Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Run 1350

Hi Everyone

Thanks Rocky for a great night. Just seemed a bit dodgy that the hare won his own raffle though.

Welcome to our new runner Sphynkter (oops spelling). It's good to see a bit of fresh young male talent at hash. Given that he has arrived from Vanuatu I'm sure he will need a few volunteers to keep him warm!!!

We had 2 significant runs. Candida 111 & Beer Fuck 1sex. That's 16 if those that don't know NZ speak.

Coming from good Scottish blood I am pleased to say Scotland are reintroducing their native beaver as they have been hunted to extinction in Scotland because they were such good eating!!
Take a look at yourselves Doggy Bag & Mountie. I wonder why the English & Irish beavers aren't such good eating.

If any of you want to head down to Corio Bay's big weekend, there are a few of us meeting at BP's & Bents place on Saturday at midday. We are only going for the day so come along and support our Hill Billy's. The more the merrier.

Next weeks run is at the Queens Head & the hares are Candida & Road Runner.

Queens Birthday weekend run is at the Royal Mail hotel in Sebas & the on after is Top Eureka.

On On Lois Lane

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monday Night's Run - 19th May 2008

Hare: The very beautiful and modest Mrs Dickhead

On-On: Market Hotel, Park St, Redan

On-After: Same

Monday, May 12, 2008

Run 1348

Hi Everyone

Last night was a very enjoyable night even though the meals were veeeery late for the "A" table. Thought they might have been given a side serve of weetbix!

Can you imagine organising a run that you had to drive your cars to the start & end up 6kms away from them at the finish.... Well only an engineer could think of something as clever as that.

To make matters worse, his good lady (I don't claim to be related to her) was confused over which hotel it was set from. mmmmm was it the Shamrock Hotel or the Dunnstown Pub. I wonder!!

We didn't have any Super runners last night although I did get asked why I didn't acknowledge Normals 700th run. Well, I can tell you that Normal is a dickhead. (for those who haven't worked that out already) At the AGM he was on run 668 & somehow adding the next 2 runs he jumped to 700. No wonder the money disappeared if that is how he counted it.

I do have to tell Deep that Drop Kick wasn't actually banned from the pub for her antics last time we were there. You could have brought her along - or were you just too scared to!

We do have a BIG super run coming up soon so don't miss it.

I will be away in Darwin next week visiting the 'whanau' That's family for those who don't speak Un Zud.
Bad Hair Day will be your leader for the night & the run is at the Market Hotel.

On On
Lois Lane

Monday, May 5, 2008

The angry auditor look - where's our public officier?


SS - single neat gay? "not that there is anything wrong with that!!!!"

Introducing Mountie's younger, prettier, smarter, better tits and with hair that moves - sister!



Thursday, May 1, 2008

This Week's Run 5 May - Da U Day Restaurant

Hare: Dribbles and Shoots

On-On: Da U Day Restaurant
7 Wainwright St Ballarat 3350 VIC

On- After: Same

Dribbles believes that the restaurant is BYO wine (can't you all hear Rowdy cheering from where you are?). He will confirm with an email.