Thursday, December 18, 2014

RUN 1696, Venue: Sawpit Rd La Gerche’s Creswick, Hare: Bent Nose 15 December 2014

This was a re-visit to BP’s 1000th run venue at the end of Sawpit Road in Creswick, near tho old Dibbler’s Dell in the School of Fostery Nursery.  Cars rolled into the clearing after crossing the narrow timber bridge. Heavy perched his Uterus on the upper deck, the Volvo glided in, the SS mobile sscircled, Criss crossed the clearing, Bad Hair Day had his teritorial bus full of boisterous buddies then last, SOS slid in sideways with a little evil glint in his eye.

We was off like lizards limping. “Who Ray” the crowd cried as we hunted hi and lo the Hare who blended in with the thicket of skinny saplings.  The re-routing of the October run took in considerably more hills this time.  A good strong running pack partook of the masterly set run.  From atop the hill we caught a view of the wind farms, Waubra and Challicum/ Buangor.  Walkers were wised up to some short cuts to have all re-unite at the wet spot drink stop.  Fi fi finessed chips and jubey lolls with a crowning glory of ales.

Newby Paul, barer and plucker of Plucka was welcomed as was Wittle Spence, Half a’Baaas welatively new wonder worker. Welcome back SOS and lost RA Little Evil and Lois Lane proudly presented Pauline who graciously grabbed the barby tongs to give Silic some light relief.  Thank goodness for Teflon.

Heavy re-turner to present his own re-work creation of a fitting song about humility and Bent Nose;

Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble
When you're pedantic prince of pompos-ity
I like to point out other’s faults
and remind them about em’ with glee.

Little Spencer was called on to Sergeant the troupes in the circus circle but old Hocking stepped in having the kid move in on his name was enough. He wasn’t going to have him move in on his position of irresponsibility as well.

Rowdy’s induction into his nest of new of mates Rear Entry, Silic, and Bad Hair Day continues which is fortunate as we all know “two’s company, three’s a crowd” unless one ménages to trois.  The Three Amigos will have to be re-branded A couple of car-pooling couples were out the front with the new episode of the Days of our Lives.  The Ballad of Mick and Greeney was broadcast as Rowdy (his creative juices were flowing as he crammed a session of re-writing Christmas carols and all for next week).   Naturally, juices flowed further for Lois honoured with a ditty re-cast version of Village people's YMCA .


We didn’t forget to leave a space on the BBQ for the Vegie Burger but we did forget the Vegie Burger. Sorry Plucka. The salads were sumptuous though. As were the sweet Australian profit her holes and the French la mingtons. Thanks Pauline for tonging for Sil.

Next Week’s Run: Come they called us to Dumber and Numb      Christmas Run   Theme;  Chris must come butt once a year (bring Santa hat and Carolling croon)  Venue Reptile Gulch Doveton St North

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RUN 1695, Venue: Fletcher Crt. Mt Helen, Virgin Hare: Plucka Duck 08 December 2014

Not surprising that there was no repeat of last week’s Deb Arckle when Fluid Movement and Plucka Duck got lost. The venue was at Plucka’s abode.  The only one there earlier was The Billy Goat and he got there Friday!
After an overcast day, the sun broke back over another mountain, Mt Helen, and we went forth.  Instead of visiting the mining side of the mountain, we went to the twilight side of Greenhill. The runners were on a similar path to the walkers but they never met, they never kissed.  Until they circumnavigated the Uni and Kruised Inn to the drink stop out front of the art deco café and enjoyed ale and some Shapes. On home though the leafy suburb noting birds and calls and birds walking dogs.
Continuing on from the lost and found theme, Bad Hair Day lost his spray jacket to cap off his hat and hair loss of last week and Lois Lane located some poor Bulldog fan’s 2015 membership Garb, Hat and all. The owner of last week’s wallet couldn’t readily be contacted so the police were given something to do.
Into the loverly lined carport for Down downs so Half a Bar wouldn’t scare the neighbours off with his farks and fark-a-dark.  Fortunate were we to welcome a new attendee, Paul Bearer, spouse of Plucka.  Though he didn’t run he puts in harder than most.  Significant runs drinks were called for MastaBait 1181, (had one before one ate one) and the Billy Goat retrospectively for last week’s 1450.
Rowdy was called upon to screw the Virgin Hare as he is known to be suitably gentle. He offered words of comfort, insight, guidance, some tips for next time and rubber gloves.  He then heartily put on his best gutter tramp voice to sing Heavy’s screw song, to the tune of “Wouldn’t it be Loverly”

All I want is a seat somewhere
Far away from the seafood Fare
With no seafood anywhere
Oh, wooden tit be loverly?


Lots of vegi-cakes for me to eat,
Cooked far away from Normal’s Meat.
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wooden tit be loverly?


Gifted with some wire ducks lifted from their own laundry, the host couple downed their drinks together like it was their 20th anniversary.
Spencer Hocking took the floor and sung one of his old favourites, “round and round went the great big wheel” and pointed out the prick of steel attached to an engine. A green wood splitter indeed!

Bloody Greens, green Wood, Greenhill, Snake Valley greens, Green knee. Rear Entry ate his greens and was charged as he and his tiffing mates were collected by Rowdy and went on from where they left off last week, arguing all the way about not much.

Rear Entry claimed to have spied Sargent Spencer coincidently in Hocking Street. Criss Cross was shown the carport pedant that hangs to stop driving too far in and hitting the back wall or wiping your pushbike off the roof rack.  Silic really was hopeful of getting the freebie 2015 Dog membership or at least the hat, though he was already wearing a flywire veil having walked through Plucka’s closed screen door!

Lois Lane made her crack about the spare bed against the wall, it was close to a good line. Spence noticed a box on the top shelf labelled Heavy Copper.  The Bill drank and Heavy can have one next week.
Spartacus and Pus Bucket rolled in under the roller door having earlier found a friend with a fridge just down the road.  A re-enactment of the re-united couple, (Pus and Mounty that is) was called for, replicating the scene as seen in the Miner newspaper. Goblet, grins and all.

The previously unexplored carport certainly did provide some interesting material for the evening. Thanks PB and PD for sharing it with us, then for Silic’s bbqing out back and Sweets!

Hope BP is soon good to go because BN is taking us back to the scene of her 1000th outing, La Gerche’s in Creswick for,

Next Week’s Run: end of Sawpit Road Creswick     Hare; Bent Nose    Theme;  Olfactory Fatigue BBQ and HHH grog

Saturday, December 6, 2014

RUN 1694 Bungal Dam Blast Furnace Hares: Mastabait & Normal 01 December 2014

Better Late than Never! Or is it?  The only bungles about the Bungal run were a couple of thoroughly modern millies, Plucka and Fluid Movement, having relied on Tom Tom to tell them where to go, found themselves at the Dam access road.  Although it is only a kilometre away as the crow flies, these birds had to drive all the way around via Egerton and Lal Lal to be guided in by our own Tommy.  Even he took another wrong turn in life but eventually ended up in the picnic ground.
It was a beautifully mild evening, ideal for a gallop tackling hills, old kaolin, gold and iron mines, rocky outcrops with breathtaking views, creek crossings and more hills.  Then finally, a steep climb to the drink stop perched above the historic Blast Furnace built in the 1870s to produce iron from some small Bog Iron Ore deposits on the site.  Mining certainly has added colour, intrigue and richness to our heritage. (totally unbiased opinion.)  We drank our chilled beers and mused about the cash that was found strewn on the ground in the bush and the wallet found nearby. Fallout from foul play or just fall out of the fellow's pocket?
Rowdy, Mountee and Pus Bucket having celebrated 1000 runs last week were technically on palindromic 1001, Lois Lane missed being noticed last start for her palindromic run and Shafted similarly.  Even the wallet loser’s birthday was a palindrome, 19-11-91.
Heavy’s screw Song to the tune of Abba’s Mamma Mia, that Bait happened to watch the night before dreaming of his Normal life;
Normal’s been cheated by you since I don't know when
So Bait made up his mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don't know how but I suddenly lose control
There's a fire within my soul
Just one look and I can hear a stubbie smash
One more look and I forget your an ass, w-o-o-o-oh

There was no shortage of incompetence in evidence;
Fluid Movement returned to her old ways, having to retrieve her car keys from inside her locked abode. We nearly had no Down Down drinks!
Political Stooges are back on stage to perform their puppetry for the string pullers, Rear Entry was pilloried as the boy that stood on the burning deck as the last on the right and was read his last rights. Turn the light off as you leave.

Rowdy was crying out for the return of the Prick of the week and he copped it having told a fatigued woman suspecting her iron was too low to put it on a higher shelf.  He would need plenty more numbing to bear the travelling trio on the way home IF they could collectively coordinate their departure. Who had the keys?

Criss Cross clearly couldn’t cross the creek cleverly so ploughed through the water to sweeten his sandshoes. Then Bent's fat eating tape worms must have been biting as he complained the Circle was too long!

Enough is enough! Though sometimes it is hard to get enough, we ate till we’d had enough. Dining sumptuously on a meal bigger than Masta’s Bait with Normal burgers from Gay Street Hamburger.  Only one complaint; the veggie burger was sizzled where the sausage sat in pure meat fat.  We will soon see how it should be done because……
Next Week’s Run: Fletcher Crt Mt Helen, (off Chatham Ave)  Virgin Hare; Plucka Duck  Theme;  Come as a vegetable