Wednesday, August 29, 2012

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

The North Britain was warm & welcoming and the stand in Grand Chicken Master, Hymen was back to start the run on time. The weather again was dry but cold. Road Runner set a nice easy run around the streets of Ballarat and Candida was with the runners as a decoy! Don't know where the walkers went!

Down, Downs were held outside by the fire, very nice. Sargent at arms was too lazy to go get his nice blue coat from the car & Bad Hair Day and Rear Entry did not wear their chicken hats... poor form.

Hashers were in good form telling jokes; Squizzy, Half a Bar & Mountie; as stated on numerous occasions.... it's all in the delivery BOYS!

The bar fly, Wet Spot got a Down, Down, has that man got a home?

The Bill entertained the crowd placing beer cans in the fire... gee they melt quickly.

The meal was worth waiting for and the staff friendly which is a nice change.

It was a good social night and there was lots of chat and laughter, so much, that you had to yell to make your self heard across the table.

Next week run at the Golf House Hotel

Love & Clucking Nummy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20/8/2012 City Oval Boot Rooter

20/8/12 City Oval

Stand in Grand Master Rowdy sent us on our way. Again no rain but a cooold black night. hashers headed for the wonderful & over flowing Lake Wendouree; the chill factor of the icy wind propelled Hashers on, on. Not sure who set the run but it may have been from a car boot! Nice basic & predictable around the streets, drink stop at Glenhome, warmth from the heater was short lived as the gas ran out & there was a bit of dog on dog action (Gary & Max).

We had members of the committee attend this week... Hash Screw Spencer made one more attempt at a red dress T shirt and the Fluid movement, Normal factor.... Sargent at Arms was on track this week with some funny puns - Squizzy was back & attempted a joke.... mmh as stated in past Blogs its all in the delivery. Again no prick of the week & Normal was there?
Glider pointed out the Sovereign Hash's role in smuggling Julian Assange out of Britain and on to Ecuador with a Swedish Blondie but it was only Dribbles & Shoots & his lovely lady. Bloody Kiwis were again out in force with Lois Lane & BP picking up a bar fly Kiwi... Chrizz or Phull

Rear Entry & Scillic decided to stay for the meal when they were offered a meal deal $23 per head. The meal was very nice and again a good time was had by all.

That's it see you next week at the North Britain & Road Runner is the Hare
Lots of Love & Clucking Nummy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

13/8/2012 Jack & Flo Jo

13/8/2012 run 1572.
Oh goodness gracious what a shemozzle on the behalf of the committee!
No Granmaster
No Stand in Grand master
No Hash cash
No Hash screw
Sargent at arms sat on his fat arse in pub for most Down Down

Jack & Flo Jo organised the night, at one of the Indian restaurants in Bakery Hill; great food, anxious proprietor! Once again the weather gods smiled on the Sovereign Hash and we had a cold, crisp, dry run. The run was marked by a professional who timed the long on-backs so the runners all kept together. The run was up hill, over bridges, past Flags, along creeks & sort of in the East.

Down downs were held in below zero temperature & we had a bit of trouble concentrating on the proceedings. There were no new runners, no prick of the week (that's unusual), Dumb & dumb had a grand sprog arrive during the week - Dumb & Dummer the 4th, The Bill has turned Gay! There may have been an Olympic charge or two, GILF & her home land gold medal tally.

Aside from the committee.... we had a great night again and look forward to next weeks run at City Oval & the Hare is Boot Rooter.
 Love & Clucking NUMMY

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Atlantic Hotel 6/8/12 Olympic theme

Atlantic hotel 6/8/12
Dazed & Confused,  along with Pebbles assistance created a run to remember past several sporting venues of Ballarat - Harness racing club, maybe a football field and finishing at Tennis courts. The night again was cold and crisp and the rain held off to keep us all dry. The trail was set so we wouldn't get wet feet... very thoughtful of Pebbles.

As mentioned the theme was Olympics & several hashes made the effort to wear the Green & Gold. There were some Kiwi ring ins to round off the Australasian feel. There was a silver medal count reflected in the number of Hashes with same coloured hair (Silver) Bootrooter, Masturbate, Bent nose and a couple of others unable to remember now!

Flo Jo, was presented with a gold medal, Sorry the Silver & Jack Bronze for being great people...?
We all knew the  words to God Save The Queen but Advance Australia Fair we required assistance from Pusbucket to get through the second verse... a couple of current school teachers knew it, Mrs D & Spencer & Crisss Cross.

The stand in grand chicken master looked young & lovely as usual... mmmh

The meal was ... was... poor - the kitchen lady just plain nasty - however despite this we had a great time. Many thanks to the Hares Dazed & Confused & Pebbles. Next weeks run is at an Indian restaurant & the Hare is Flo Jo & Jack. That's it  love & Clucking Num