Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1596 Kiwi Day Hare Spencer Hocking

1596 Kiwi Day Hare Spencer Hocking

The night was hot and the flies were assisting us to see the trail by trying to open our eye lids.

Great run, went for kilometres. I actually thought I was running over to Kiwi land, but no, we were close, it was only B.P's house for the drink stop!

There were no fush and chups or Hangi for us to enjoy on Kiwi day however the meal was a delicious spit roast. Heaps and heaps of meat. Normal and Sil unt were satiated, this is rare or was the meat rare?

The lamingtons were home made by Rats Arse, who incidentally, always enjoys a good Hash night of entertainment!

Unfortunately I am having trouble accessing the Internet so my blogging is a little behind, (Like mine) so I cannot remember the funny down downs, but believe me, they were Hilarious !

Next week is a run in Delacombe with Pebbles ... be there or go swimming.

Love and Clucking Nummy

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