Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Run 1611 North Britain Hotel Bring a Friend Night Hare: Road Runner

North Britain Hotel Bring a Friend Night Hare: Road Runner

Surprise, Surprise there were some friends who ventured out into the cold Ballarat night to enjoy the Hash experience. There were a number of young friends of JeSOS and Hymen. Pebbles and Lois Lane had friends and Rear Entry brought along his neighbour.

Road Runner set a straight forward run with no surprises. The FOP O Metre was going up and down and landed on 118 Degree position.

Squizzy showed all the Friends how to drink a Down, Down.
Mountie had a lesbian experience over the weekend, while Pus Bucket stayed close to Spartacus. JeSOS tried to shoot a kangaroo down on the Tommy Half a Bar farm, shame he missed the other 300. Heavy was back and looking fine in his big yellow T shirt.

Miss Camilla was officially christened; he got really close to the freshly shaved, big black murkin, of Lois Lanes. This must have been frightening for the young Friends!

The venue was great and so was the meal.

See you next week at RMIT's virgin run down at Se-y-mours, there will be a few old Hashers hoping this is true.

God bless you all love Nummy

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