Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Run 1617 American Hotel Creswick Hare GILF

This was a wet run but a good run. The distance was enough and the markings were easy to follow... who did mark the run?

The FOP O Metre gave the GILF a bit of a go considering there was cat vomit on the metre. Not sure what degree she ended up with but it was better than Hymen.

And what a delight, the lovely Hymen was back for all to enjoy.

Little Evil displayed his skills as the Choir Master and he was entertaining.. and we could understand what he said... mmh

There were some mates Down Downs.. Normal didn't get one.

We had a new runner Vicky, she could skull down a beer so she's a winner.

Mrs Dickhead caught Rowdy and FOP... doing something ..
at least Rowdy kept his glasses on this time.

Squizzy had a new dog that didn't bark

Spartacus stole the book...

Shafted found the book...

SS informed us you DON'T STEEL YOUR OWN BOOK!!!!

OK see you next week at the X on Albert in Sebastopol

Be safe, bring a weapon, god bless Nummy

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