned this week.. Desmond & Molly which was nice.
Boot Rooter ran for the first time in years and felt he was an athlete cos he stayed with Nummy.

The Sargent at arms was a stand in "Bent Nose". Splendid blue jacket embroidered with his name below shafted ..as it should be?

Silli unt had some down downs for being himself & betting with Rear Entry then whinging about costs. Speaking of cost if you don't pay for your run the Grand Master is gonna get ya... shoes on the other foot cos he never payed for years.

Road Runner, Candida & Rowdy are all leaving the country during the footy finals .. may the best team win... so is Spartacus but not with Pus Bucket!

Meal was at Top of Eureka with all the old Apexians... Dumb spilt red wine over the majority of them!

Again good food, good friends see you next week Nummy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10/9/12 Queens Head Hotel: Grand Master

10/9/12 Queens Head hotel: Hare Grand Master

Thanks to Lois for her contribution in my absence last week... Chicky babe

The night was slow to kick off, is this co's the Grand Chicken "Master is back?

The run was highlighted by the Twitcher extraordinaire Masterbaits, 1200 run. He was honoured to wear the yellow bird suit and he is getting on in age and needed assistance to get into it...  it is wonderful for the club to have support from a true gentleman for such a length of time. Congratulations Masterbait & here's to many more runs - on, on.

By the way, Master Bait received the prick of the week & took his time savouring every mouth full... why are we waiting, slowly.....

In acknowledging the old it was great to have a rush of young blood attending, with Jackoff
& Carmilla (Welcome back), along with Dave, Little Evil & the Grand master. Also new Young runners Desmond & Molly.. very nice. Sob, sob Hymen still away!

Hay, how lucky are the Sovereign Hash, no rain again for the run, which was good; yes you guessed it, set mostly in the East; acknowledgement to the Southern Cross. Obviously no other areas of Ballarat worth running in!

The Sargent at Arms was nearly splendid in his blue coat but did not do the buttons up correctly. Bent Nose tried on the coat and you could see the shoulder epaulet's & tassels, not sure why never noticed them before when Sharfted is wearing the coat.

Lots of Down, downs for the young & new runners, bit of Beatle verse; Desmond had a barrow in the market place.......

Half a Bar tried to tell a joke due to his success last week (apparently funny, bad luck I missed it) but the Hashers did not want to take the risk of 2 in a row!

The meal and service was excellent and the Black Chook red, left nice little smiles on everyones faces. Again great night lots of chat and laughter.

Balls up 13th October, Mountie & Puss Bucket, Num & Dum, Lois & Fluid movement, Grand master & Hymen definate. Gilf, Dave, Jackoff, Camilla, Mrs Dickhead & Fop, tentative. At this time there is accommodation for all listed. Will need to review transport with definate numbers. If you want to go let me know ASAP.

Next weeks run; J.D's Bar, Hare is Glider & On after is Top of Eureka with Brett & the gang.

Thats it lots of love & clucking Nummy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Balls up 13 October Accommodation

Hi all, 5 rooms have been booked Frankston Motor Inn 406 Nepean highway under my name. $100 per room/night sleep up to 3 people (sounds like you could sleep more) . We will take the Reptile bus, seats 12 so please confirm if you are wanting a ride/room.

Those confirmed
Mountie/Pus bucket
Lois/Fluid Movement

Thanks Nummy

3/9/12 Golf House Hotel - Fluid Movement

Hi Fowlo Hashers

Your usual scribe was away this week loving & clucking elsewhere so left this weeks blog in my trusty hands.

Well our leader (known to us all as Cock Head) has returned from overseas this week & ready to take back the reins.  We did survive without him but great to see him back.

Other Welcomes Back were Timmy, Dave, Little Evil & Jamilla.

A charge was given to The Bill as there were no significant runs ONLY to have it pointed out that he missed Masterbaits 1200th run!!! That deserved the prick of the week not a down down.

There were the usual run set in the East, Normal's T-shirt selling, teachers strike charges & a couple of bad taste Paralympic jokes, but you know it is a quiet night when the entertainment comes from the ejection of Bubba's brother from the bar, his return & then another ejection.  A few hashers stepped back when he threatened to kill us all but a few others stepped forward when he broke the bowser & beer was spilling everywhere.
Another sign of a quiet night is when Half a Bar tells not one but two jokes & they are really funny.

A good night had by all & next weeks run is the GM's at the Queens Head Hotel.  I thought I heard a mention of a Trivia Night but don't quote me on that.

On On
Your Hot Chicky Babe Lois L