Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30/7/12 Brewery Tap Hotel

Hi all, the Grand Chichen Master was again a little distracted this week & Rowdy took over to start the the run before 7 pm. It was a loverly crisp night for a run out in the dark, dark streets of the very far east of Ballarat. Nowhere really to go so we ran around the streets in a P or a Q - Mountie & Fluid movement had quiet the discussion on which letter!

Normal was there but Mrs Dickhead was'nt - no prick of the week was awareded. Normal again recieved a mention for his African Gay shirt sale. Lets hope we can move on now!

Sargent at arms was again splendid in his blue coat and made some references to the Olympic games which were funny- Road runner & his golden rings.

Boot Rooter made an appearance along with a mate of Flowjo & Jacks - Lyle, good hair do!

Meal was disapointing & service slow but you take the good with the bad (last week was great only $10 more).

The Grand Chichen Master is off to Ibiza for 3 weeks and handed the feathers over to Hymen, next week its at the Atlantic Hotel & the Hare is Dazed & Confused... also can anyone tell us who is Leanne?
Thats it love & Clucking Nummy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas in July

Christmas in July, 23/7/12
A pleasant night was had by all, the theme was Turkey, so true to form there were lots of red hats and Fesses. Dumb was very fetching in his silk kaftan's.

Majority of us remembered the rear entry to the venue (Red Peppa on Sturt). The run was short and sweet set by the master of the fabulous East Pus Bucket.
The Grand master was lacking focus but this may have been due to the absence of the Hash Cash or his fall snow boarding fall over the weekend... who knows, who cares, we got through the night fine!

The Sargent at arms looked splendid in his new blue Sargent Pepper coat.
Mrs Dick Head the "prick of the week" and swallowed it all down in one go... Who was surprised?

We had visitors, George & Mildred, Dumbs cousins... they were a little confused by the songs.

Half a bar was the stand in Choir master - Lucky we were out the back or another venue to be banned from for indecent language!

Welcome back to the Road Runner,Candider & Squizzy -
Gus an former hasher got a down down as he was in the restaurant- nice
Squizzy was in good form & had some jokes which were funny - its all in the delivery.
The Bill had a hard on , again who was surprised??
The remaining "Down Downs" were entertaining - Fluid movement could not remember last week , where was she?
 Rowdy provided a couple of Christmas songs with his usual flare.
There was plenty of food and wine which was Delicious.
Next weeks run is at the Brewery Tap Hotel & the hare is half-a Bar.

See you there lots of love & clucking Nummy

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mystery Bus Trip 16/7/2012

16/7/2012.Mystery bus trip.. no run too cold and wet!
The Ballarat Hash House Harriers met promptly at 6pm... loaded up the Gold bus and headed off into the dark wintery night... The drinks and salty chips were abundant, the crowd was quiet but expectant of fun and pleasure from the Chicken master and committee. It was dark but we were heading down melbourne freeway... (not Lake Learmonth)

First stop was the farmer wants a wife pub... Wallan. Moving on, the mystry tour continues to the Gordon pub... unlike Wallan, plenty of farmers and wives and renowned for the home of world championship billards.The tension was high in the game as Fluid Movement slipped silently past the table, interfering with the crucial shot. The conciliary 'down down" was refused and the farmers & their wives replaced their teeth and boots, which had been left at the front door and left the pub. Fortunately so did the Hashers...  The crowd had livened - comparisons between how these country folk spend their Monday nights to us Hashers were examined and also the salty chips and plenty of alcohol had started to soak in.

The joy spread through the bus as we pulled into a familiar venue "Donegans farm".

The fires were blazing and the food smelt good. The music got started straight away The music was targeted at the elderly crowd playing 60 & 70's music. Requests, dancing and singing. Singing - who would have thought we had such talent; everyone had a go - Sharfted, Spencer, Pauline, Not another bar, Half a bar, Scilic, S.S, Mountie -even the bus driver. As you can guess by this time, Hashers had consumed a magnificant meal, beer and wine, THEN... oh oh the beer ran out.... Time to go home. The bus trip home was fun -Who spued? all the Hashers with a sence of smell (not Dumb) were aware... The Hash cash was again counting the costs... $50 bucks extra for cleaning the bus.
Great night thanks to the Chicken master and committee

Next weeks Run - Christmas in July, Turkey Theme, venue, 34 Sturt street - Red Peppa on Sturt, $30 per head. Please go through back lane or walk through to court yard at the back. Lots of love and clucking Nummy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well well well, all you chicken lovers, what a great night at Black Hill even if it did start 40 minutes past 6:30 sharp!

Lois Lane and Pauline set a run in the fabulous East. Hashers were given no indication of time or length of the run but the course was set like a true professional... tight, runners and walkers together, drink stops x 2, one with jelly shots - yummy! Lois tried to convince us she felt like a virgin setting this run .... mmh dream on baby.

Oh and it was Pauline''s birthday...., party hats, blowing thingy whistles, candles, cake, singing, dancing and jokes. We dont know how old he is but he sculled the down, down like a youngin!

Moving on... celebrations and tee shirts to Gilf (100 runs) and Glider (500 runs) and also Glider retired last friday, makes him old. There was also a new hasher - female and under 18 years "Jemilla" lets hope the young blood continues to flow our way.

Next weeks run is a mystery bus trip... hope the bus is booked, see you all up at the City Oval Hotel -bus is leaving at 6pm sharpppppp (Legs crossed).

Thats about it from your old boiler chicken blogger.

 Lots of love and clucking Nummy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This weeks Run 9th July

Pauline is having a cocking good birfdy

Please bring your presence, all wrapped up in grease proof paper or egg cartons if yrrr lumppy..

love & Clucking nummy

Hi Chicken Hashers

Just learning to be the old boiler chicken blogger. Looking forward to getting close to all your hard cocks out there.Lots of love  & clucking num