Wednesday, August 24, 2016

22 - 8 - '16      Run 1784     Midlands Golf Club

Significance of 1784 introduced by the very well Wiki-Googled 
SERGEANT ROWDY, the year Benjamin Franklin invented Bi-focal Spectacles.
Welcomes back to LOIS LANE after a 4 month break from hash crap, WYLIE son 
of SILIC back now that they are speaking again & bonding, & DUMB & DUMBER
standing in for GM NUM.
Runners soon got a taste of the swamp underfoot, on what turned out to be a 
good run, & to be screwed by SS as the run at Mudlands.
It was "HEAVY underfoot" as we paused for a Port & Swing Low at our Mate's
graveside. SHAFTED arrived by car as we were leaving, & too late to crack 
the 750 of Rum he'd left there earlier. Foster's night continued at the drink stop
with a welcome slab of blue amongst the green.
SILIC doesn't run (or walk) at Hash these days, but obviously can't even make 
the drink stop without falling arse over head into the mud, to which 
R.A. PUSBUCKET, was not having a bar of the kiss of life if needed. Back to the
On After & much drying of shoes & socks by the open fire. Dinner arrived early,
so down downs were downed on a reasonably full stomach. 
SHAFTED & DR DEATH eventually got their much postponed prospectus meeting
over with, bringing the lever arch out for all to see.
WYLIE made the illustrious ranks being initiated "PIMP",  brought about by his
association as purveyor of the horse flesh trade.

Next week's run, MOUNTIE'S Eureka Run from The Stockade MADE Museum,
& On After at Top Eureka.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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