Thursday, April 11, 2013

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

1603 Slatey Creek hare Drambuie (Midnights Run)

This is an annual run in memory of Midnight who perished some 20 years ago... maybe 30? not sure how, if anyone wants to clarify please do!

The hare set a great run, and traditionally, the last run in the bush before the end of daylight saving. The wild life was plentiful with Foxes, Wallabies/kangaroos and an echidna sited.

Doggy Bag set the tone of the Down, Downs and all the dogs in the vicinity were holding their ears. mmmh and the spiders were also disturbed!

There was some young blood at the run with Prue, Camilla and Jack off enjoying the night. This young blood revitalised a couple of the old Hashers, unfortunately no hope for Dumber, even his 90 year old mother thinks he is getting old.

Shafted was splendid in his blue coat and was very entertaining. Mountie presented a limerick in honour of Midnight.

The BBQ was cooked by the Sill unt ... My god, that man eats sausages straight from the BBQ (Hot).

The camp fire created a warm ambiance and OMG, the night went on past 2130hrs... in fact 2300hrs... lots of singing and frivolity.

It was a most entertaining and enjoyable event. See you next year Drambuie!

Next week is Easter Monday, so what ever...

See you at the AGM (Who will it Be..) at the fantastic Queens Head Hotel. Lets hope the beer is poured with a smile...

Love & Clucking Nummy

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