Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1589 THE ROYAL OAK Hotel, sponsored by tidy tiling.

bring a friend day at THE ROYAL OAK Hotel, sponsored by tidy tiling.

Yes, this was bring a friend night but there were more relatives than friends in attendance. What does this say about the Hash? Normal brought no one - no relatives or friends.

Tommy Half a Bar, ran in a sheep skin with a blow up sheep strapped, in-appropriately, to his body, co's it was his 1000th run. Barr, Barr

The run was short and many of the new guests were expecting more of a challenging run and were also surprised by the length of time spent at the drink stop... drinking alcohol.

All the guests got a drink, and Dan, Dan the Tusker man and for a brief moment did not have an alcoholic drink in his hand, shame ,shame. Mountie had a birthday, so got a drink. Lucky as this reminded Pus Bucket of this momentous event.

The Grand Masters lady made a brief appearance but was too embarrassed to stay as a friend for the night... delivered the salads and the food was again yummy, cooked by the old BBQ dog Sill unt.

Next week is the last Christmas run from 111 Webster street, so dress for the festive season and bring your singing voice as the traditional Christmas caroling will be the main event. You may need to bring a chair as most chairs and tables have been sold.... see you there, love and clucking Nummy

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1588 3/12/12 Peady St Reserve. Hare Bad Hair Day

1588 3/12/12 Peady St Reserve. Hare Bad Hair Day

The Peady reserve was a great venue with a small group of Hashes in attendance. The hare had forgotten the season and didn't get a fire permit!

...but he could be forgiven as the weather was appalling... very cold, windy and fine mist of rain .... burrrr

The run was good, up and down hills, through bushland and building sites and it was in the beautiful East.

We had some new runners attend from Russia, they are moving to Ballarat in the next few months. They were very happy to join in but could not stay for the on after so left the drink stop early... unfortunately they got lost and arrived back at the reserve about 10 minutes after all the Hashes returned....

The Sargent informed us that the duck died... very sad. The Masturbater gave us a lesson on the birds in the reserve...

The Dickhead prodigy were in attendance and the Little Ranger was wanting a crap, his parents were ignoring him, unfortunately the rest of us couldn't, phew...

Due to fire restrictions Sill unt cooked the BBQ on the back of the trailer. Hymen was not there, sob, sob... and it was revealed the Grand Chicken Master thinks he is running an all male hash... well this is what he has told his lady...

The evening was very cold and I am unable to remember anything else significant so thanks Bad Hair Day, the food was yummy.

Now next week is bring a friend day at THE ROYAL OAK Hotel, sponsored again by tidy tiling.
(Bring a friend or go home without one). The are special events planned and great surprises in store for all and sundry. Be there with a friend on December 10th.

Love and clucking Nummy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1587 26/11/12 East Point Bowling Club - Schoolies run - Hare Candida

1587 26/11/12 East Point Bowling Club - Schoolies run - Hare Candida

All the Hashers had gone through their cupboards and dusted off the old school uniforms. The run was a challenge of mind and spirit (alcoholic), with no identifiable trail. The Hashers attended several fine public houses where you were provided with a drink if you could complete the task. Not sure who won, but we understand that spelling is an issue for some of the younger Hashers.

On arrival back at the venue a drinking game was introduced - Heads or tails, strip or scull...

Candida the old dog displayed yet again her skill at swallowing beer... beat Nummy by minutes, tick tick. Candida also told a joke which cut Tommy Half a Bar out. The moral of the story is Australian men do like tie women.

The masturbater did a bit of wild life rescue of a tiny Duck. Shafted took it home, fingers crossed it will survive. The Squizzly did attempt to crush it in the beautiful blue jacket Sargent's.

The Grand Chicken master gave the Hashers a demonstration of Tidy Tiling... poor bugger doing that on your hands and knees all day...

Dinner was a BBQ which was delicious, Silli unt, had the night off.

Next weeks run sounds complicated so read the previous blog by Rowdy for instructions.

As usual, Love and Clucking Nummy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1585 State Forest Road - Hare Donuts

1585 State Forest Road - Hare Donuts

Wow what a great run, Hashes were again out in the bush, the air was fresh with just a hint of breeze. A couple of enthusiastic Hashes (Rowdy & the Bill) took the long way to the drink stop, but there was plenty of drinks to share.

The down downs were held back at Donuts place with a raging fire, which was fantastic. The beer was the last of Fop home brew (2011) which made the Hash Cash very happy. Normal was back and ensured his friends Masturbate & Cris Cross got a drink.

Silli unt was away so Hymen was the BBQ cook. My goodness, Hymens meat great , .. and we all got a piece! ... and the salads were also sensational and plenty for all, thanks big fella Donuts.

Actually the group was small and nothing else major happened.

See you all at next weeks Black tie event. Bus is booked and leaving City Oval at 6pm sharp......

Love & clucking Nummy

1584 6/11/12 Melbourne Cup - Hare Glider

1584 6/11/12 Melbourne Cup - Hare Glider

The Ballarat Hash House Harriers "Riversgate Wines" Cup was again held at the East Point Club rooms and a good field of runners were present. Glider, the well trusted organiser of this annual event did not let the attending crowd down, and the event was a success.

The track for the first run was wet and the pack found the course difficult to navigate due to the wet conditions washing away most of the markings. The new young runner Bevan (Fop/Dickhead creation) did not understand the rules of hash and attempted to race some of the old Hashers. Candida reminded the youngster of the follies of racing via visual scars..... (Dumb Dog)!

Several races were held over the night with a good number of punters. The main race, the "Riversgate Wines Cup" was contested by a big field and the overall winner was Spartacus. This dark horse had not raced before at East point. He was carrying less weight than most of the field and with his long legs, a placing was a certainty. His trainer Pus Bucket was pleased with the win and stated most of the credit for Spartacus's success was due to some hard drinking at the J.D stable and some long bush rides leading up to the cup.

The Fashions on the field was well patronised by the beautiful fillies, the judge John Cotter was under pressure to come up with a winner, particularly as K.F.C was in the parade, but you guessed it, the old chicken blogger Nummy won. The out fit was a creation based on the Chicken theme with a feathered tickler head piece.

Tommy half a Bar again wanted to tell a joke...(When will this man learn?) but could not remember the joke!

The food was good and there was plenty for everyone to fill up on! Great event Glider....go Green Moon....

Love and Clucking nummy

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1583 City Oval Hotel - Hare Sorry

1583 City Oval Hotel -  Hare Sorry

Great night for a spooky run as the theme was Halloween, lots of glow in the dark stickers and head gear...
Sorry provided for those of us who had forgotten the nights theme.

The crowd were reluctant to pay the increased chicken taxes and again the run started late as we had to order meals just as we were about to go out the door.
The run was good , around the streets with two drink stops (getting our moneys worth).

Shame, shame the meals were served before the down downs which was actually good. Though there were a lot of complaints... blah blah

Rear entry and the Silly  unt when to dine at another place due to the cost. Poor old pensioners!

Spencer screwed the virgin run with great pleasure. The trail was well marked and we had a full blue moon. Tommy wanted to tell a joke but the crowd were not happy so he kept quiet.

Down, downs were for Mr Sorry and Candida. Candida and Sorry had a couple of Sculling challenges.. I think Candida has been foxing about her ability to drink Beer!

The raffle was won by the birthday boy Rowdy...just what he needed another bottle of wine.

That's it ... see you for the Melbourne cup run at East point next week. Hare is Glider. Lots of Love and clucking Nummy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Legend of the Chicken Master

Crewsick was once a thriving gold mining town, full of hustle and bustle, riches flowing from the miners in their tens of thousands camped out around Slatey Creek: - but that was long ago.

Living memory is of bodies found floating in the lake, and 10 years of drought and pestilence, bushfires and locust plagues, and population in decline. That is, until the Chicken Master came to the Sovereign Hash.

SOS was a humble tiler from just over the hill. He went to school, and learnt a trade, and joined the Soverign Hash to look for fun and excitement, and chicks. Oh, how he loved his chicks; well, talking about them, and thinking about them, and watching them strip. SOS was a tiler with chicks on his mind. He even found a friend named Hymen who could talk to chicks, and often take them home.

SOS endeared himself to the Sovereigh Hash, and things began to look up for Creswick, too. It rained, and the drought was broken. But alas, it kept on raining. It rained and it rained and it rained, and the water all ran into Crewick, down the Slatey Creek, and through St Georges Lake. The water picked up trees as big as ...... big trees, and threw them around like matchsticks, and washed out stone bridges, and tore through Creswick, filling houses with mud and washing away football ovals.

And then it rained again.

SOS, and the Sovereign Hash, looked to the heavens, and at each other, and found the time was right to help out Creswick, so Mrs Dickhead arranged a run in Creswick, and it was good. And the Down Downs were good, and the meal in the pub at Creswick was good, too.

Now to that run in Creswick came a couple of Chicky babes who were staying at the school of forestry in Creswick for a short time. And SOS met the chicks, and SOS liked the chicks, and the chicks liked SOS, and it looked good. So the chicks invited SOS back to their room to share a feather doona together.

And then SOS turned CHICKEN. He made up an excuse and did not go to share that feather doona.

And the chicks never returned.

And SOS was shamed, and all of the Sovereign Hash shared in his shame.

Still, SOS could not stop thinking about chicks, and a strange thing happened. He was not just CHICKEN, he was the MASTER CHICKEN, and so he referred to himself. And when he become Grand Master of the Hash, he called himself the CHICKEN MASTER, to remind us all of his shame.

And that is a true story, and the Sovereign Hash has a run at the Lake in Creswick every year to remember. And rumour has it that every now and then the ghost of his shame, wrapped in chicken wire, can be seen floating in the lake.

Run 1582 St Georges Lake - Hare Mrs Dickhead

Run 1582 St Georges Lake - Hare Mrs Dickhead

Fop & Mrs Dickhead loaded up the truck and headed to St Georges Lake.... St Georges Lake, Creswick ...... The Fop & Mrs Dickbillies da da ...well not quiet the Beverley Hillbillies, but they had everything needed in their trailer: portable fire place, tables, chairs, BBQ, knives & forks, Tomatoe sauce, axe and food.The camp set up required coordination and a good deal of wood gathering before the run could start, much to the constination of the Grand Chichen Master, who was anxious for once to get the run started before 7 pm!

The lake was flat and calm with only ducks floating on the surface... so away we went through the beautiful bush land of Crewick. Minimal hills and marked clearly in Blue paint. At the drink stop, again, there was a flurry of wood gathering to ensure the Hashers did not get cold... how long were we staying?

Down, Downs were drowned out by he covert of witches gathered around the fire, is witchcraft real?
...mmmh unable to remember the significant downs downs as I was under the spell of the witches and smoke from the fire!

The meal was great and cooked on the BBQ by the Silli unt,  There were a few who stayed and enjoyed the fire for much longer than usual... 2300hrs OMG

Oh Candida the words are:
I wear high heels,
Suspenders, and a bra. I wish I'd been a girlie,
Just like my dear Papa. . nah nah
See you next week for Sorrys run at the City Oval pub

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

15/10/12 1581 Caulfield Cup Run - Hare Shafted

Great night just outside Creswick, a place where no Hasher had been before... not even Pus Bucket.

Shafted had employed Phil the cook, to prepare a sumptuous meal.. prawns, chicken, salad ( Rowdys was better) and cake ..shame about the tatties... mmh, Gilf enjoyed the meal and got her share of the prawns which were delicious... What a meal Shafted you are the best, we even had champagne with strawberries, again which Gilf enjoyed!

Lets get back to the run.... my goodness in was a tough course, across wide ravines balancing on fallen trees, across creeks and up, up, up, up hills.. indeed mountains with very few downs. The drink stop was a welcome sight and in a beautiful setting over looking green slopes and water. The walkers lost their way and did not make it to the drink stop and by the time we headed back to the camp site if was dark... casualties to the bush, the most spectacular was Mounties tumble into the only deep muddy puddle on the track... lucky she was presented with a clean dry Tee shirt for her 900 runs, oh Rowdy got an 900 run Tee as well.

Fluid Movement got the prick of the week for her Fluid body movements as a result of the Balls up over the weekend. By the way the Balls up was fun, down at the Dolphin rooms in Frankston. The Grand Master and our Hymen were well received by the outside female Hashers.. but Hymen is OURS, a cry made by Mountie on the night as she scratched at the eyes of the outsiders!

Mountie told a joke ..which was funny, its all in the delivery Half a Bar... Donuts was back with his dog Evie, welcome back big fella, shame Max was not there! BP was pushed to the ground by Mountie.. not sure why.. the fire was nice with Candida watching over it with her broom, no rake.. Good luck with your numbers for the cup sweep, see you next week for another Creswick run at St Georges Lake.. where the bodies don''t float.. love and clucking Nummy

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

8/10/12 Nuggerty Dam Hare Rowdy

Yippee day light saving has arrived and as is tradition, Rowdy set the run far out into the bush. Many Hashers were confused as to the location.. no... not 6 ways where Dumb drove over the edge or Slatey creek .... where Bent Nose lost his bike... Nuggerty dam.... where Oggy lives...

Anyway we all got there in the end. The fire was set and protected by Oggy (who is this man?). All Hashers were instructed to collect wood. Pus bucked excelled in his gathering and did a spectacular tumble which was seen by all. Spirt not dampen he struggled to his feet and dragged over a fine log of Australian eucalyptus.

Away we went on the run, round the dam, up and down hills, dodging puddles and mud... so much fun to breath in the fresh air of the bush. Oggy went on the walk and was struggling to keep his cigarettes going with the speed of the athletic Hashers accompanying him.

Shafted the Sargent at arms was back and struggled with Bent Nose for control of the splendid blue jacket... Shafted won, but was having an emotional battle coming to terms with the graffiti Bent Nose had stuck on the back... oh and Shafted went to school with Oggy. They reminisced on the good old days when life was care free.

Down downs, congratulated significant runs, Mountie 900 and Rowdy 900... there was someone else but unable to remember.. must not have been that significant!

The BBQ was good cooked by Silli unt... not much bread, NO TOMATO SAUCE but the salad... WOW... worth every penny, thanks Rowdy!

The fire was a blaze by the end of the night and Oggy would have been warm for hours. See you all next week lots of love and clucking Nummy

Monday, October 1, 2012

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

1/10/12 run 1579 East Point football Club rooms: KFC

Lovely brisk night for a run. A small Hash group assembled and ran off into the night around the football oval and away. The run was long and challenging as many of the on-backs were a kilometer long; luckily Immaculate Conception was riding his bike so the lost Hashers could see the flashing lights in the far distance. The Hashers all came together at the Yarrowee creek and enjoyed the drink stop together.

The Hare was KFC with the assistance of the Masturbate, the Screw, Spencer was again happy because the run was in the fabulous east.

The stand in Sargent, Bent Nose, was again splendid in the blue jacket. The football charges were flowing freely, Pus Bucket maintain his excitement of the Sydney win as only Pus Bucket can! The Hawks supporters are OS so no comment from them. Mountie enjoyed the chubbies of the Sydney players after the game.

Speeding fines and New Zealand made a mention, unfortunately for Hymen his fine was in Australia dollars and cost more than Rowdy's in NZ. Sorry, in the absence of family was forced to run for the first time and got lost with Bootrooter & Nummy. Rear Entry, in an attempt to save Hash money used Half a Bars beer for down downs. No jokes this week (phew).

The venue was nice and John & KFC provided a yummy meal of finger licking chicken, chips, gravy and salad.

Balls up numbers need to be finalised so if you are going please pay on line and let the Grand Master, Lois Lane or Nummy know ASAP. See you next week, love & clucking Nummy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

24/9/12 Millers Arms hotel- Sillic unt

24/9/12 Millers Arms hotel- Sillic unt
Run 1578

The Hashers met at the Millers Arms Hotel, the typical corner PUB; the smell of old cigarettes, beer & pine o clean filled our nostrils as we waited for the Grand Chicken Master to get his shit together and start the run (NB:Dumb no sense of smell).

The night was cold with no rain, yes another dry run & considering how cold & wet the weather has been this year, we have been lucky to only had, a couple of wet runs!

The run was set by Sillic unt & it was in the North. Up a few hills & round about & into the bush. Sillic unt stated he walked 12 kilometers to set the run,.... mmmh, well he must have walked some of the run as the car would not have got into some parts. The run was set so well that The Billy Goat lead the youngsters Desmond & Molly (also Criss Cross, Flo Jo & Another Half) on a longer run than the pack, yes they got lost! The Billy Goat was very hot & bothered by the time he made it to the drink stop.

Speaking of drink spot, those Hashers who did not get lost, found the drink spot but oh my drinks. Finally the Sillic unt arrived in his inherited fast back to deliver the alcohol.

Back to the millers Arms for Down downs. Congratulations to Lois Lane, she has done 650 runs (I think). The Theme of the night was Brownlow so GILF came as a WAG with her partner Glider as the Brownlow winner. There were all clubs represented by the Hash attire... even an Irish football team. Spencer had on a jumper his mum knitted, not sure what team it was.

Happy 70th birthday to Another Half, he got the prick of the week. Pus Bucket had been at JD's bar prior to the run and told a joke... I didn't understand it but the crowd seemed to enjoy the change from Half a Bar telling jokes. Half a Bar where is the camera & the real knives & forks?

The meal was a BBQ cooked by the Sillic unt. Hashers were only allocated one sausage each which Sillic unt told everyone as he spat half eaten sausage over those who challenged for more. Sillic unt was smart, broke his sausage's into pieces, could not tell how many he had! Steak & salad was good.

Hashers watch the Brownlow count & dodged the darts. Good night was had by all again & Hymen was back so us girls are all happy. Next weeks run is KFC down at East Point football Club rooms. See you then love & clucking Nummy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

17/9/2012 J.D's Bar Glider

Thanks to Glider for providing an alternative to following trail. We followed clues numbering 1 to 8.
This lead the hashers on a long run through the beautiful streets of down town Ballarat (same as last years run). Spencer the Hash Screw was happy with the run, no on backs, no checks or halts

Down downs were at JD's bar where there were a number of footy clubs celebrating "Mad Monday". Tongueey joined in to have a drink..did not really need it. His friend Banana boy had a scull off with the chicken master.. chicken master wins again (Dumb lost $5).

The young people returned this week.. Desmond & Molly which was nice.
Boot Rooter ran for the first time in years and felt he was an athlete cos he stayed with Nummy.

The Sargent at arms was a stand in "Bent Nose". Splendid blue jacket embroidered with his name below shafted it should be?

Silli unt had some down downs for being himself & betting with Rear Entry then whinging about costs. Speaking of cost if you don't pay for your run the Grand Master is gonna get ya... shoes on the other foot cos he never payed for years.

Road Runner, Candida & Rowdy are all leaving the country during the footy finals .. may the best team win... so is Spartacus but not with Pus Bucket!

Meal was at Top of Eureka with all the old Apexians... Dumb spilt red wine over the majority of them!

Again good food, good friends see you next week Nummy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10/9/12 Queens Head Hotel: Grand Master

10/9/12 Queens Head hotel: Hare Grand Master

Thanks to Lois for her contribution in my absence last week... Chicky babe

The night was slow to kick off, is this co's the Grand Chicken "Master is back?

The run was highlighted by the Twitcher extraordinaire Masterbaits, 1200 run. He was honoured to wear the yellow bird suit and he is getting on in age and needed assistance to get into it...  it is wonderful for the club to have support from a true gentleman for such a length of time. Congratulations Masterbait & here's to many more runs - on, on.

By the way, Master Bait received the prick of the week & took his time savouring every mouth full... why are we waiting, slowly.....

In acknowledging the old it was great to have a rush of young blood attending, with Jackoff
& Carmilla (Welcome back), along with Dave, Little Evil & the Grand master. Also new Young runners Desmond & Molly.. very nice. Sob, sob Hymen still away!

Hay, how lucky are the Sovereign Hash, no rain again for the run, which was good; yes you guessed it, set mostly in the East; acknowledgement to the Southern Cross. Obviously no other areas of Ballarat worth running in!

The Sargent at Arms was nearly splendid in his blue coat but did not do the buttons up correctly. Bent Nose tried on the coat and you could see the shoulder epaulet's & tassels, not sure why never noticed them before when Sharfted is wearing the coat.

Lots of Down, downs for the young & new runners, bit of Beatle verse; Desmond had a barrow in the market place.......

Half a Bar tried to tell a joke due to his success last week (apparently funny, bad luck I missed it) but the Hashers did not want to take the risk of 2 in a row!

The meal and service was excellent and the Black Chook red, left nice little smiles on everyones faces. Again great night lots of chat and laughter.

Balls up 13th October, Mountie & Puss Bucket, Num & Dum, Lois & Fluid movement, Grand master & Hymen definate. Gilf, Dave, Jackoff, Camilla, Mrs Dickhead & Fop, tentative. At this time there is accommodation for all listed. Will need to review transport with definate numbers. If you want to go let me know ASAP.

Next weeks run; J.D's Bar, Hare is Glider & On after is Top of Eureka with Brett & the gang.

Thats it lots of love & clucking Nummy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Balls up 13 October Accommodation

Hi all, 5 rooms have been booked Frankston Motor Inn 406 Nepean highway under my name. $100 per room/night sleep up to 3 people (sounds like you could sleep more) . We will take the Reptile bus, seats 12 so please confirm if you are wanting a ride/room.

Those confirmed
Mountie/Pus bucket
Lois/Fluid Movement

Thanks Nummy

3/9/12 Golf House Hotel - Fluid Movement

Hi Fowlo Hashers

Your usual scribe was away this week loving & clucking elsewhere so left this weeks blog in my trusty hands.

Well our leader (known to us all as Cock Head) has returned from overseas this week & ready to take back the reins.  We did survive without him but great to see him back.

Other Welcomes Back were Timmy, Dave, Little Evil & Jamilla.

A charge was given to The Bill as there were no significant runs ONLY to have it pointed out that he missed Masterbaits 1200th run!!! That deserved the prick of the week not a down down.

There were the usual run set in the East, Normal's T-shirt selling, teachers strike charges & a couple of bad taste Paralympic jokes, but you know it is a quiet night when the entertainment comes from the ejection of Bubba's brother from the bar, his return & then another ejection.  A few hashers stepped back when he threatened to kill us all but a few others stepped forward when he broke the bowser & beer was spilling everywhere.
Another sign of a quiet night is when Half a Bar tells not one but two jokes & they are really funny.

A good night had by all & next weeks run is the GM's at the Queens Head Hotel.  I thought I heard a mention of a Trivia Night but don't quote me on that.

On On
Your Hot Chicky Babe Lois L

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

27/82012 North Britain, Road Runner

The North Britain was warm & welcoming and the stand in Grand Chicken Master, Hymen was back to start the run on time. The weather again was dry but cold. Road Runner set a nice easy run around the streets of Ballarat and Candida was with the runners as a decoy! Don't know where the walkers went!

Down, Downs were held outside by the fire, very nice. Sargent at arms was too lazy to go get his nice blue coat from the car & Bad Hair Day and Rear Entry did not wear their chicken hats... poor form.

Hashers were in good form telling jokes; Squizzy, Half a Bar & Mountie; as stated on numerous occasions.... it's all in the delivery BOYS!

The bar fly, Wet Spot got a Down, Down, has that man got a home?

The Bill entertained the crowd placing beer cans in the fire... gee they melt quickly.

The meal was worth waiting for and the staff friendly which is a nice change.

It was a good social night and there was lots of chat and laughter, so much, that you had to yell to make your self heard across the table.

Next week run at the Golf House Hotel

Love & Clucking Nummy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20/8/2012 City Oval Boot Rooter

20/8/12 City Oval

Stand in Grand Master Rowdy sent us on our way. Again no rain but a cooold black night. hashers headed for the wonderful & over flowing Lake Wendouree; the chill factor of the icy wind propelled Hashers on, on. Not sure who set the run but it may have been from a car boot! Nice basic & predictable around the streets, drink stop at Glenhome, warmth from the heater was short lived as the gas ran out & there was a bit of dog on dog action (Gary & Max).

We had members of the committee attend this week... Hash Screw Spencer made one more attempt at a red dress T shirt and the Fluid movement, Normal factor.... Sargent at Arms was on track this week with some funny puns - Squizzy was back & attempted a joke.... mmh as stated in past Blogs its all in the delivery. Again no prick of the week & Normal was there?
Glider pointed out the Sovereign Hash's role in smuggling Julian Assange out of Britain and on to Ecuador with a Swedish Blondie but it was only Dribbles & Shoots & his lovely lady. Bloody Kiwis were again out in force with Lois Lane & BP picking up a bar fly Kiwi... Chrizz or Phull

Rear Entry & Scillic decided to stay for the meal when they were offered a meal deal $23 per head. The meal was very nice and again a good time was had by all.

That's it see you next week at the North Britain & Road Runner is the Hare
Lots of Love & Clucking Nummy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

13/8/2012 Jack & Flo Jo

13/8/2012 run 1572.
Oh goodness gracious what a shemozzle on the behalf of the committee!
No Granmaster
No Stand in Grand master
No Hash cash
No Hash screw
Sargent at arms sat on his fat arse in pub for most Down Down

Jack & Flo Jo organised the night, at one of the Indian restaurants in Bakery Hill; great food, anxious proprietor! Once again the weather gods smiled on the Sovereign Hash and we had a cold, crisp, dry run. The run was marked by a professional who timed the long on-backs so the runners all kept together. The run was up hill, over bridges, past Flags, along creeks & sort of in the East.

Down downs were held in below zero temperature & we had a bit of trouble concentrating on the proceedings. There were no new runners, no prick of the week (that's unusual), Dumb & dumb had a grand sprog arrive during the week - Dumb & Dummer the 4th, The Bill has turned Gay! There may have been an Olympic charge or two, GILF & her home land gold medal tally.

Aside from the committee.... we had a great night again and look forward to next weeks run at City Oval & the Hare is Boot Rooter.
 Love & Clucking NUMMY

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Atlantic Hotel 6/8/12 Olympic theme

Atlantic hotel 6/8/12
Dazed & Confused,  along with Pebbles assistance created a run to remember past several sporting venues of Ballarat - Harness racing club, maybe a football field and finishing at Tennis courts. The night again was cold and crisp and the rain held off to keep us all dry. The trail was set so we wouldn't get wet feet... very thoughtful of Pebbles.

As mentioned the theme was Olympics & several hashes made the effort to wear the Green & Gold. There were some Kiwi ring ins to round off the Australasian feel. There was a silver medal count reflected in the number of Hashes with same coloured hair (Silver) Bootrooter, Masturbate, Bent nose and a couple of others unable to remember now!

Flo Jo, was presented with a gold medal, Sorry the Silver & Jack Bronze for being great people...?
We all knew the  words to God Save The Queen but Advance Australia Fair we required assistance from Pusbucket to get through the second verse... a couple of current school teachers knew it, Mrs D & Spencer & Crisss Cross.

The stand in grand chicken master looked young & lovely as usual... mmmh

The meal was ... was... poor - the kitchen lady just plain nasty - however despite this we had a great time. Many thanks to the Hares Dazed & Confused & Pebbles. Next weeks run is at an Indian restaurant & the Hare is Flo Jo & Jack. That's it  love & Clucking Num

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30/7/12 Brewery Tap Hotel

Hi all, the Grand Chichen Master was again a little distracted this week & Rowdy took over to start the the run before 7 pm. It was a loverly crisp night for a run out in the dark, dark streets of the very far east of Ballarat. Nowhere really to go so we ran around the streets in a P or a Q - Mountie & Fluid movement had quiet the discussion on which letter!

Normal was there but Mrs Dickhead was'nt - no prick of the week was awareded. Normal again recieved a mention for his African Gay shirt sale. Lets hope we can move on now!

Sargent at arms was again splendid in his blue coat and made some references to the Olympic games which were funny- Road runner & his golden rings.

Boot Rooter made an appearance along with a mate of Flowjo & Jacks - Lyle, good hair do!

Meal was disapointing & service slow but you take the good with the bad (last week was great only $10 more).

The Grand Chichen Master is off to Ibiza for 3 weeks and handed the feathers over to Hymen, next week its at the Atlantic Hotel & the Hare is Dazed & Confused... also can anyone tell us who is Leanne?
Thats it love & Clucking Nummy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July

Christmas in July, 23/7/12
A pleasant night was had by all, the theme was Turkey, so true to form there were lots of red hats and Fesses. Dumb was very fetching in his silk kaftan's.

Majority of us remembered the rear entry to the venue (Red Peppa on Sturt). The run was short and sweet set by the master of the fabulous East Pus Bucket.
The Grand master was lacking focus but this may have been due to the absence of the Hash Cash or his fall snow boarding fall over the weekend... who knows, who cares, we got through the night fine!

The Sargent at arms looked splendid in his new blue Sargent Pepper coat.
Mrs Dick Head the "prick of the week" and swallowed it all down in one go... Who was surprised?

We had visitors, George & Mildred, Dumbs cousins... they were a little confused by the songs.

Half a bar was the stand in Choir master - Lucky we were out the back or another venue to be banned from for indecent language!

Welcome back to the Road Runner,Candider & Squizzy -
Gus an former hasher got a down down as he was in the restaurant- nice
Squizzy was in good form & had some jokes which were funny - its all in the delivery.
The Bill had a hard on , again who was surprised??
The remaining "Down Downs" were entertaining - Fluid movement could not remember last week , where was she?
 Rowdy provided a couple of Christmas songs with his usual flare.
There was plenty of food and wine which was Delicious.
Next weeks run is at the Brewery Tap Hotel & the hare is half-a Bar.

See you there lots of love & clucking Nummy

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mystery Bus Trip 16/7/2012

16/7/2012.Mystery bus trip.. no run too cold and wet!
The Ballarat Hash House Harriers met promptly at 6pm... loaded up the Gold bus and headed off into the dark wintery night... The drinks and salty chips were abundant, the crowd was quiet but expectant of fun and pleasure from the Chicken master and committee. It was dark but we were heading down melbourne freeway... (not Lake Learmonth)

First stop was the farmer wants a wife pub... Wallan. Moving on, the mystry tour continues to the Gordon pub... unlike Wallan, plenty of farmers and wives and renowned for the home of world championship billards.The tension was high in the game as Fluid Movement slipped silently past the table, interfering with the crucial shot. The conciliary 'down down" was refused and the farmers & their wives replaced their teeth and boots, which had been left at the front door and left the pub. Fortunately so did the Hashers...  The crowd had livened - comparisons between how these country folk spend their Monday nights to us Hashers were examined and also the salty chips and plenty of alcohol had started to soak in.

The joy spread through the bus as we pulled into a familiar venue "Donegans farm".

The fires were blazing and the food smelt good. The music got started straight away The music was targeted at the elderly crowd playing 60 & 70's music. Requests, dancing and singing. Singing - who would have thought we had such talent; everyone had a go - Sharfted, Spencer, Pauline, Not another bar, Half a bar, Scilic, S.S, Mountie -even the bus driver. As you can guess by this time, Hashers had consumed a magnificant meal, beer and wine, THEN... oh oh the beer ran out.... Time to go home. The bus trip home was fun -Who spued? all the Hashers with a sence of smell (not Dumb) were aware... The Hash cash was again counting the costs... $50 bucks extra for cleaning the bus.
Great night thanks to the Chicken master and committee

Next weeks Run - Christmas in July, Turkey Theme, venue, 34 Sturt street - Red Peppa on Sturt, $30 per head. Please go through back lane or walk through to court yard at the back. Lots of love and clucking Nummy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well well well, all you chicken lovers, what a great night at Black Hill even if it did start 40 minutes past 6:30 sharp!

Lois Lane and Pauline set a run in the fabulous East. Hashers were given no indication of time or length of the run but the course was set like a true professional... tight, runners and walkers together, drink stops x 2, one with jelly shots - yummy! Lois tried to convince us she felt like a virgin setting this run .... mmh dream on baby.

Oh and it was Pauline''s birthday...., party hats, blowing thingy whistles, candles, cake, singing, dancing and jokes. We dont know how old he is but he sculled the down, down like a youngin!

Moving on... celebrations and tee shirts to Gilf (100 runs) and Glider (500 runs) and also Glider retired last friday, makes him old. There was also a new hasher - female and under 18 years "Jemilla" lets hope the young blood continues to flow our way.

Next weeks run is a mystery bus trip... hope the bus is booked, see you all up at the City Oval Hotel -bus is leaving at 6pm sharpppppp (Legs crossed).

Thats about it from your old boiler chicken blogger.

 Lots of love and clucking Nummy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This weeks Run 9th July

Pauline is having a cocking good birfdy

Please bring your presence, all wrapped up in grease proof paper or egg cartons if yrrr lumppy..

love & Clucking nummy

Hi Chicken Hashers

Just learning to be the old boiler chicken blogger. Looking forward to getting close to all your hard cocks out there.Lots of love  & clucking num

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Tie Photos

Photos are up and can be found here!

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