Monday, October 20, 2008

Bald Hills Run 1371

Mmmm I think the way some of us get around the runs these days maybe it should be called 'Over the Hill' run.

Well, what a difference a week makes. The run had plenty of halts, on backs and lots of visible trail plus we all started & finished together.
Well, except Half a Bar. He had to get driven round most of the run!

Did anyone else notice the way those sheep took off when they saw 1/2 a Bar running past. Obviously his reputation has preceded him.

We were all pleased to see Carpet Burns back at hash last night. Welcome back.

There was one significant runner last night. Pebbles had a pretty gross night on 144.

Happy birthday to Mrs D.

Can't let the opportunity pass without reminding everyone what an idiot Deep Heat is. While hosting a run for the Geelong hash he decided to light a bonfire right next to the wood pile (which is stacked next to the garage by the way) then... go to bed while it is still going.
Gee I wonder what that red glow is when you wake up in the morning?
2 things. They were bloody lucky to have their house still standing but more amazing is he rang 1/2 a Bar to come & help put the fire out BEFORE calling the fire brigade!! How big IS your hose 1/2 a bar.

Next weeks run is Bend Nose's at the Bunch of Grapes in Pleasant St.

On On
Lois Lane

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not quite the neverending run 1370

Hi Fellow Hashers

I know I'm a bit late posting my blog but I just wanted to make sure everyone was back from the run.
Beer Phuck had a bit of trouble with the concept of halts, checks, on backs, & we don't run marathons! In other words keeping the pack together. Never mind not being able to find those pink bits.

I heard a funny story this week that Beer Phuck thought there were mixed thoughts on the run being a good one or not. To which the reply was 'Beer Phucks v everyone elses'.

All was not lost as the drink stop was well supplied & we were suitably entertained at the On After by our visiting hasher Muka Puki from HIV Kalgoorlie.

Significant runners this week were Doggy Bag 222, Shafted 213.

Welcome back to Sqizzy & Terry.

Terry (& everyone else) couldn't remember her old hash name so she was re-christened Moose Burger.

Congratulations to Rear Entry for winning the raffle this week. There will be more raffles to come but there will be a variety of prizes & of a better quality.
Normal, I expect you to buy lots of tickets each week!!!

Next weeks run is Shafted's at Bald Hills School (see below for instruction) & On After is at his home cnr Midas Rd & Mt Pisgah Rd.

On On
Lois Lane

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This week's run - 20th October 2008

Click for a larger view.

Directions for the map challenged. Head out Midland Highway towards Creswick. About 10km or so out of town you will cross a railway line. Jubilee Rd is the second left after this. Follow Jubilee Rd being careful to follow the main road and not turn off to the right.

Alternatively, head out Gillies St. After the overpass, Jubilee Rd is the fourth road on the right.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Run 1369 Daylight Saving Run

Hi Fellow Hashers

How good is to get back to bush runs & still be able to see where you're going. I love daylight saving!

Was surprised the RA didn't do a better job with the weather this week, everything considering, but despite the rain & cold it was a great run with a very convivial On After.

We welcomed back Spencer Hocking after a 3 month absence. I think he has spent all that pay rise already.
Drambuie also made it back after a long absence. Good to see you can come by yourself when you want!!!
Also, welcome back The Hill Billies, Bare Box & Bubba.

There were no Super or Significant runs although Drambuie & Bare Box came prematurely & signed on for next weeks run. You idiots.

Thanks to the girls who made it to the PMT run.
Tried to trade off Mountie while we were off visiting, under the Auntie/Niece rule but there were no takers. Probably cos there are no rules at Hash. Looks like we are stuck with her for a bit longer.

Happy birthday to Rowdy & Dumb & Dumber & congratulations to Pebbles who became a granddad last week.

Black Kettle Award (think that's what it is called) goes to Dribbles & Shoots for declaring he was a natural blonde!!
While we are on the subject of awards, this weeks Dummy Spit goes to The Bill. He went to get the book from his car after the run & hurt his leg in the process, so he threw the book in my lap & said I could keep the book!!! Oh dear some people can get a bit precious...

Next weeks run is at the Nerrina Tavern & the hare/hear/hair (can't you guys tell the difference!) is Beer Phuck.

On On
Lois Lane

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PMT 100th Run

Hi fellow harriets

What a great time we had last night. Geelong turned on a beautiful balmy night, which made for a very enjoyable run.

I thought we would miss the loud overtures of Mounty on the bus trip but the tarts that went did us proud.

We had fanny flashing (no names - what happens on the trip stays on the trip!), excess drinking & even a christening. Yep Sue is now called Bare Foot Bitch. Move over Phuck Wit she is one of us now!!

We even managed to win all the raffles. Drop Kick won 2 of them but did we get to share any of them...

We figured out why no men go. It's because they all bring their own dogs, & the bigger the better. I think at one stage there were more dogs than pussies at the On After.

We tried very hard to steal something of value but they were on to us. It appears the only thing we managed to nick were 2 red plastic spoons. We just need a volunteer to pose with them stuck up their backside so we can send a photo back to them demanding they come & collect them. Any takers??

Thanks again to everyone who made the trip. It was lots of fun.
There will be a combined run held in Ballarat sometime next year so watch this space.

On On
Lois Lane

Run 1368 North Britain

Hi Everyone

Thanks The Bill for prizing yourself away from the Nude & Naked Exhibition long enough to set a run for us. Even took the time to set a walkers trail, which would have been good if Normal could read & follow the instructions!

We had a few Welcomes back. Spartacus, Sue, Snags & Mountie. Although hands up all those who wanted to send Mountie back to Vietnam or dob her into customs for bringing into the country the drug Speed then taking a double dose if it before she turned up to Hash.

We had one significant runner. Dumb & Dumber 669. Well done.

Don't forget daylight savings starts this weekend so set your clocks forward!!! Saturday night & we will see you at Rowdys new place for Stubbys Daylight Saving run.

On On
Lois Lane