Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1600 Cosgrove Reservoir Creswick - Hare GILF

1600 Cosgrove Reservoir Creswick - Hare GILF

This was a fantastic venue, out in the bush land of Creswick. The directions were good and most of the Hashers arrived at the designated time. Squizzy drove backwards but I think that's just him!

The weather was hot and the run was  very physical. Through the bush, up hills and down again. It was well marked with toilet paper and flour but Lucky Beer Fuck had his GPS to ensure we got completely lost trying to short cut.

Rowdys friend Prue was back for another run and so was Shaun and Esmay. The big fella Heavy was there also. Great to have them back. Hymen, Shafted and Spencer were away. We miss you.

There were a few stand ins, and very few Chicken hats. Bent Nose and Max were standing in for the Sergeant... no Blue coat this time. Mountie screwed the run and Bevan was wearing the Grand Masters coat, not sure why?

The down downs were completed well before the food was ready. Mountie was very happy.

Pus Bucket and Mountie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary during the week, congratulations, what a good effort.

The food was good and GILF did a great job.

The Chicken Master is wanting to do back to back years as Grand Master... this may not be so bad!

The usual banter has started WHO will be the new grand master?????? only time will tell...

Remember the AGM is on April fools day, Sooooo dont be fooled!

Next week is Squizzies run at Little Bendigo Primary school. See you there
Love and Clucking Nummy.

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