Sunday, May 29, 2011

Funeral Details

Requiem Eucharist for the repose of the soul of the late Mrs. Joyce Doreen Spielvogel will be celebrated at St. James' Anglican Church, Morrisons on WEDNESDAY June 1, 2011 commencing at Two (2:00) pm.
The funeral will leave at the conclusion of the Eucharist for the Morrisons Cemetery.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Terribly Sad News

"Hi all, Leigh here, terribly sad news unfortunately, Mum (after progressing pretty well over the last few days) last night in the middle of the night had a major complication with her lungs and then her condition deteriorated fairly rapidly from there. The staff at Ballarat base hospital ICU threw everything but the kitchen sink at it but unfortunately the damage to Mum's lungs was too much. Mum passed away peacefully this afternoon surrounded by family and friends. It is a tragedy for us all, only tempered by the knowledge that she knew we were all there, and she knew she had the best wishes and thoughts of so many friends. She fought and fought and her spirit was strong but unfortunately her body was not able to carry on. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, we would love to see you all together at Mums service to share a smile and a hug as you know that is what she would want more than anything. Time/date of service to be advised."

Tommy we are so terribly sad for you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Latest update on Joy

"Hi all, sorry about no updates for a bit but not much to report other than no significant changes. Mum is hanging in there and we are hoping she can continue to fight and get a little bit better each day. She is still on ventilation and in induced coma, as her lungs are struggling but we are hoping she can improve over the next day or two. Cheers Leigh."

From Leigh via Facebook

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest Update

" Mum is doing well, eating lots of soup and ice cream and Jelly and getting her strength back with physio sessions to get her moving again. Her hearing has been temporarily affected but expected to recover fully. We expect her to be back in the ward at St John Of God Hospital in Ballarat tomorrow or next day, so then anyone wantng to visit and say hello she would love that. I will let you all know when we get the green light for visitors. She sends her love and best wishes to all."

From Leigh via Facebook

Monday, May 16, 2011

For your Information

A facebook post from Half a Bra's son Leigh last night at about 11pm

"All good news with mum now off the ventilation and with all tubes removed! She is breathing well and able to be awake and alert although still needs lots of rest. Mum - "Why would I need to rest when I've been asleep for days!" She is comfortable and they will probably move her out of the Base hospital ICU ward into St John of God Ballarat over the next day or so. She is now going to be looking at working at physical recovery from the pneumonia and also just resting and getting strong. We are all so relieved and grateful for the wonderful doctors and ICU nurses at Ballarat Base Hospital. So yes we (and I'm sure all friends and relatives) are very happy and looking forward to getting mum home and getting on with life and the job of ignoring Tom's repeat versions of his stories. Thanks again to all for support (on behalf of Tom and Joy and family)."

Great news Tommy and Joy. Our thoughts have been with you through all this and we are so pleased to hear that things are going so well.