Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run 1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

1606 Bunch of Grapes Hotel -Hare Glider

Well what a fantastic run, set by the senior statesman of Hash - Glider. The run was set from the newly refurbished Bunch of Grapes Hotel, veryy  nice a, all silver and grey decor.

The run was well marked even though misty rain was falling. A number of Hashers experience a Biblical vision at the entrance to Vic park, though the dark mist, an luminous light was shining, moving towards us... We stopped to marvel at the light when  - BAM.. JESOS appeared!

The new committee assumed their roles, Fluid movement not being a horn bag, Jack off collecting the money, FOP exposing his Tumescence, Hymen in the beautiful blue coat - matching his eyes perfectly, Dumb organising free down downs, Num the trail master (hare needed for 29th April) and Mountie secretly organising the big events. The rest of the committee were insignificant, or away!

Rowdy seeing FOPS tumescence gave away free Viagra and Prue did a bit of Chaining?

The Grand Master JESOS loves barking up meal deals and Camilla and SS had a Red face off.

Jesos started the tradition of giving his mates a free drink but this did not include Normal.

Next weeks run has been changed back to the Market hotel and FOP is the Hare so see you there

God Bless you all Nummy

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