Thursday, November 28, 2013

Run 1638 Schoolies Run Yatch Club Hare: Candida

Schoools out for summa,
Schools out for EVER,
yeah we tried to pretend we had just finished school.... only RMIT could pull it off, or at least all the old Hashers were hoping she would.

Rowdy frocked up with suspender stockings, FOP, Mrs D, Donuts, Lois Lane, Mountie and maybe some others dressed in their school gear and looked a treat.

The run was good short and hard like Bahh/Bar Liqueur/Licker likes her men...

There were activities back on the shore. Kayaking races, drinking racers and pass the life saver which Boot Rooter has not recovered from cos he passed his life saver to RMIT. Speaking of attractive young woman there was another... cannot remember her name, (a work mate of Road Runner), who attempted to take her cloths off... or did Boot Rooter imagined this!

The Down, downs included Happy Birthday to Nummy, the three musketeers, JeSOS and many, many more...

Little Evil was the Sergeant, he did not put on the Blue Coat.... but proved he has the quick whit of his Father and Uncle.

The pasta meal was filling (not gourmet) and Little Evil cut his finger...

The night and venue were great, thanks Candida

Se you next week, in town, no BBQ

God Bless you all love Nummy

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