Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

29/4/13 1608 Battlers Tavern Hare: The Bill

Great night for a run, just a little nip in the air, no mist or wind. The Bill set a well marked run, keeping all the Hashers together for the run through the railway tunnel into the Military shop.
FOP used his Tumescence metre and gave the run a good stiff assessment; and the Bill held up for a  good score.

Hymen the Sargent at Arms,was not there (Sob, Sob) so Shafted assumed the position.

Lois Lane the Religious Advisor did her stuff with Prue, christening her "Root Me I'm Terrific" (RMIT). There were a few hands up...

We had an overseas visitor, Paddy from Ireland, looked a bit like Pebbles.

The meal was good and all as usual enjoyed themselves.

I will keep you all posted where next weeks run will be.... Hymen is the hare

See you all God bless Nummy

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run 1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

1607 Market Hotel Hare: Precious (Virgin Hare)

OMG what a crowd out on a Monday night at the Market Hotel. The Hashers had to gather outside to get the run details... and it was a bit breezy and of course no-one complained!

The run took us through Victoria park and around the back of ALDI. A few Hashers got lost and blamed the Hare - he is only an adolescent child!  - OMG the drink stop was set high up on the Vic park Mullock Heap - in the dark, Yes again - he is an adolescent child and does not recognise that the majority of Hashers are on or close to applying for the pension -

However - Well done Precious.

The Screw displayed the new and improved FOP O Metre. Up and down he went, then remembered the Hare was his prodigy. The final outcome was a score of 128.9 Degrees.

Not sure if that's good or bad. Only time will tell!

The Sergeant did not have his splendid blue coat but compared himself to Shafted... Yes in all areas Hymen you do not compare to the big guy!

Tommy half a bar told a joke....

Driving Miss Daisy, Boston Bomber and the 3 stooges all had to be explained to JeSOS

Anyone interested in attending the Melbourne Chunder 27th April, train leaves Ballarat station at 1131hrs. you may need to register if you want a T Shirt.... $20 www.deh3.org/chunder13.html
Last train back is 22:12hrs

Next weeks run is at the Battlers Tavern, the Billy goat is the Hare.

See you there god Bless you Nummy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run 1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

Well what a fantastic run, set by the senior statesman of Hash - Glider. The run was set from the newly refurbished Bunch of Grapes Hotel, veryy  nice a, all silver and grey decor.

The run was well marked even though misty rain was falling. A number of Hashers experience a Biblical vision at the entrance to Vic park, though the dark mist, an luminous light was shining, moving towards us... We stopped to marvel at the light when  - BAM.. JESOS appeared!

The new committee assumed their roles, Fluid movement not being a horn bag, Jack off collecting the money, FOP exposing his Tumescence, Hymen in the beautiful blue coat - matching his eyes perfectly, Dumb organising free down downs, Num the trail master (hare needed for 29th April) and Mountie secretly organising the big events. The rest of the committee were insignificant, or away!

Rowdy seeing FOPS tumescence gave away free Viagra and Prue did a bit of Chaining?

The Grand Master JESOS loves barking up meal deals and Camilla and SS had a Red face off.

Jesos started the tradition of giving his mates a free drink but this did not include Normal.

Next weeks run has been changed back to the Market hotel and FOP is the Hare so see you there

God Bless you all Nummy

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Run 1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

1605 AGM Queens Head Hotel Hare Chicken Master

The last run of the chicken coop was held in the fabulous east, with the Chicken Master taking us on a run through the creeks and bushland along the Yarrowee creek. Dumb got separated from the mob and ended up in the creek. The railway crossing proved difficult but eventually the gates went up and the run continued. The Drink stop was at Rear Entries shop and the Down downs were held at the chicken Master roost.

Sil unt was in good form telling some funny jokes. There were some visitors, Danish Blue and Roo boy or some such and Stubby and light fingers which was nice. SS was whinging about getting old no sorry, that it was getting cold....

The grand Chicken Master set the scene for the announcement of the new grant master.

Shafted, Num Num and Hymen were the favorites and were presented to Mountie who was to choose who would be the grand master. After a lot of crutch rubbing, particularly with Num, the Chicken master intervened and revealed the new Grand Master for 2013 -2014 Ballarat Hash house harriers....

The members were shaking their members with anticipation...

He revealed... OMG... no JESOS.... pause... OMG... no .the second coming of JESOS...

 WHAT ... SOS , 2 years in a row aaaaahhhh

will there be a revolt, coup, over throw.....????

...what the hell if he wants to do it again... Praise be to JESOS

The Disciples or should I say Diciples were revealed.... (See Committee list)

again praise be to JESOS!

The meal was at the Queens Head and was very delicious...

see you next week at Gliders run at the Bunch of Grapes

Love and Clucking Nummy

Run 1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

1604 Easter Monday Five Ways Hare Rowdy

Well what is this ... the second police raid of the Chicken Hash!

Who was yelling for help?

The Boys in blue checked the book for any missing Hashers and known criminals in our club.

The Bill tried to bond being a former plod but was rejected.

The run was good and all Hashers were accounted for and no one was missing.

Down downs were in the dark so who knows who got one?

The soft cocks went to the Top of Eureka, while the hard cocks or was it the tight cocks, ate in the bush.

See you next week at the AGM, the last night of the Chicken Hash.... who will it be?

Love & Clucking Nummy

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

This is an annual run in memory of Midnight who perished some 20 years ago... maybe 30? not sure how, if anyone wants to clarify please do!

The hare set a great run, and traditionally, the last run in the bush before the end of daylight saving. The wild life was plentiful with Foxes, Wallabies/kangaroos and an echidna sited.

Doggy Bag set the tone of the Down, Downs and all the dogs in the vicinity were holding their ears. mmmh and the spiders were also disturbed!

There was some young blood at the run with Prue, Camilla and Jack off enjoying the night. This young blood revitalised a couple of the old Hashers, unfortunately no hope for Dumber, even his 90 year old mother thinks he is getting old.

Shafted was splendid in his blue coat and was very entertaining. Mountie presented a limerick in honour of Midnight.

The BBQ was cooked by the Sill unt ... My god, that man eats sausages straight from the BBQ (Hot).

The camp fire created a warm ambiance and OMG, the night went on past 2130hrs... in fact 2300hrs... lots of singing and frivolity.

It was a most entertaining and enjoyable event. See you next year Drambuie!

Next week is Easter Monday, so what ever...

See you at the AGM (Who will it Be..) at the fantastic Queens Head Hotel. Lets hope the beer is poured with a smile...

Love & Clucking Nummy

1602 Awards Night

1602 Awards Night

The awards night was held at the Grapes Hotel with the big man Normal setting the run.

The meal was a bargain and good pub fare.

The awards were awarded to GILF, Spartacus, Shafted, Criss Cross , FOP mmh not sure who else.

All in all, a fair effort for the awards night...

Will the Grand Master, who ever it is, put in a bigger effort for the awards next year...

Love and Clucking Nummy