Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run 1614 Queens Birthday;Princes Street North Hare:Num & Dumb

Great run up there in the wilds of the Ballarat East. Most of the old Hashers know their way around these parts from childhood so the run was an easy find: over the railway line, along the creek, up a couple of hills and back to the drink stop by the bridge...

There were some significant runs, but unable to remember at this time but thanks to the Keeper of the Book, SS who keeps us informed. Oh it was "Gary" the dogs virgin run, but dogs don't run with the Ballarat Hash cause of the incident back some years, Candida still has the scars!

The FOP o Metre was out and hanging.. good to see it in such good shape after the flogging it got last week... FOP unable to remember? Nummy received a good level of elevation for the run approximately 128 degree.

Thinking of last week, and this being sort of a Royal run, a Christening was preformed...

Miss Esme (no ripped trousers) assumed the position on her knees in front of the Religious advisor Lois Lane(no merkin) ...

"Just a smidgen of religion, blah blah"

Needed some help from the crowd.. Arise" Her Vagesty"

Yahoo the crowd approved.

On after was at the Top of Eureka, nice.

Next weeks run is at the old Col, you know where it is

see you there God Bless you all Nummy.

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