Wednesday, September 30, 2015

28/9/15 Miller's Arms Silics Brownlow Night

Our visitor from Peninsula, In Limbo, saw a variety of Football codes represented mainly by Fop. A now familiar starting point but the run avoided the East and we again collected participants as we went
BHD resumed his Choirmaster role when he found suitable footwear.Num Num resumed screwing duties much to the delight of the Hare.
Medical over-servicing being topical resulted in all with knee, gland and posterior work being charged. That was most of those present.
Warwick displayed the Big V while Fop left space for Dangerfield's new number.
Mountie presented her remodeled Liberal volunteer vest. They may not select the new design.
The new-look Glider told an airline/crabs story in fine detail.
The meal was a selection of fine pies from that German supplier.
 For those not biking across South America the next run will be Rowdy's Daylight Savings from Nuggety Dam.

Friday, September 25, 2015

21/9/15 Miner's Tavern Rear Entry

Another run from the venue that is becoming our new spiritual home. Despite the trail being marked every 5 metres, we lost Rowdy again but found Shafted. Mountie did indicate the location of the drink stop with some work samples. Fluid Movement screwed the run, much to D&D's disapointment as he had prepared a script.
We located Rowdy well to the right of his old carpool mates. The times have indeed changed.
We toasted the departure of a much loved Hash appendage who had been present for so many runs. Vale Glider's elbow extension. We miss you already.
Rear Entry was commended for bravery in making demands of Biggsy. Sometimes that can end in tears.
Scientists had discovered signs of early man in Africa. Perhaps it would have been easier for them to visit Hash. Spencer Hocking and the Missing Links bore the charge.
The Sergeant admonished the GM for not updating the horticultural tips and for duplicating all his intended charges.
Next week at The Miller's Arms.

Half a Bar had worked hard to present his car-hire theft joke flawlessly. Unfortunately his timing was again out as the meals arived just prior to the punchline.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16/9/2015 Black Tie Mystery Bus Trip

A well supplied bus headed north, pretty well directly to The Cumberland.Rear Entry felt that we were veering left but that turned out to be the political tide of affairs.
Those assembled were dressed in their finery- a state Mountie spent most of the night attempting to undo.
Num Num had us screw each other in place of the non-existent run. The Stand-In Sergeant keeps expecting the Spanish contingent to be back before cricket season. Little does he know how much they are enjoying the tail winds and downhill roads over there.
First charged were the yanks - Hal, Barbara and son. Jetlag is some excuse for their apparent bemusement at affairs.
 Two Dicks and even Rats Arse were even sighted.The former seems to need lessons in etiquette.Not standing to show appropriate reverence for the GM is unacceptable of course.
Fop,with his local footy roots and Mountie representing record setting Queen Liz  were linked with a local agricultural legend. It seems King and Queen potato asked their daughter to save herself for a suitable noble.Her choice of Dennis Commetti was deemed unseemly as he was found to be a commontata.
We commiserated with Silic on the Bulldog's loss. We congratulated Rear Entry on the Tigers replacing the 9th place bogey with eliminitis.
SoS has kindly offered to accommodate a Syrian refugee minority. Just the young, single, attractive girls with few morals need apply.
Hymen  was charged for no reason.Pusbucket told a bad joke well.
Dumb and Dumber found yet another relative on an honor board.
Good food, free grog and Andy the One Man Band who improved as we drank more.
Fop's pants were lost early.
 Shafted kept himself nice.We should get that horse that knocked him out on contract.
Don't think we left anyone in Smeaton- the real cradle of civilization.
Well done Mountie!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

7/8/2015 Shafted's Creswick Run

Creswick: a picturesque town cradled between volcanic hilltops depicting the grand architecture of a byegone era or as the Hare with his carefully chosen trail demonstrated- a drizzly,slippery,prickle-infested mudheap.
Charges were directed by the temporary stand in deputy assistant Choirmaster and the fill in Sergeant.
We welcomed back Teflon who was the only runner to return clean and Squizzy who didn't see much to worry him. Teflon and GILF seem to be at loggerheads over the quantity of his runs.
 Pauline and Lois were spotted going the wrong way on a tram.
Our Demon supporters were gathered- not because of tanking or a proclivity for attracting terminal illness, but for stuffing up elsewhere. They missed a Black Caviar like stretch of consecutive results at Ethiad by actually winning a match.
Mountie bequeathed the wooden spoon to Num Num on Carlton's behalf.
SOS showed that our grandparents" coiffure was ahead of their time.
The crocodile had left the bar at the American.

 Black Tie Night next week.- at a heavily subsidised $25, surely a bargain. Bus trip from the City Oval Pub at around 6:00 sharp for interestig parts as yet unknown. Let someone know if you will be late as we don't have names.
Home by 12:00.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31/8/15 Pusbucket's Run & BBq Miller's Arms.

An initially small group of hashers swelled in number as the run headed in the predicted compass point.
The passing of Bait's mum was sadly noted.
The date was noteworthy as the GM's birthday and the first day for 2 months without a claim against Bill Cosby.
The incident at last weeks footy where some Magpie folk were passing constructive criticism on to the Richmond players, only to receive rude gestures in return, was rightly sheeted home to Rear Entry.
D&D and Nummy's attempt at social climbing by moving to Alfredton seems to have backfired as the place sees to be some sort of ISIS enclave, with bomb disposal day having to fit in with the recycling program.
The run drew high praise from the Screw. His attention to detail included placement of Pussy at critical junctures.
Rowdy's proclivity for calling "On Right" when the mark pointed left indicates perhaps that his color blindedness is affecting other neurological functions.
 This did not prevent Runners, Walkers and Slackers from meeting at the sheltered drink stop.
At one point, all the "deer" jokes and anything connected were trotted out.
Road Runner brooked no interruptions and the stand-in grog master got the quantity and the discount about right.
Bart's passing resulted in many with passing connection to the Sport of Kings getting a drink
.Bait bore the brunt of Geelong's capitulation.