Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Run 1623 Grapes Hotel, Hare: Spartacus

This was an interesting run with the group staying together for the first few kilometres then there was confusion. Several Hasher's got lost and poor Precious was scared and alone in the dark, dark streets of Ballarat. His parents were also lost, and did not make it to the drink stop, which was their major concern... not little Precious!

... and what a drink stop to miss, Chips, tea, coffee and towels to sit on. The Head Master and his wife were very welcoming, many thanks.

Praise be the lord, JeSOS was back, refreshed and ready to go after his break in the sun; women, alcohol, amphetamines... perfect Holiday

Hymen was back along with RMIT.

Little Evil was the Choir Master and my goodness this Hasher is really coming of age. Well done.

The FOP O Metre did its thing, up and down... Spartacus took it all without even a flinch;are you feeling lucky punk...

Well the biggest thing that happened was, Tommy Half a Bar told a joke...
not just any joke, a joke which went on, and on, and on and BANG... there was the punch line...
This joke was indeed hilarious, the Hashers erupted into a wave of applause and laughter unprecedented in the recent history of Ballarat Hash.

Very funny, well delivered... Keep them coming Tommy, we love your jokes.

As always the food was good and we had a nice meal with friends.

Next weeks run is at the Battlers Tavern and the Hare is Rear Entry, so see you there.
god bless you all, Nummy.

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