Tuesday, February 23, 2016

22/2 The Black Hill Big Bash Pusbucket and Mountie

An auspicious date for cricket. Many irregular Hashers attending  made batting a perilous exercise. That and the  massive off -breaks of Boot being matched by the classic catching of Half-a-Bar. GILF brought techniqes from some other sport to the game. 
The run began with rain threatening, Pusbucket and Spartacus were referring to their Duckworth-Lewises, but, as is so often the case at hash, clear skies prevailed.
 The class of SOS and Little Evil prevailed.
The original blackface Spences were remembered. Normal was reminded to look before driving his bus under a bridge. We do understand that there is a fickle judgement involved where vehicle height is concerned.
Merkin and The Bill were observed racing. Merkin had youth and the fact that he had only done the last 100 metres of the run on his side.
Next week at Mt Beckworth if it is not incinerated.
Next Tuesday. a bus from Reptile Gulch for  Western Suburbs. Be there by 5:45 with at least $28.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

15/2/16 Bait's Little Hard Hills run

The Screw thought that Bait had done his best to make it hard for us.
 We dodged trail bikes, The Bill went down, Plucka was gashed but the march flies generally stayed away.
Sharon,the publican, finished one story about tawny survival with "Because they always look for the black box first"."
Mr D refrenced Einstein and gravitational waves via Silic and Shafted.
Bait and Half a Bar stood in for Garry and Billy- another current cultural reference.
D& C took one for those showing insufficient reverence.
Normal cooked the meat and Shafted tried to recruit Fred to hash.

Form a duo for next week's test at Black Hill oval.

Bus to the Spottiswoode Pub on 1/3 leaving from Reptile Gulch Motors at 5:45.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

8/2/16 Pauline and Lois Sorrento Dve

A freshly minted On On complete with unconnected power lines for the unwary.Nash Hash T-shirts were being snapped up at $10.
The run took un some unavoidable long stretches around Alfredton.Plenty of action at the stockyards.
We welcomed back Mountie and Pus Bucket, Zika free, from Central America and Pall Bearer from Mount Clear.
SS was consoled on the loss of his tackle, and rods and the other stuff they got. The GM was encouraged to be punctual.
Bait explained the theft of his fish by a seal. He also explained hw to get to the Little Hard Hills pub for next week's run.
Last chance to book in for the Western Suburbs AGM on Tuesday March 1st.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

1/2/16 Shafted at Coalmine Rd Lal Lal

Visiting Hashers, a christening and red wine! Quite a run. It even lured The Bill off the tarmac.
Due to some lack of a key to the shed, Half a Bar's breaking and entering skills paid off.
Trail had been set with the assistance of Matt(not Ben) and took us to previously unknown regions of Lal Lal.
Matt wore the Merkin top of the Lady Hashers for a bet and won himself the obvious Hash name. Rowdy conducted Merkin's induction.
 Good to have the real Hash Cash, Sergeant and Screw.
Pebbles, our serial marathoner has been upstaged by some runners competing in all continenents in a week. Merkin in a new shirt was pictured beside our formal visitor Tight Arse.
Plucka has put out a request for 7oz glasses as there has been some collateral damage.
Lester, Scrubber and Tight arse were ther to invite a visit to their AGM in Spotswood in Tuesday March 1st.
The GM will organise a car or bus depending on numbers. $10 deposit next week if you wish to go.
Next week at 53 Sorrento Dve Alfredton -Lois and Paulines