Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Run 1629 Millers Arms Hotel Hare: Sili unt

This is a great setting for a Hash run, the traditional pub! as you walk through the door you get the stale cigarette aroma and the lonely soles sitting quietly at the bar.

The run was well set and there was a good amount of on backs for those who like to run. The drink stop was well stocked and the venue was Little Evils new home.

The FOP O Metre took a bit of a battering from last week and is looking a little worst for wear. Sili unt was offering himself as a stand in model!

There were the usual welcomes back: Fuck wit Phil, Exit, Pebbles and RMIT.

It was Bownlow night, come in your footy clours and Precious realised only old men support Melbourne football club: Masturbater, Boot Rooter, Dumber, SS and Tommy.

Hymen got the prick of the week and did himself proud by emptying that sucker in a flash. The prick of the week related to an incident of theft and a sign from Rear Entry's shop...

Hymen was also in trouble for taking the doctors nurse!

Lois Lane was a little worse for ware following the PMT Hash run on Sunday.

mmmh will have to think about what else happened....

We had a BBQ, that was good and next weeks run is BP's at her place and the on after at the Top of Eureka. God bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Run 1628 10 Park Street Hare: FOP

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear FOPPPY, Happy birthday to you, Hip hip hooray... Forty fun filled years.

The run was mostly washed away so we had a live Hare. The run was good with two drink stops with lots of lollies, fairy bread and honey snatches!

Her Vagesty screwed the run and it was a long slow affair... just as FOP likes it. The two dogs however displayed that they enjoy quick, hard and fast screws which they displayed repeatedly over the night.

Rowdy stood in as the Sergeant, not as good to look at but did a great job.

The Down downer of the night was of course FOP. Lucky he was supplying the beer from his home brew.

We had visitors from the Western Suburbs, Scrubber and Lester the Molester. They were there to flog the Balls up on the 12th of October.

There were jokes from Puss Bucket, Lester, Lois and Tommy Half a Bar which all went well.

Sili unt grew an enormous  ... have you seen the photo?

How much hair does Boot Rooter have on his chest?

The meal was a spit roast and it was great. Good competition for Spencer Hocking!

The night became more and more disorderly and yes, body parts were exposed....

Was a fun night thanks FOPPY god bless you all Nummy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Run 1627 111 Rubicon Street Sebastopol Hare: Shafted

Slowly the Hashers crossed the line from Ballarat to Sebastopol... yes we crossed The Rubicon line...

Terror struck as we entered the house of the Squatters, up past the smashed glass, over the broken boards to the back yard. And I thought last weeks venue was a little neglected!

A fire was blazing to keep the others away...

There was one who made it through the lines.. not sure of his name but he loved his Jack Daniels.

The run stsrted down drain pipes, the Hashers ran like rats,
Criss Cross and Squizzy kept popping up from the drains trying to find the running pack which kept the walkers amused. 

On and on the run went.

Over the hills to the sewerage farm, down and back to the fabulous East, on and on the pack ran. The onbacks were long and many Hashers were gaging for a drink... Finally we made it to a vacant paddock and enjoyed a cold beer.

The Bill and JeSoS got lost in the sewerage farm but managed to shake off the shit and drive to the drink stop.

Only one walker appeared at the drink stop, the old Masturbater.

Soup was served as JeSoS reclined on the bed of Fleas... requesting attention from Mountie...

The down downs included welcomes back to Vicky, commiserations to the football teams who lost on the weekend, Pus Bucket told a joke, so did Tommy, mmh maybe he was just talking.
The Sergeant as always was beautiful in his Blue coat.

Shafted was hoping for an Italian fire ... ?
Not sure if shafted will win the Shit hot Run this year... ha no it was a great night.

We had fried food for our meal which was yummy and good value.

See you next week at FOPs 40th Birthday party, watch out for the dog shit...
god bless you all Nummy.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Run 1626 Harriers Club Rooms: Hare: Mountie

This was a great venue for Hash, but is a little neglected...

The aroma of the cooking was thought provoking!

..something... sniff sniff ....Parmesan cheese?

The weather was amazing , warm and balmy, who would have thought 2 weeks ago we were freezing in the sleet and wind.

The run was good and took a different route to the run from last week, considering they are in the same area. The walkers went in different direction to the runners but met in a timely manner back at the drink stop, which was at the Harriers rooms.

The theme of the night. for those who payed attention, was PJ's or a Onesie...
We had a Frog, Leopard bear, Zebra and a Cow and a lovely display of football jarmies.

The Sergeant was back looking beautiful in his blue coat. The down downs were a bit slow and uninteresting.... at least we had beers for the down downs this week.

Welcome back to Bad Hair Day, Donuts , Sorry and Jack...

Dumber won the raffle.

Tommy Half a Bar did not tell a joke nor did Squizzy...

The meals was Chilly Con Carn and rice, very nice and we had carrot cake for after.
A numbers of Hashers stayed to the wee hours (2300hrs)  and had a sensational time..

Next week is at 111 Rubicon street Sebastopol. The on after is the same so bring some beer...
See you then god bless love Nummy

Monday, September 2, 2013


All photographs are on the 'Hash Flash, ongoing' title.