Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Lane here filling in for our usual scribe Nummy.

This week was Esme 'the scientist' virgin run & according to the FOP'o'Meter it was a beauty. It started with a poem, was well marked with a drink stop & fire then ended with a promise (& it wasn't the promise of Squizzy farting at the drink stop either!!) Esme scored a whopping 146deg & is now the front runner the rest of us will be chasing.

Welcome to the new Runner - Tasmania aka Esme's friend. Isn't the bring-a-friend run next week?

Welcomes Back to Spider, Pebbles & Heavy.

I think I earned the Dumb & Dumber award this week.  I organised the reflective bibs & arm/leg bands & didn't realise there was a button on the band that switched a flicking light on until Esme turned herself on & off.  Well, at least you can always find the right button when you turn yourself on & off!!
Mind you, Shafted came in a close 2nd for the award this week when he turned up for the run without his runners.  Maybe if he'd gone to the dentist he wouldn't have needed them!!

This Thurs 16th May is Melbourne Ladies AGM.  SOS is taking the bus down so anyone who wants to go will need to be at Reptile Gulch by 5pm.

Next weeks run is Road Runners at the North Britain & it is a 'Bring-a-Friend' night.

On On
Lois Lane
PS Happy birthday Boot Rooter

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