Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1601 Little Bendigo Primary School -Hare Squizzy

1601 Little Bendigo Primary School -Hare Squizzy

Another very hot evening for a run in Beautiful Ballarat. Squizzy did all the right things and the Little Bendigo Primary School was a good venue particularly as Spencer Hocking was back in town.

The run was in the bush and again this week very up hill and rough terrain in the hot weather. Flo Jo took her time coming down the hills after her recent fracture while Pus Bucket did some fancy stunt riding down one steep decent on his push bike. By all accounts his dismount was very skillful and he received no obvious injuries.

Mrs Dickhead and Num Num again took the long, short cut and nearly perished but luckily the drink stop was stumbled upon with only seconds to expiry from the exhaustion.

The Grandmaster was in good form and yippee Hymen was back.

The Witches Coven was in full swing during the down downs (Sorry, Flo Jo & Prue)
hee, hee, hee

Beavan got the first Prick of the Week and displayed excellent swallowing form (just like his mother). Criss Cross also got the Big Prick of the Week for getting us run outta Clunes Town a couple of runs ago. He had to wait a week because he got lost in Creswick with the cutlery and plates.

Spencer Hocking was back to screw the run ... no Beer Squizzy, shame, shame

Pus Bucket was the stand in Sergeant, no blue coat but he did a fine job.

The food was a BBQ... poor maintenance of the Hash BBQ resulted in a slow cooked meal.

WHO is RESPONSIBLE for the Hash BBQ?

All ended well, great night organised by the wizard of organisation SQUIZZY, thanks mate

Next weeks run is the Awards night so bring them back if you have one. Normals the Hare and its at the Grapes Hotel

Remember the AGM is comming, Dont be fooled ... Who is it????

Love & Clucking Nummy


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