Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Run 1389 National Hotel, Clunes

Hi Everyone

We had a nice, sociable night at the National Hotel under the watchful eye of an ex Hasher- Dazza - from Broken Hill.

Dazza the adopted Chinaman donated pizza, a lovely Superwoman glass & even decorated the place with some old Chrissy decorations to add to the atmosphere of the night.

Significant runners were: The Bill 1213, SS 1234, Bent Nose 999 & Dumb & Dumber 686.

Don't forget the big one next week. No...I haven't been peeking, I mean Bent Noses 1000th run at Donegan's Farm in Gordon.

There will be some visitors from other Hashes so I don't expect we will get away on time (do we ever!).
You will be able to buy your drinks from the Hash Bar we will have running. Prices will be cheap cheap cheap.

Hope to see lots of you there to give Bent Nose a roasting such as he has given many others in his time

On On
Lois Lane

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run 1388 Haddon Gun Club

Hi Everyone

Another run down & 8 to go!!! but who's counting.

We welcomed back Penny Farthing Kia Ora e hoa. Hope you enjoyed your holiday in En Zud. Peter (Spencers next door neighbour) & Cleaverage & Heavy.

Significant runs: Mastabait 1050, Carmilla 55 & Chris Cross 609.

Congratulations to Bear Box & Jethro on their wedding this weekend & a special conrats to Moose Burger who announced she is on the way to becoming an Aussie citizen.

From all accounts the run was good. A bit straggly & mostly on the tarmac - wasn't it a bush run!! Typical male - can never find the right spots amongst the bush.
Drink stop was great. Lots of drinks for everyone.

Even had some lights this time. Gets a bit boring doing it with the lights off all the time.

Thanks Donuts for giving us all those little pink things. I'm sure they will come in handy.

I need the Awards to start coming back so I can get them engraved for this years fantastic awardees. Trouble is last years GM can't remember who he gave them to. Could the holders please take them down off your mantlepieces & give them to me. Ta

Next weeks run is Criss Crosses at the National Hotel, Fraser St, Clunes.

On On
Lois Lane

Monday, February 9, 2009

Red Dress Run

Hi all

What an appropriate night to hold the Red Dress Run. Gave us the opportunity to raise some money for the Bushfire Appeal.
Thanks to those who donated raffle prizes & to all of you who gave generously to buy a ticket. We raised $317. Thanks everyone.

On to Hash matters.

Welcome back to Little Evil. He looked pretty evil in the little number he was wearing as well.

I must also acknowledge the welcomes back to those on the Black Tie Night run.
Rocky, Out the Front, Dribbles & Shoots, Beer Phuk, Bubba & Spartacus.

SUPER RUNNERS. Yep we had 2 of them. Congrats to Normal on 700. Now, with The Bill 1212th we just randomly chose this run as he has spent the last 3 months backlogging his name in the book. i.e. he turns up but doesn't sign the book hoping to be overlooked. Sorry old chap but nothing gets past this GM!!

Significant runners - Carpet Burns 69 & Jethro 169.

Can you believe the screw actually gave praise to Silic for the run. The pack was spread for miles. Snags was stranded on his own at one point in that lovely dress (mind you it curbed his desire to go short cutting) & Squizzy managed to find more trail than everyone else as he was the last runner in by a long way. Mmmm he did arrive at the drink stop from the look out direction though!! Unfortunately Silic if you want brownie points for a shit hot run then you must please me as well & supply girl drinks!!

It was a very funny run. We discovered if we want to pick up out on the streets then we should wear those hot numbers we had on. I'm a bit worried about Gliders secret life though when those young boys yelled out the van window "you old, fat, poofter cunt" then gave him him a wave & headed up to the look out. Perhaps we shouldn't go there!!

There will also be a red dress run in Melbourne on Friday 27th February for those interested & D & E are having their AGM on Wed 11 March.

Next weeks run is Pebbles at the Haddon Gun Club. He assures me there will be lights this year.

On On
Lois Lane
PS when I work out how to down load the photos I will post more of the Black Tie Night.