Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Legend of the Chicken Master

Crewsick was once a thriving gold mining town, full of hustle and bustle, riches flowing from the miners in their tens of thousands camped out around Slatey Creek: - but that was long ago.

Living memory is of bodies found floating in the lake, and 10 years of drought and pestilence, bushfires and locust plagues, and population in decline. That is, until the Chicken Master came to the Sovereign Hash.

SOS was a humble tiler from just over the hill. He went to school, and learnt a trade, and joined the Soverign Hash to look for fun and excitement, and chicks. Oh, how he loved his chicks; well, talking about them, and thinking about them, and watching them strip. SOS was a tiler with chicks on his mind. He even found a friend named Hymen who could talk to chicks, and often take them home.

SOS endeared himself to the Sovereigh Hash, and things began to look up for Creswick, too. It rained, and the drought was broken. But alas, it kept on raining. It rained and it rained and it rained, and the water all ran into Crewick, down the Slatey Creek, and through St Georges Lake. The water picked up trees as big as ...... big trees, and threw them around like matchsticks, and washed out stone bridges, and tore through Creswick, filling houses with mud and washing away football ovals.

And then it rained again.

SOS, and the Sovereign Hash, looked to the heavens, and at each other, and found the time was right to help out Creswick, so Mrs Dickhead arranged a run in Creswick, and it was good. And the Down Downs were good, and the meal in the pub at Creswick was good, too.

Now to that run in Creswick came a couple of Chicky babes who were staying at the school of forestry in Creswick for a short time. And SOS met the chicks, and SOS liked the chicks, and the chicks liked SOS, and it looked good. So the chicks invited SOS back to their room to share a feather doona together.

And then SOS turned CHICKEN. He made up an excuse and did not go to share that feather doona.

And the chicks never returned.

And SOS was shamed, and all of the Sovereign Hash shared in his shame.

Still, SOS could not stop thinking about chicks, and a strange thing happened. He was not just CHICKEN, he was the MASTER CHICKEN, and so he referred to himself. And when he become Grand Master of the Hash, he called himself the CHICKEN MASTER, to remind us all of his shame.

And that is a true story, and the Sovereign Hash has a run at the Lake in Creswick every year to remember. And rumour has it that every now and then the ghost of his shame, wrapped in chicken wire, can be seen floating in the lake.

Run 1582 St Georges Lake - Hare Mrs Dickhead

Run 1582 St Georges Lake - Hare Mrs Dickhead

Fop & Mrs Dickhead loaded up the truck and headed to St Georges Lake.... St Georges Lake, Creswick ...... The Fop & Mrs Dickbillies da da ...well not quiet the Beverley Hillbillies, but they had everything needed in their trailer: portable fire place, tables, chairs, BBQ, knives & forks, Tomatoe sauce, axe and food.The camp set up required coordination and a good deal of wood gathering before the run could start, much to the constination of the Grand Chichen Master, who was anxious for once to get the run started before 7 pm!

The lake was flat and calm with only ducks floating on the surface... so away we went through the beautiful bush land of Crewick. Minimal hills and marked clearly in Blue paint. At the drink stop, again, there was a flurry of wood gathering to ensure the Hashers did not get cold... how long were we staying?

Down, Downs were drowned out by he covert of witches gathered around the fire, is witchcraft real?
...mmmh unable to remember the significant downs downs as I was under the spell of the witches and smoke from the fire!

The meal was great and cooked on the BBQ by the Silli unt,  There were a few who stayed and enjoyed the fire for much longer than usual... 2300hrs OMG

Oh Candida the words are:
I wear high heels,
Suspenders, and a bra. I wish I'd been a girlie,
Just like my dear Papa. . nah nah
See you next week for Sorrys run at the City Oval pub

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

Great night just outside Creswick, a place where no Hasher had been before... not even Pus Bucket.

Shafted had employed Phil the cook, to prepare a sumptuous meal.. prawns, chicken, salad ( Rowdys was better) and cake ..shame about the tatties... mmh, Gilf enjoyed the meal and got her share of the prawns which were delicious... What a meal Shafted you are the best, we even had champagne with strawberries, again which Gilf enjoyed!

Lets get back to the run.... my goodness in was a tough course, across wide ravines balancing on fallen trees, across creeks and up, up, up, up hills.. indeed mountains with very few downs. The drink stop was a welcome sight and in a beautiful setting over looking green slopes and water. The walkers lost their way and did not make it to the drink stop and by the time we headed back to the camp site if was dark... casualties to the bush, the most spectacular was Mounties tumble into the only deep muddy puddle on the track... lucky she was presented with a clean dry Tee shirt for her 900 runs, oh Rowdy got an 900 run Tee as well.

Fluid Movement got the prick of the week for her Fluid body movements as a result of the Balls up over the weekend. By the way the Balls up was fun, down at the Dolphin rooms in Frankston. The Grand Master and our Hymen were well received by the outside female Hashers.. but Hymen is OURS, a cry made by Mountie on the night as she scratched at the eyes of the outsiders!

Mountie told a joke ..which was funny, its all in the delivery Half a Bar... Donuts was back with his dog Evie, welcome back big fella, shame Max was not there! BP was pushed to the ground by Mountie.. not sure why.. the fire was nice with Candida watching over it with her broom, no rake.. Good luck with your numbers for the cup sweep, see you next week for another Creswick run at St Georges Lake.. where the bodies don''t float.. love and clucking Nummy

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

Yippee day light saving has arrived and as is tradition, Rowdy set the run far out into the bush. Many Hashers were confused as to the location.. no... not 6 ways where Dumb drove over the edge or Slatey creek .... where Bent Nose lost his bike... Nuggerty dam.... where Oggy lives...

Anyway we all got there in the end. The fire was set and protected by Oggy (who is this man?). All Hashers were instructed to collect wood. Pus bucked excelled in his gathering and did a spectacular tumble which was seen by all. Spirt not dampen he struggled to his feet and dragged over a fine log of Australian eucalyptus.

Away we went on the run, round the dam, up and down hills, dodging puddles and mud... so much fun to breath in the fresh air of the bush. Oggy went on the walk and was struggling to keep his cigarettes going with the speed of the athletic Hashers accompanying him.

Shafted the Sargent at arms was back and struggled with Bent Nose for control of the splendid blue jacket... Shafted won, but was having an emotional battle coming to terms with the graffiti Bent Nose had stuck on the back... oh and Shafted went to school with Oggy. They reminisced on the good old days when life was care free.

Down downs, congratulated significant runs, Mountie 900 and Rowdy 900... there was someone else but unable to remember.. must not have been that significant!

The BBQ was good cooked by Silli unt... not much bread, NO TOMATO SAUCE but the salad... WOW... worth every penny, thanks Rowdy!

The fire was a blaze by the end of the night and Oggy would have been warm for hours. See you all next week lots of love and clucking Nummy

Monday, October 1, 2012

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

Lovely brisk night for a run. A small Hash group assembled and ran off into the night around the football oval and away. The run was long and challenging as many of the on-backs were a kilometer long; luckily Immaculate Conception was riding his bike so the lost Hashers could see the flashing lights in the far distance. The Hashers all came together at the Yarrowee creek and enjoyed the drink stop together.

The Hare was KFC with the assistance of the Masturbate, the Screw, Spencer was again happy because the run was in the fabulous east.

The stand in Sargent, Bent Nose, was again splendid in the blue jacket. The football charges were flowing freely, Pus Bucket maintain his excitement of the Sydney win as only Pus Bucket can! The Hawks supporters are OS so no comment from them. Mountie enjoyed the chubbies of the Sydney players after the game.

Speeding fines and New Zealand made a mention, unfortunately for Hymen his fine was in Australia dollars and cost more than Rowdy's in NZ. Sorry, in the absence of family was forced to run for the first time and got lost with Bootrooter & Nummy. Rear Entry, in an attempt to save Hash money used Half a Bars beer for down downs. No jokes this week (phew).

The venue was nice and John & KFC provided a yummy meal of finger licking chicken, chips, gravy and salad.

Balls up numbers need to be finalised so if you are going please pay on line and let the Grand Master, Lois Lane or Nummy know ASAP. See you next week, love & clucking Nummy.