Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run 1615 Old Colonist Club Hare: Bad Hair Day

The Old Col, what a magnificent building and a real gem of Ballarats history.
The run and walk were well set and yet again we ventured into the fabulous East.
FOP had his FOP O Metre out with Bad Hair Day getting a rise of 128.5 degrees.

The Down, Downs included welcomes back much to the dismay of Mountie.
All the old Hashers were happy as RMIT had returned following the advertisement in the newspaper, asking "Where is Prue".

The Foster brothers had new shoes and it took a couple of jugs to fill the pair.

Something we all knew.... Normal is an arsehole.

Pebbles and Bent nose spent some time in the naughty corner due to bad behaviour...

The meals was great and some of us stayed out until socialising until 10pm!

Did Bad Hair day find his keys?

That's it next week is at the Shed... I wonder if the computer is working so we can enjoy the slide show/movies!

See you there God Bless you all Nummy.

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