Monday, December 23, 2013

Run 1642 Christmas Princes Street North Hare: Num & Dumb

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all our Hashing family. The night was fresh and dry just like the Christmas Pudding ...

There was a prayer to commence the run in honour of our leader JeSOS. The crowd was silent and respectful as the words were spoken...

JeSOS reponded with his usual expression "ok you *unts, lets get goin" and gesture, of hand to groin, scatch and a sniff!

The Hashers ran to the Eastern Station Hotel; this brought back memories of strippers and excitment for some of the old boys. Nummy made a "Lady" friend who knew her from another life!

Next we went to the Frieght hotel, a little up market but a good venue. Next was JD's Sports Bar but they closed the doors before we got there. Off down the road to Irish Murphy's and then to the back of Spartacus's shop for a beer and fininshed at the Battlers.

We sang Christmas corals all the way, which is always good fun. Road Runner was caught on camera at the Eureka flag. Hope he keeps his job.

GILF and Teflon have become engaged and GILF had the diamonds sparkling on her finger. The wedding date is set but the venue is still up in the air.

Squizzy was back, much to Mounties distain. She wanted him to set next weeks run.

Phuck wit Phil showed us his bum as did FOP... no, he proberly showed us a bit more. FOP enjoyed his Christmas spa and dressed in the possum coat to warm up.

A vote was taken to change Monday nights run to Tuesday, New Years eve. There are a number of poor soles not invited to the A listers New Years eve Bash, so changing Hash allowes them to be with friends, at Heavy's place, 1 Hunt Street on Tuesday the 31st. No hash on Monday 30th of December.

God bless you all see you on New Years Eve Nummy

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